Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chapter 10: Love Expressed

Sanjay got up racing the alarm clock. He found himself in Kavya’s bed, in a sitting posture. He realized that he had slept while massaging his wife’s feet. He lifted his head from the pillow and caressed the pillow. He smiled to himself as he visualized the happiness that might have hit Kavya looking at him at her feet. He saw her still sleeping in his bed. He always loved her face, the best while she was asleep. Her face had a small smile when she slept. He knew it was because of her dreams about him. He got up and went to brush, bath and start studying. He wanted to surprise her.

Kavya got up half an hour after Sanjay. She came out of the room stretching her arms up in the air and yawning with her mouth wide open. She rubbed her eyes. Sanjay loved the way she looked when she was sleepy. Actually Sanjay liked every aspect about her. But he took so long to fight with his ego to realize that he was in love with her. He stuck his eyes on her. She looked at him and smiled.
“Good morning. How is your head ache now? Gone?” Sanjay asked as he walked to the kitchen.
“It’s gone. Thanks to you.” She picked a towel to wipe her face as she had just brushed and washed her face.
“Hold this.” He extended a coffee mug full of coffee and held one for himself too. “Today’s my turn for the coffee.”
She got it with the widest smile possible and sat on the sofa. He sat next to her. They did not speak a word to eachother. But they made sure they drank the coffee as slow as possible. They looked into eachother’s eyes; eyes full of love.
‘Words become extinct, communication become meaningless for two hearts truly in love.’

Kavya picked up the used coffee mugs and paced to the kitchen. She drank the little coffee left back in his mug. He was eyeing her secretly. She checked if he was looking at her with a notorious look but when she turned to him he looked into his book. She started with her cooking. Sanjay visited the kitchen too often with various excuses like drinking water, washing hands, all lame reasons possible.

Kavya’s phone rang. She ran to the phone as she knew it would be her father. She loved her father more than anything. Her mother had passed away when she gave birth to Kavya. It was her dad who brought her up, made her study and got her married to Sanjay. Her life had no one but her dad till Sanjay married her. After the marriage it was just Sanjay and her dad, Narayanan.

“Hello” Kavya then listened to the phone for next 5 minutes. Her face reaction changed drastically. It started with a big smile, slowly the smile faded and tears rolled down her cheek. Sanjay came closer and closer as the smile became smaller and smaller. Kavya cut the line and turned around. Sanjay was standing just behind her. He was clueless about the conversation that happened over the phone. She was already in tears. The moment she turned to him, she hugged him tight. Her tears flooded with a greater speed. Sanjay had no idea what the news was. He was sure that there was something wrong. He hugged her back. After few minutes, he pulled her little away and wiped her tears.
“What happened Kavya?” Sanjay asked as he wiped her tears.
“Heart attack. Second attack.” Kavya couldn’t speak anything clearly. Kavya’s dad had already had an attack and now it was second attack, serious.
“Where is he admitted?”
“In our town hospital.”
“Don’t cry.” Sanjay hugged her and kissed her on her forehead. “I will take care.”

After few minutes he picked up the phone and instructed his dad to bring Narayanan, his father-in-law, to chennai. He then called up his technical coordinator and informed leave for the two of them. Kavya did not listen to what was happening around. She was still crying with her head rested on his shoulder. She wiped her face in his tee shirt.
“Don’t worry Kavya. I will take care of uncle. I am like a son to him. You don’t have to worry at all. I’m there for you.” Sanjay said.
Sanjay sat on the sofa and made Kavya sleep on his lap. He patted her head and put her to sleep. After an hour she got up. He made sure that he spent every second of the day with her. The entire day Kavya spent holding his hands. Her head was stuck with Fevicol to his shoulders. Sanjay completed the half done cooking by her.
“Come on Kavya. Let’s eat.” Sanjay called.
“No. I don’t want. You eat.”
Sanjay made her sit in the hall sofa.  He went into the kitchen and picked up all that was cooked in a plate. He walked to her as he mixed the rice and the Sambar. He sat next to her.
“Open your mouth” Sanjay extended a small ball of Sambar rice topped with ladies finger to her mouth. She refused to open her mouth like a baby. He fed her like a baby is fed by her mother.
“You also eat.” Kavya wiped her tears and said. Sanjay ate alternatively to feeding her.
Difficult situations in life help us identify true love. The day made them express their love for eachother. Now the open secret was broken. 

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  1. seein the title i interpreted sanjay is gng to propose kavya !! thank god it didnt happen if it was so the story would have ended soon !!

  2. @prbhas- True love is never proposed according to me. It is understood and unsaid. :)

  3. well said !!
    hope u try to include this lines too in one of your story !!

  4. @prbhas- already included something close:
    ‘Words become extinct, communication become meaningless for two hearts truly in love.’

  5. Though they never proposed each other, it is a really good one :)

  6. @sowmya- thanks a lot. I somehow feel proposal makes it artificial :)

  7. ♥ ♥ ♥ Love Love Love ♥ ♥ ♥ am getting so jealous of sanjay :( :P

  8. just landed on your blog from facebook link.

    Someone is writing awesome things here.

    have to stumble regularly here.


  9. @vijay- happy to have a new reader :) Thanks for the comment. WELCOME TO GB LAND :)

  10. This is wat LOVE... Awesome Chapter GB...

    Superb lines:
    “Don’t worry Kavya. I will take care of uncle. I am like a son to him. You don’t have to worry at all. I’m there for you.”


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