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Chapter 2:First Secret disclosed

Kavya reached the bus stop and opened the note that was lying along with the 100 rupees. It had “Take D70, get down at the 5th stop and walk straight. The yellow building is Technoz Training Center.” She read that and followed it deligently. She kept looking at both sides for D70 as she had no clue about the side the bus will come from. There came the bus and she happily boarded it. Till then she had no tension about the new job, IT environment. The moment the bus started from the place she boarded it, butterflies started buzzing her stomach. The first job blues.

She reached the office and completed the joining formalities. She was sent to the induction hall. She sat in one corner of the 500 seater hall. She kept looking at the door. She watched each one of them, entering, excitedly. Suddenly her eyes got glued to someone. Her eyes widened and her lips smiled involuntarily. She traced him till he sat in a seat. Only after he sat, she realized that she was alive. Her heart beat a few extra times to compensate the missing beats when her eyes ate him up. The place he was seated in was a clearly watchable place for her. She kept looking at him. He was tall enough to be seen by anyone from anywhere in the hall, even when seated. Her smile did not fade.

The program started and the lights were turned off to make the visibility of the screen better. Still she did not withdraw her eyes from him. After the induction they were all put into groups. She kept praying that he should be in her group. Her prayers were answered and Sanjay was put into her stream. They were all under c plus plus stream. They were sent to a lab. She picked a cubicle close enough to monitor him like a CCTV camera. The whole day she spent in noting down the colours of his belongings, the length of his hair, the width of his eyes, the length of his lose, the pink of his lips, the brand of his shirt and what not. Within an hour she was done with the course PhD Sanjay. She knew how he smiled, how he laughed, how he talked , how he walked; she knew him in all by then.

            She did not make any effort in making friends. She hated people. She did not speak a word to anyone in real in the past 6 months. She just spoke to people over the phone. She waded away people when they tried to talk to her. She restricted her connection to the world outside her own self, to Sanjay. She kept seeing him and spoke to him inside herself. She did not desire to talk to him either. The working hours of the day ended. She reluctantly packed her bag, logged off her system and walked out of the lab.She picked the corner table in the cafeteria. There were few others who joined her in the table, which she did not like. She liked loneliness. Her looks defined it all to them and they left the table for another welcoming table.
            She looked out for Sanjay and he wasn’t anywhere near her table. She opened her box of bread and kept staring at the cafeteria counter. He was there picking a plate for lunch. Tears flooded her eyes. She closed the box and walked out of the cafeteria. Waiting for the bus she kept wiping her tears. This attracted the attention of the other colleagues who were waiting for bus. This was enough for them to talk about for a week, whenever they are free.
“Maybe she is asked to quit the company”
“First day and so much tears? The tech head would have screwed her with questions.”
They made up stories and it was enough to make them brand her ‘Weird’. She did not entertain any conversation with anyone till she reached home. She picked the key from the house owner who stayed below her house. She opened the door, slammed it back and ran to her room. She kept crying. After few minutes the door bell rang. She ran to the door wiping her tears. Sanjay came in. She wanted to leave no trace of the previous sad scene but she couldn’t help herself. He saw her eyes and looked irritantly at her. Her puffy eyes made it evident that she had cried. People have started sending messages and building stories about the girl who kept crying in the bus stop on the very first day. Now it was clear for Sanjay, who the girl was.

            He did not talk a word. He left his bag on the sofa. The hall had an old sofa and a small colour TV. If there was one more furniture then the room will look like a perfect storage area. He went into his room that was located opposite to hers. He locked himself in his room. She picked his bag and hurriedly pulled out the tiffen box. It had the bread slices she had prepared, untouched. She couldn’t hold the tears back anymore. She cried aloud. She did not expect him to come out. He opened the door, saw her crying with the untouched box and walked to the sofa. He switched on the TV and tuned it to a music channel.
            Sanjay and Kavya were family friends, friends from childhood. Since Sanjay’s dad was rich enough, he sent Sanjay to Chennai’s boarding school when he was in 8th standard. Sanjay was an intelligent chap. Kavya was no less intelligent but her dad wasn’t financially stable enough to send her. Moreover her dad felt that it was unsafe to send a grown up girl to a city, before marriage. Everytime Sanjay came to his village he spent the entire time that he had with Kavya. Playing, eating whatever she cooks, buying her gifts from chennai were his routine holiday plan.
            He finished his schooling and was waiting to join a college in Chennai. One fine morning when Sanjay got up, his house was decorated. His place was crowded with relatives and the villagers. It took him hours to realize that he was getting married. He was forcefully dressed in traditional dhothi and brought to the holy spot around the Homa Guntan. He did not realize that it was all really happening. The bride came beautifully dressed, it was Kavya. She was the last girl he would consider for getting married to. He wanted to marry a city girl. He wanted to fall in love with someone from college. Before he could oppose his father, he was married to Kavya.
            Kavya enrolled herself in an engineering college in a town near her village and Sanjay joined it in Chennai. Sanjay did not call much. He came once in a year during diwali but did not speak more than a word of ‘Hi’ to Kavya. She loved him immensely. She did not trouble him or force him to talk. Whenever her father-in-law or mother-in-law asked her about her relationship with Sanjay she lied that she was happy with him. They both, fortunately, got selected by the same company. Sanjay’s dad used his influence to put her into Sanjay’s training batch. She was sent to Chennai to live with her husband, Sanjay.

Sanjay did not bother to ask her why she was crying, maybe it was pretty obvious. She snail paced to him and said in the lowest tone possible.
“Thanks for at least taking the box.” Her voice broke at the mid of the sentence. She had been preparing something for him and placing it on the table for the past 6 months of her living here. He had never touched it. Today she wasn’t able to cook for him so she left the bread slices in a box for him. He had at least taken it with him, improvement.

“What?” he harshly asked. “Can’t you talk aloud? Do I look like a devil who will eat you up if you talk?”
She was waiting for 6 long months to initiate a conversation with him. All that they exchanged so far was the timing of entry and exit. “6 o’ clock i will be back” “7 o’ clock I will leave” his kind of conversations. She always just nodded. The previous night he had told her “I will leave the details on the table. Pick up when you leave. Dont get lost somewhere and call me like that day. I wont come.” That was the longest he has spoken to her after their marriage.
“Thanks for taking the box to office.” She stuttered.
“I did not purposely leave it untouched. I was hungry and wanted some proper food for lunch. Bread did not seem enough to me.” Sanjay said and switched off the T.V. He walked to his room and locked the door.
Kavya was still there. She was shocked. She never thought that he would accept her so soon. 

Did he accept her? If not will he accept her? Is there a twist awaiting you all?

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  1. these seems cumpletly exciting story...:)
    Wll sure hv fun readng ahead....:)
    Sumthing new...atleast frm wht all buks i hv waiting for nxt chap...

  2. Thanks a lot Jyoti :)
    'Something new' is something I die to hear from readers. :) Thanks for that :) I hope the rest of the chapters also has something nice. :)

  3. Hey...That's one good twist...."Already married"...Waiting for the next chapter!

  4. great :):) waiting for the next chapter :):) post it soon:):)

  5. @Karpagam and sowmya-thanks a lot :) Will upload it asap :)

  6. Awesome work again GB. Hoping for a thriller :P

  7. @sachin-Thanks a lot :) thriller? :-o I still haven't decided the other chapters.. lemme see :)

  8. nice as always.. a love story of married couple.. good attempt.. :) enjoying the story .. waiting for next chapters.. post it asap :) good luck :)

  9. :O :O u always surprise me :)...anyways cool way to begin lets c wat unfolds l8r on...


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