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Chapter 6: After Dance Effects

Just like every other evening Kavya boarded her usual bus. But this evening was special to her. She felt like 'his girl' for the first time. Even now she wasn’t sure if he had accepted her as his wife. But that did not bother her even a wee bit. She sat in a window seat with earphones plugged to her ears. All the romantic songs that she had reserved for such moments in life were added to playlist. Till that day all that the playlist had was sad, love failure or awaiting-love kind of songs. Every line, every word, every syllabyl of every other song brought out a big smile on her face. she relived every second of the dance performance over and over again.

Back to the dancing scene: (Through Sanjay’s eyes):
He danced with her just to put an end to the crush story that Nakul was trying to cook. But the moment he picked her hand and started dancing, he felt something strange. A turbulance escaped his stomach and moved out through his windpipe and disrupting his respiratory, entirely. He tried his best to avoid eye contact with her just because he was scared that he would develop feelings for her. He did not hate her. The only problem he had was that it was an early marriage when he wasn’t ready for it and moreover his dad did not listen to what he had to say. If he forced himself not to fall for Kavya it was to prove his dad wrong, simple ego.

Finally when he looked into her eyes he saw tears and happiness in it for the first time. Whenever he had seen her, her eyes were sad. He had never seen happy tears in it. There were nights when he used to sneak into her room while she is sleeping just to look at her. Her sleeping face brought back school time memories for him. He used to visit the village during holidays just to meet Kavya. He was completely in love with her during school days. Every minute he had spent with her was etched in his mind. But as days passed and he entered college, he changed his attitude. He wanted to marry a hot chick; bloody city influence; bloody college influence; bloody cinema influence.

He lost himself to her that very moment. Earth beyond her beautiful eyes did not exist to him during those moments. Suddenly he got reminded of Nakul, his best friend who had a crush on his “WIFE”. He looked at Nakul and he was still looking at Kavya with those romantic eyes and looks. He felt like a husband for the first time. He did not want other men to admire his wife, he wanted to protect her from every such eyes. He wanted to ensure that no other guy even dreams of looking at Kavya like that. That is why he pulled her as close as possible. He enjoyed every moment of it but did not want to tell her. He was scared to be taken wrong by her. So long he had never shown a wee bit of love. But today if he had expressed his love she might think it was just because they went a little physical about the romance. He also felt odd to express love all of a sudden to a girl who was already married to him.

The moment the music was turned off, he walked fast to his bag, picked it and rushed to the parking lot. He drove his bike to a lonely road. He had gripped his smile in between the the upper and lower sets of teeth till then. He poured out all his happiness and love as smiles on his face. He spent time alone thinking about things that had happened between him and Kavya. The way she looks at him all the time, the way she looks away when he notes, the naughty smile that slips through her lips the moment she looks away. He knew everything but he did not show it out so long. He was fighting with his own self against falling for her so long. He had dual thought- loving her, proving his dad wrong.

After an hour he drove back home. He decided not to express his love for the next few days.  Kavya welcomed him with a smile as she opened the door. He ignored her and paced fast to his room. He was scared that he would involuntarily smile back. He locked himself inside the room for next few minutes. Kavya did not expect him to have felt love for her. Even a reluctant dance with her was enough for a lifetime, for Kavya. She was happy that her Sanjay did not want her to dance with anyone else. She was content with the fact that he considered her as his wife.

He came out in a black track suit and a white tee shirt. He looked completely different to her. She was in her night black pant and white shirt. This wasn’t the first time their clothes matched. She made sure that she washed the clothes and placed them in a way that he chooses the one she wanted him to choose; the one that matched her dress. She was waiting for him to go out for dinner as she was terribly hungry. She had skipped her lunch due to the excitement. He did not go till 9pm.

“Kavya.” Sanjay called her when she spent time in the kitchen searching for something to eat. She came running to the hall where he was seated.
“I need to talk to you.” Sanjay puzzled her. She thought it was about the dance.
“We are running short of money. I have no idea how to manage till we get our salaries. We just have a little amount left in the bank. Check” He threw the bank passbook of their joint account on the table. She looked into it.
“I am planning to borrow money from friends. I don’t think this will do for the next fifteen days before salry date.” Sanjay added.
“You don’t have to borrow. This is more than enough. Can I suggest an idea if you dont mind?” Kavya spoke boldly for the first time. The romance during dance had given her little amount of confidence.
“Tell me.” Sanjay opened his ears to listen.
“I cook well. If you think it’s not a crime to eat my cooking I can cook for us every night. That will save a lot of money.” Kavya said.
“Only cutting down on dinner expenses will do? I don’t think so.”
“I’m not done still.” Kavya said. Sanjay kept his mouth shut for the next few minutes.
“If you don’t mind we can travel together in bike. Wait wait. You don’t have to get scared of getting caught by your friends. You can drop me a road away from office. I will walk. This will save 1 hour of my travel. There is a tution center which is hiring people to tutor 12th students at 5 in the evening. If I come along with you I can spend the travel time in this part time job. The pay is also good. I already spoke with the tution center. Timing was my only problem.” Kavya waited for him to respond.
Sanjay was amazed. He thought she was a fit-for-nothing, coward village girl but she was more than that.
“That should be fine. Can I also join the tution center?” Sanjay asked.
“No. There is only one vacancy. But I would suggest you to prepare for GATE exam next year. I am sure you’ll crack it.” Kavya said.
“Option of studying further is ruled out. I can try out some other part time job. I don’t want you to take all the pressure for my sake. I am anyway going to leave you sometime sooner or later.
“I am ready to take any kind of pressure for you.” She went inside her room as she said that.
“I saved my additional expenses for few days. With that money I have got a second hand GATE material for you.” She left it on the table and went into her room.
“We can save money for two years for your fees. If you study more you’ll get a better job, better salary and a better girl in your life.” She shut the door as she said that.
I don’t want a better girl. I want to make my girl’s life better. I don’t want to make her toil so much. I don’t want her life to end in such a pathetic rented house.’ He said to himself.
Few minutes passed. He banged her door. She opened it. She was with a book in her hand.
“Don’t you think we need to cut down on the electricity bill?” Sanjay said.
“You want me to switch off the lights and fans? I need to study this for my assesment tomorrow.” Kavya said with a frown.
You are so dumb. You don’t get the point. I want to spend as much time as possible with you.’ He said to himself.
“We can sell the your cot. I have a double cot in my room. You can shift to my room. Only if you are ok with it. We can place the bed side table between the two cots in my room.” Sanjay said.
“Great idea. Then my room will be free. I dont have to work with that tution center. I can start tution classes for kids in this area all by myself. It will pay more.” Kavya got excited.
“Great. So aren’t you feeling hungry?” Sanjay asked. Kavya was dying for hi mto ask that.
“Are you going out to buy dinner now? I can cook even today if you buy few things.” Kavya said.
“No. It’s ok. Let’s eat out for the last time today. We need to celebrate our financial upliftment day right?” Sanjay said.
“Sure. Ok.”
“What ok? Come on get ready within 5 minutes. Both of us can go together for dinner today.” Sanjay said.
Kavya smiled.
“Don’t assume that I have feelings for you. I need your support financial. We are just like friends.” Sanjay added a disclaimer.
“Like friends? Do I have to look good even to be your friend? Do I have to have a mother who is rich enough to deliver a baby in a city nursing home just to give her a ‘City-Girl’ brand to be friends with you?” sarcasm over-flowed throughout her talk.
Sanjay smiled involuntarily. “Smart. You don’t have to be a ‘City-Girl’ to be friends with me. That criteria is just for my love.” He was sarcastic too. They went out for dinner.
All that starts well, ends well. So did the day. 

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  1. Good one GB! I like the way the story has shaped up...makes a refreshing read :)

  2. @sowmya- Thanks a lot da :)
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