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Chapter 11: Full on Love

            Kavya’s dad reached Chennai that night. Sanjay did all the arrangement to admit Narayan, his father-in-law in the hospital. Sanjay’s dad who was a close friend of Narayan stayed back with him in the hospital. He sent Sanjay and Kavya home. While coming back, Kavya sat next to Sanjay in the auto. They did not look at eachother for sometime. Kavya was still in tears. Her head involuntarily rested on his shoulder. Her hand hugged his arm. She slept off within a few minutes.

            They reached home. Both of them did not have anything for dinner. Sanjay unlocked the house. She was still leaning on him for support. He walked her to the bed and made her lie down. He brought a tumbler of milk after few minutes. She was already asleep. He woke her up and forced her to drink the milk. He did the dishes and went to sleep.
            The next morning they visited Kavya’s dad at the hospital. Sanjay had spoken to the doctor about the operation to be done. Sanjay and Kavya ate their breakfast in a small hotel and left to work. Sanjay dropped her in the usual place, a road away from office building. She walked a few steps ahead. He got down from the bike and called her.
“Kavya. Wait.” She was few steps ahead of him. He ran to her.
She stopped walking.

“Don’t worry about uncle. I will take care of that. Don’t worry about anything. He is not just your dad but he is like one to me too.” Sanjay said.
 “I know dad will be fine. I know you will take care of him. Thanks for everything.”
“Wife needn’t be formal to husband.” Sanjay said as he pulled her close to him. “I love you.”

She was in tears. She wasn’t able to find an expression that she can lay on her face to express what she felt. He hugged her as soon as he saw a drop of tear popping out of her beautiful eyes. If he hadn’t hugged her, her heart would have burst. She had never felt it ever before. She hugged him back. She was already mentally disturbed. She badly needed him and his support. It was the right moment for him to tell her his love. They suddenly realized that they were at the middle of the road. They unhugged eachother.
“I can’t tell my friends immediately about our marriage. They will stop talking to me. They will mistake me for hiding it so long. So...” Sanjay said.
“I understand. I am your wife, I understand you completely.” She said and walked ahead.

He loved her stubborness at times. Few rude acts of hers made him smile. He went back to his bike. They reached office. Both of them were excited about the day as it was the first day at work after the disclosure of the secret love they had for eachother. Now, she could look at him even after him noticing it. She had all rights to look straight into his eyes and secretly shout ‘I love you’ through her eyes.
Three days passed and her dad was discharged from hospital. He was doing fine. Both their fathers left to the village. Sanjay and Kavya came back to routine and they were back to normal moods. The sorrow that prevailed for few days flew through their windows. Love flooded in back. They fell in love. They expressed it. Now what? They have not told it to anyone, its still a secret that just the two of them know.

            The next morning after Kavya’s dad left, Kavya started with her usual schedule. She went to the kitchen with a towel tied around her head to help her dry her hair. She cut the vegitables. Sanjay came into the kitchen wiping his face after brushing the teeth.
“Good morning Kavya.” She loved it when he uttered her name.
“Morning. Here is your coffee.” She handed over his coffee mug to him.
“You drank coffee?”
“Long back. I got up at 4am.” Kavya said as she stirred the kadai.
He sipped his coffee and said “From tomorrow wait for me. I would like to start my day with a coffee with my wife. Coffee is a symbol of love.”
She laughed and said “When did coffee become a symbol of love?”
“From the moment you drank the coffee I left behind the other day. It told me your love. Coffee is a symbol of love.” Sanjay said.
“This reminds me of a book titled ‘A Sip of Love and a Sip of Coffee’. I have heard about it. Haven’t got a chance to read it.” Kavya said.
“You’ll get it by tonight. I have read it. It’s a nice book on first crush.” Sanjay said as he sipped his coffee.
“Love you.” She looked at him and smiled.
“Here is the last sip left back for you.” He kept the coffee mug and went out of the kitchen. They got ready and reached office as usual.

At office:
She spent half her time looking at him from a distance. At times their eyes met. They immediately looked away as they were scared of getting lost in each other’s eyes. Secret glances, secret smiles made their day beautiful. Whenever she crossed him he said ‘love you’ in the lowest tone possible so that only she could hear it.  They smiled, their heart beat raced one another, their  lungs malfunctioned, something stroamed their wind pipes, brain failed to respond; in all they died whenever their eyes met. She was suffocated whenever she found him looking at her. She coined a hundred things that she should tell him. She said none of those. They were full on love. 

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  1. chapter filled with the words 'i love u'.. but the first instance was the best :)lovely chapter :)

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  3. day by day i m loosin wrds to praise your work !!
    excellent !!
    a perfect time to express his care for her
    Lovely !!

  4. Great work Gee Bee. Loved all chapters <3. Upload next chapter soon...:)

  5. @prbhas23- Thanks a lot :)
    @varaj- Next chapter tmrw :) Thanks for the comment :)

  6. hmmm...wht do i say...???
    Feeling luv everywhr....:)
    Full of love...n ya rite tym to say it...
    I liked when u wrote abt ur other book in it...wit thinking...:)

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  9. Am expecting a twist in the next chapter!

  10. @r_phoenix-thanks a lot. Thats a very big compliment :)

    @sowmya- :-| I have no idea about next chapter. gotto think!


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