Saturday, December 31, 2011

Chapter 12:The Last Day

That evening Kavya waited in the usual pick up spot with an umbrella. It was raining heavily. Sanjay came with his bike, he was wearing a jerkin. She sat in the bike and folded the umbrella. She got drenched completely as the bike moved. Herealized that she was shivering. He stopped the bike and forced her to wear the jearkin. Now he got drenched too. There was no point of having a jerkin with them, both of them got drenched. Love makes people stupid and here it was proved. They reached home.

            Sanjay came inside the house and dropped his bag down. He went to sit in the sofa.
“Sanjay, please dont sit. Sofa will get wet.” Kavya came running.
“What nonsense? I am fully wet and shivering. All you can see is the sofa? Bad wife, bad.”
“Yes, sofa is more important. There were days when I watched you sitting on it with the remote and admired. After you leave to sleep, I used to sit here, in this corner and imagine your existance next to me. I have spent a lot of sleepless nights dreaming. One day my dream came true, you made me sit near you in this sofa, this same sofa. I love this. Now, hold this, go change and come.” She gave him a night cloth to wear. She had dried herself and changed by the time he reached home after parking his vehicle.
            She picked up a towel as he came out of the room. He carried his wet clothes with him. He carried it dripping water all over the house, to the bathroom. He threw them inside the bathroom and came to the hall. She tried to dry his hair with the towel. He was way too tall for her to reach his head. She tried her best to reach his head but she couldn’t. He then smiled notoriously and said
“Drink Boost here on. Grow up girl.” He said that and sat down on the sofa.

She dried his hair. Suddenly he pulled her, holding his hand and made her sit next to him. He got the towel and dried her hair. She smiled at him and said “I love you”. He said “Love you too darling.” They had their dinner early that evening and went to bed early.

            At the middle of the night Sanjay’s phone rang, waking him up from the sleep. She got up too. She looked at him stopping the sound in a secretive way. His reaction made it so obvious that he did not want her to know that his phone had given out that sound.          She pretended to sleep. He went out of the room, carefully closing the room’s door. She got scared. She was surprised and shocked; both at the same time. Too many emotioned pushed her to an edge. Lot of things went through her head. She imagined all wild things.
Maybe he is hiding something from me.’
‘Maybe all that happened between us was a dream of mine. Maybe it did not happen at all.’
She heard his footsteps getting closer to the room. She pretended to sleep again. She turned to the other side and wiped her tears. He came close to her and shoock her rudely.
“Get up. This is not the right place for you.” He yelled.
She did not know what was happening. She did not react. She kept looking at him with a shock struck eyes.
“Are you deaf? Get up and come with me now.” He dragged her to the hall. He picked up the lock and a bag. He dragged her outside the house and locked the house. She couldn’t hold back her tears anymore. She cried and asked
“What happened Sanjay? What’s wrong with you?”
He did not speak a word. He held her hands and dragged her through the stairs, down. He made her stand near the gate with the bag and said
“Wait right here. I will bring my bike.”

He was never this rude to her ever before. She had no clue of what was happening. He brought his bike and asked her to sit. He drove the bike. He kept driving in silence. She kept crying in silence. Silence prevailed. Both of them did not speak only the bike kept speaking its motor sound. Suddenly the bike stopped. Sanjay asked her to get down at the middle of a road. It was breezy, the wind dried her tears as they rolled out of the eyes. He got down and harshly pulled the bag from her hand.

He looked into the watch “Wait wait. 5,4,3,2 and 1.” He hugged her and kissed her. He yelled saying ‘Happy new year.’  She was still in shock. She did not respond. He digged the bag and took out a parcel that was gift rapped. He held it in the air and smiled.
“This is a small gift for my beautiful wife.” She opened it hurriedly. It was a diary with the bold numbers 2011 written on it. She opened the cover page and saw these lines on it.
‘This is just to tell you that I am surrendering my life to you. This diary will tell you how much I had loved you.
One set of people are spending this new year eve at discos, dancing
One set, in pubs drinking to death
 One set, in finding divinity in temples.
I find the pleasure of dancing when I walk with you
I get intoxicated with that one look you give me
I find divinity in the love that we share.
I love you.’

She looked up. He was no where to be found. The bike was right there but he was missing. She looked around and there were none. She walked around and yelled his name. No response. 15 minutes passed. She paniced. She cried as much as she could. She sat down and kept her hand on her head. She was exhausted. Suddenly a hand touched her shoulder. She got scared and looked up. It was him. She immediately stood up and hugged him tight.
“Where did you go? I got scared....” she kept talking.
He kissed her and made her quiet.
“I wanted you to cry.” He said as he wiped her tears.
“What? But why?”
He held her cheeks in both his hands and said
“You have cried enough so far. I wanted your tears to drain off today. This will be the last time you cry. I assure you. Smile now.” She smiled as Sanjay spoke. “ Always be happy like this.”
It started drizzling. They started the bike. They spent an hour roaming around the city roads getting wet in the rain. She kept shouting ‘Love you’ throughout the ride. 

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  1. Happie new year Gb.. and its Complan not Boost :p :p.. Lil filmy.. but watte romance am loving itttt :) :)

  2. @anonymous- Happy new year :) Complan ah ya ya :)
    thanks a lot :)

  3. come there is rain in december?????
    D romance after d rain was steamy...hmm...
    Reading it...i went back to my thoughts...;)
    Happy new year...:)
    To all 3 of n sanjay

  4. @jyoti- we have cyclone in chennai now :) Thanks a lot jyo. Im enjoying my new year with Sanjay and Kavya :)

    @sowmya- thanks a lot da..wish u the same :)

  5. Nycly written :)
    "existence" nt "existance" ;) :P
    (I think if u use MS word for writing it roughly, u ought to know abt the spell mistakes na ?? :P

    Anyways, Happy New year :)


  6. loved it..:) :)
    Happy new year...:)

  7. !manmay- will do the changes. I never learn spellings :( thats the prob :(
    @vajra- happy new year. :) Thanks

  8. @GB, MS Word shows you if there is a spelling mistake automatically... :P

  9. @manmay-most of the wrong spellings are accepted by MS office 2007 :(

  10. I am your biggest fan! I read a sip of love and a sip of coffee n just u me nd a secret too!! I loved all three.. Although i felt just u me nd a secret was best and realistic and it did kindle a lot of memories! Thanks GB ! Keep writing! Cheers!

  11. @shruti-Aw!! Thats so sweet of u ya :) Did u try relationship status:It's complicated
    ? :)

  12. "Love makes people stupid"... Superb...


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