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Chapter 3:The Wedding Night

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The next day dawned. The alarm woke her up. She had fixed the alarm 30 minutes before the previous day. She picked a mismatching set of clothes. Her usual was done as quickly as possible- bathing, clothing, powdering, oiling. She looked into the clock and it was 4am. She rushed to the kitchen. She picked few vegetables from the old, rusted blue fridge. She chopped them and poured them into a frying pan. After few minutes when the boiling, cooking, frying was done, she made bread sandwiches. She filled both the boxes with 2 slices each. She placed one on the table and dumped the other in her handbag. She walked a few steps away from the table and suddenly stopped. She walked back to the table and pulled out her box. She shifted one slice from her box to his and smiled to herself. She thoguth for a second and placed the 4th slice also in his box. She filled her box with 2 raw slices of bread. Giving the best to him was her idea of being a complete wife. She closed his box and caressed it. She lost herself to the thought of him opening the box that she had held, him eating the sandwich she had prepared. Every thought about him excited her.

“Haven’t you left yet?” Sanjay came out of the room.

“Good morning.” She wished him and looked into her watch. “Oh no! I will surely miss the bus. How will I come to office today? I will be late to office now. Black mark.” She said that in a crying tone.
“Dont worry. I will.......” even before Sanjay completed the sentence she completed it within herself.
‘I will drop you today’ she imagined it to be the second part but unfortunately the reality was different.
“Dont worry. I will give you 50 extra bucks today. Take an auto.” This was Sanjay’s statement in reality.
“Ok” she frowned.

“Don’t assume that I will drop you if you delay everyday. I will never. My bike’s back seat is only for my love.” Sanjay said and vanished into his room. He came back with 50 rupees but did not hand it over to her. He placed it on the table under the paper weight and left the hall without a word.
Kavya did not take the money. She knew that her husband did not like her but she thought he will like her someday. His statement ‘Don’t assume that I will drop you if you delay everyday. I will never. My bike’s back seat is only for my love’ lingered in her ears.
I will make him call me as his love someday” she siad to herself and left for office.
Sanjay got ready for office and came out of his room. The 50 rupee note was lying where he had left it. He got a little annoyed and injected it into his purse.

Kavya reached office 15 minutes late. She was excused as it was her first time. She rushed to her cubile and looked for him. He was serriously looking into the monitor. She started her usual scanning. The dark blue full hand formal shirt he was wearing was ironed, she had ironed it for him the previous night. The black formal pant was spotless, he had dripped Sambar in it the last time he had worn it. He ran his fingers through his dense semi-curly hair. He had his left leg folded over his right and his shoes were polished; she had done that too. He lifted his specs and moved close to his monitor with a serious face. Now she wasn’t able to see him. All that she could see was his hair that was taller than the wodden seperator and his left shoes.

Staring at his foot, she got reminded of her wedding night. She was beautifully dressed in a green silk saree. Holding a container of milk according to south indian trasition and a heart full of dreams about future, she entered the room decorated with flowers. She locked the door behind and snail paced towards Sanjay who was in traditional white dhoti and white shirt. She walked with her head tilted down, looking at the ground. Nearing the bed-side table, she placed the container on it.

Kavya bent down to get her hubby’s blessings. She touched his feet and touched her eyes, alternatively for three times. Sanjay was motionless and he was standing there, tall. She did not get up, she stayed admiring his feet. He had long devil-like nails in his toes. That took her to imagination.
“Tomorrow morning, the first thing I will do is to cut his nails. He will be anyway asleep when I get up. I will bath and then bring a nail cutter. I will cut his nail without waking him up. When I am done he will ask me
“Are you done with cutting my nails?” He will surprise me.
“Aren’t you asleep” I will ask.
He will get up and kiss me on my forehead and say ‘Thanks’.” She lost herself to her dream.

Reality was different as usual.
“How long are you going to stay there?” Sanjay asked.
“You need to lift me up.” She blushed.
“What nonsense? Are you old? Can’t you stand on your own? Or are you a baby for someone to lift you up all the time? Don’t expect any kind of romance or love from me. I hate this marriage. I want to complete engineering and get married to a hit chic. This marriage is just for my dad, his rules and his compulsion. Other than that I have no inclination towards you.” He said that and threw a pillow and blanket on the floor.
“You can sleep on the bed. Good night.” He lay down and covered himself from head to toe with the blanket. She was still in the same position. She felt numb. All her dreams, all her love was burnt to ashes within no minute.

“Hello all. I have sent a mail. Please do the exercise.” Her technical head’s voice brought her back to the second that she was actually living.
Even now his toe’s nails aren’t maintained.

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  1. interesting interesting...story turning interesting...
    One request...if possible...plz make it big story..i mean many chapters...
    Keep bringing new ideas...:)

  2. @jyoti-ill try my best :)
    @sowmya-thanks da :)

  3. “I will make him call me as his love someday” and "hello all" awesome :)now seriously every line of this chapter is too good :)


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