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Chapter 5:The First Romance

 The next day, Kavya follows her early morning routine and leaves to office. As soon as she reaches office, she walks to the group of her batch girls. They were all excited about the dares they had given and got. They were surprised to see Kavya initiating conversation other than the java programs and presentation.
“Hi. Sorry for not being able to talk to you all so long. Was pre occupied with something else. Can I also join Christmas game?” Kavya asked. The only purpose of this was to get a dare with which she could propose her husband. She prayed to get some dare relating to Sanjay.
“Sure. Ok girls, we are giving her dares from today.” Geeth said and the girls giggled.
“Please make it simple and easy.” Kavya said.
“Hello all. Can you move to room 2 for this session?” the tech head announced and the gathering of girls dispersed.
The session got over and everyone rushed to the cafeteria. The usual cafeteria gang which included Megha, Sanjay, Nakul, Usha and Priya gathered in the center table. Kavya sat in her usual corner from where she could see Sanjay. But today Kavya had company; Geeth and her gang od friends tried befriending the weird girl.

“Hot news. Our village girl, the homely figure has agreed to play christmom-hristchild.” Megha begun the talk.
Sanjay smiled to himself. He was happy that she was trying to enjoy too. Till today he was feeling guilty that he was the reason for her not talking with others.
“Who, who, who? Kavya?” Nakul’s eyes widened and he blushed.
“I guess someone is interested in the villager.” Priya winked at Nakul.
“Come on! Which guy will not be interested in her? Listen, all the guys have only one policy; Roam around with hot chicks like Megha but get married to a gril full of tradition and culture like Kavya. I have been looking at her from the first day.” Nakul said.

Megha banged his head for the comment and said “You can trust hot chicks like me but you’ll never know how the girls like Kavya are from inside. They secretly do all nasty stuffs.”
Sanjay wasn’t able to tollerate the talk but he zipped his feelings within him. It was his wife who was the topic of discussion. He liked her or not was a different issue but she was his “Wife”.
“Ok. Let’s have a bet then. Give her a dare asking her to dance with a guy she likes from the batch. She will refuse for sure.” Nakul defended Kavya which irritated Sanjay.
“What’s the point anyway?” Usha asked.
“If this kind is given to you or Megha or even Priya, you guys will not mind doing it right?” the girls nodded as Nakul asked.
“She will not, for sure. She will dance only with her husband that too after marriage.” Nakul was confident.
The moment Nakul said the word ‘husband’ Sanjay had an electric shock passing through his veins. His marriage scene came in front of his eyes. She suddenly looked at him. Their eyes met.
Did Sanjay really look at me? Are they talking about me? Did he want to tell me something? Is he having a dare to propose to me today?’ Million questions popped up in her mind.

Kavya got a chit, passed to her, with the following written on it.
“Hi Kavya. This is your christ mom here.
Pick a guy from our batch and ask him for a dance. During the next break dance with him in front of all in the conference room.
Await a romantic song.”

The moment she got the chit, her mobile buzzed. It was a text from Sanjay’s mobile. She had stored it without his knowledge long ago. She had typed over a thousand messages to him but all of them were unsent, lying in draft. The text from Sanjay read
Sanjay here. Pick me to dance with you for the dare.’

That was enough for a lifetime for her. She was excited to dance with him. She thought that Sanjay had started getting the required feelings for her. On the other hand, Sanjay did that just to prevent Nakul from developing feelings for his wife, Kavya. If Kavya danced with a random guy (Sanjay was a random guy to Kavya according the world outside the four walls of their house) Nakul will be proved wrong and he wouldn't turn his face towards her ever after.

An hour was like an era to her. She was waiting to hold her husband’s hand. She had held his hands while going around the homam (holy fire) during their marriage ceremony. After that even looking at him and making the four eyes meet accidentally was a big task; holding hands was impossible till yesterday.

            Finally the break started and people were excited to see Kavya doing her first dare. Nakul, Priya, Usha, Megha and Sanjay picked the front row of the informal gathering. Megha read aloud Kavya’s dare to the crowd and played a very romantic Tamil song, ‘Vaseegara’ from ‘Minnale’. The crowd started the count down “Five, four, three, two…”. Kavya went near Sanjay and asked
“Can you dance with me?”

Sanjay did not speak a word. He did not even slip the slightest possible smile. The song was played. Sanjay placed his right hand on her hip and his left hand held her right in mid air. He made her put her left hand on his shoulder. He made slow dance moves. She tried her best to stay at a distance but she couldn’t avoid looking at him. It look so romantic that the crowd was zapped. He saw Nakul. Nakul was still looking at Kavya with a romantic eyes. When Sanjay established eye contact with Nakul, Nakul gestured at him to leave her. Sanjay immediately pulled her as close as possible. There wasn’t any gap for the poor air to flow inbetween them. Kavya couldn’t realize if all that was happening was true. Her eyes started watering. Sanjay did not look at her till he pulled her close. The moment he pulled her close to him, he looked down at her. For the first time, she disturbed him. He saw the tears in her eyes. He told her not to cry secretly.
Sanjay as a husband did not want other men to look at his wife. Moreover, Nakul was his close friend. He didn’t want his close friend to fall for his wife and complicate both the relationship. But does this mean he will accept her?

Is Sanjay developing feelings for her? Is everything set? If so the series will end right?But I have no plans of ending it so soon. 

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  1. hmm...thanks for taking my idea...;)
    n liked d thought dat nakul had abt girls...:)
    sanjay cant fall for her so early yaar....:P

  2. @jyo- he wont be falling so early :)
    But as a husband he wouldn't want his best friend to fall for his wife :)

  3. I have something in mind about this story. I'll share it when it ends.

  4. Nice one...Looks like there is going to be a suspense in the next chapter!

  5. @rini-thanks a lot :)
    @sowmya swaminathan- what a guess re. :)

  6. great story keep going have read all your other three stories just you me and a secret was the best hope this one is also with twist and turns i am your admirer please post the 6 th chapter as soon as possible

  7. @madhu zone- Thanks a lot for the comment :) Will post it as soon as possible. :)


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