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Chapter 7:Sharing The Same Dinner Table

Sanjay got ready to go out for dinner in 5 minutes. Kavya went into her room and locked the door. She wiped the dust on the wall mirror hung. She had never bothered to look into it anytime before. She washed her face and came back to the mirror. She wiped her face and lowered the towel inch by inch. She thought just water-washing her face would change the way she looks. Poor girl had never noticed the changes after face wash ever before, she had no need for it. Today, she was much bothered about the way she looked. She combed her hair. She took the container of face powder but was reluctant in applying it. She thought that by not applying powder she will look like a city-girl. She was scared to change her dress. She thought changing the dress will make Sanjay know her desperate feel to make him like the way she looked.

            She came out of the room. She smiled and looked at Sanjay with eager eyes full of expectation. Sanjay did not look at her at all.
“Lock the house and come down.” He threw the keys on the tea table placed in front of the sofa and went out.
I keep forgetting that he doesn’t like me. Maybe I should have been born beautiful, maybe i’m not beautiful enough.’  She thought to herself as she locked the house. She had no idea how beautiful she was. She had no idea how many guys were drooling, looking at her.

The moment she reached downstairs a pleasant surprise was waiting for her. Sanjay was ready with his bike.
Angels dressed in white and with wings flew around her head with a hoarding that had the following words
‘My bike’s back seat is only for my love.’
Sanjay had said it before.
“Can’t you sit fast? I am hungry.” Sanjay said as he accelerated the bike. He still did not look at her. He looked down at the petrol tank till she sat behind him. She was reluctant to place her hand on his shoulder for support.

“You can hold my shoulder. I don’t mind. Whenever I drop Megha, she asks me if I mind her holding me for support. I thought I will tell you before you ask me too.” Sanjay said as he started driving.
Now Kavya was sure of not holding him for support.
So he has let Megha also sit in my seat? This is only for his love right? She has sat here before me, his wife? He was so reluctant to make me sit in this bike till now but he has dropped her home before. He likes her more than me. Maybe he loves her truly. Maybe it was not for the christmom-christchild game but the real proposal.’ Her best friend, the tears, visited her as she spoke this to herself.

            They reached the restaurant. Sanjay led her to a table. That was the first time she sat with him in the same table. She was excited. She wanted time to become a buble-gum that expands as much as possible. She wanted to sit opposite to him just to admire at him the entire time. But she didn’t want to make the reason for choosing a seat obvious. She sat in the chair next to his. He kept looking at the menu card.
“What do you want?” Sanjay said.
She took the menu card placed in front of her and looked at it. No name was familiar. She kept turning pages. Sanjay usually goes to a smaller hotel to eat. Today was special to him and hence he picked a better restaurant with a/c. He enjoyed every moment of it secretly.
She took some time but still wasn’t sure of what name refers to what. She said
Sanjay started laughing. He was laughing uncontrolably. The waiter appeared in front of their table to take the order.
“One fried rice and one fried noodles. Bring one bottle Aquafina, cold.” Kavya’s cough distrupted Sanjay’s order. He looked at her coughing and said “No need for a cold bottle, make it normal.”
Sanjay leaned on the table to her side and whispered “Cascade is the name of the restaurant.”
Kavya smiled shamefully.
“It’s ok. You’ll learn soon.” Sanjay smiled.
Kavya kept looking at him. Just like every girl she loved her husband’s smile. She saw a kid in him when he smiled. She visualized how he would look after 10 years, as a father of her kids. He suddenly turned to her and said
“Do you like to listen to music?”
“Yes I do.” She said.
“What’s your favorite song?”
Iktara from Wake Up Sid”
“That’s my favorite too.” He looked at her for the first time. The moment his eyes met her’s, she felt a strange happening inside her ribs. She couldn’t breathe. She waited for him to look away. The moment he looked away, she exhaled all the carbon-di-oxide her lungs had collected due to malfunctioning that his look had created.
“uff...ufff” she exhaled again and again.
Sanjay felt the same. He looked at the othe side and smiled secretively.
“Do you listen to Tamil songs?” Kavya asked.
“Old songs in Tamil?” she asked.
“Which one do you like?”
Gala Gala from the movie Rhythm.” She said.
“I don’t have that in my playlist.” She frowned as he said that. He noticed it and said “Don’t worry I will add it.”
She was more than happy to know that he gave her some amount of attention and preference. He looked at the opposite direction of Kavya. There was a tinted glass which beautifully dreq her reflection over itself. He admired her. He knew she was looking at him with eyes full of love. She suddenly realized that he was looking at her through the tinted glass. She regained hopes of making him fall for her.

            When he saw her she looked away and smiled. When she saw him, he looked away and smiled. This continued throughout the dinner. They came back home and shifted Kavya’s cot to Sanjay’s room. Two cots in a room with a lamp table as seperator.
“Wake me late tomorrow. Don’t strain. Anyway you are saving 1 hour because of the bike journey.” Sanjay said as he made his bed.
“I am planning to buy vegitables and other necessities to cook early in the morning tomorrow. If I cook in the morning I can save cooking time in the evening and concentrate in the tuition.” She said as she lied down on her bed and covered herself with her blanket.
“You don’t have any students now right?”
“Sagar, the guy who stays downstairs, is joining from tomorrow. He is in 5th class.” She said.
“You want my help in the morning? To go out, buy things?”
“No. But you must wake up when I do. You can spend that one hour with GATE exam books” she said with a commanding voice for the first time.
“Yes maam” he said as he switched off the light.

Both of them smiled as the light went off. They looked deep into the darkness of the night. Each other’s thoughts silently screamed, they drew eachother’s face in the black of the room. Even the fan sound seemed to be a good romantic background music for them.
 Obviously they had dreams about eachother. 

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  1. hmmm....just awesumly written....
    Waitng for nxt chap....
    Sumthing worth waitng...:)
    N u r keeping d story slow...thts what i like...:)
    SO it can be big...:)

  2. Can see a lot of improvement.. was able to see a lot more romance and there is more story in this.. Good one :) :)

  3. de prob wit most gals is tat they don accept/realise how beautiful they r(beauty here refers 2 mental n physical aspects)... it requires so much effort 4 de guy r peers 2 mak 'em feel comfortable wit tat thought... :-P

  4. @jyoti- im keepting it slow and draggy because u guys asked me to :)

    @anonymous- Thanks a lot. Improvement is just because of the encouragement and support from the readers. pl mention ur name from next time :)

    @r_phoenix-thats true!

  5. You forgot me so soon??? My heart broke :( :(

  6. "Even the fan sound seemed to be a good romantic background music for them." - any sound makes a Music... I love this line... Awesome...


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