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Chapter 8:Dreamy Night 
The sun’s rays found it very hard to penetrate through the branches of the tall, dense trees. The road underneath lead to nowhere to be seen. It was so dark that even people who designed google map would get lost, if left there. Sanjay kept running on the long, endless road. He ran faster and faster but there was no difference. He could see nothing that was around him but that did not stop his legs from running. His lungs were on fire, he was thirsty. His legs ached and his brain found it hard to picturize the darkness he saw. Hours passed and he kept running like a horse. Non-stop.

            Suddenly, there came a streak of light. He saw the road ending with a tall wall at a little long distance. It was a dead end. He targetted that point and kept running. At a distance he saw a girl dressed in white, like an angel. The little light that showed him the path was from the lantern she held in her hand. He did not know who she was. As he moved closer to her, she lifted the lantern to straight to her face. He couldn’t see who she was. He paced faster to see who was the one who showed him the way.

            Bang!!!! He opened his eyes. He saw Kavya’s undisturbed face. It had a smile spread on it.  It was all a dream. Kavya was the girl who held the lantern for him. He looked at her for minutes that weren’t calculated. He lost himself to her that he couldn’t keep track of time.

Kavya’s Dream:
Kavya kept waiting in the end of a long road with a lantern. She thought he would never turn up but it never pained her. She had all the hopes in the world. Even if he hadn’t turned up she wouldn’t have regretted. Every moment she waited for him was special to her. At a distance she saw him running towards her. She was relucatant to reveal her identity so she held the lantern well below her face. He came closer and closer. Finally, she decided to show who she was and lifted the lantern slowly up. He came to her and said looking at the lantern
“Hey lantern! You are such a disturbance. Please let me kiss my beautiful wife.”
The lantern in turn said “I showed you the way that made you reach your wife. You are very loyal! Wonderful.”
“Come on! You have done your job perfectly. Now don’t disturb us.” He put off the lantern and kissed her.

            Her sleep was disturbed. She wasn’t asleep anymore but she refused to open her eyes. She had no mood to dissolve the dreams completely. She brought back every second of it to her mind over and over again. She smiled to herself. She opened her eyes and found him looking at her. She still wasn’t sure if she was out of the dream. She was not bothered in researching on it.

            Sanjay had no mood to take off his eyes from her. He did not realize that she was also awake and looking at him. He was also confused between reality and dream. He was as least bothered as Kavya. They kept looking into eachother’s eyes till they feel asleep again, without their knowledge. Again in the dream they saw nothing but eachother’s face.

            The next day dawned. Kavya got up as the alarm rang at 4am. She brushed and took bath. She had washed her hair and hence had covered her hair with a towel. She went out locking the house to get the necessities to cook. She went near Sanjay’s bed to wake him up.
“Sanjay, it’s time. Please wake up.” She shook his shoulders.
After a lot of attempts. He got up and vanished inside the bathroom. He came back to the hall in fifteen minutes with a towel around his neck.
“Good morning. Here’s your coffee.” She placed the coffee on the tea table in front of the hall sofa. He sat down on the sofa and said
“Thanks. You took bath so soon? Very active.” He switched on the T.V. as he sipped his coffee.
She went inside the bed room (Sanjay’s room newly turned into a bedroom.). She came out with a bulky book. She banged it on the table. She picked up the remote and switched off the T.V. Without uttering a word she went into te kitchen.
“Ok. I will prepare for GATE. I have no idea who is going to pay the fees. I will still study.” Sanjay screamed.
“I am not dead. I am not jobless. I am not paid less.” She screamed back.
He understood what she meant. He knew that if he cracked the GATE and got into any institution it will be Kavya, HIS WIFE, paying him the fees. Maybe her salary will not be enough but he trusted the financial smartness of his wife. He was sure she would somehow manage, his wife would manage.
An hour passed.
“Where is your bag?” she asked as she injected her lunch box into her bag.
“Here.” He pointed out his bag to her as he still had his eyes glued to the book.
She kept his lunch box inside and said
“I cook well but been long since I cooked. Please adjust if something is missing.”
“Don’t worry. I m sure it will be better than our office cafeteria.” He said and closed the book.
She removed the towel on her head and tried drying the hair by swinging it. Few droplets of water that were hanging at the tips of her hair reached his face. He felt love. He enjoyed every drop of it. The fragrance of her hair disturbed him like he was a vampire. 

“I guess you are ready. Give me ten minutes, I will bath and get dressed. We can leave home at 6:20.” He said and left to take bath.
She brought a white sheet, sketches, glue and an old daily sheet calender. She plucked the date sheets from the calender and pasted the white sheet over it. She wrote

‘SAN Tuition Center
All Subjects. All classes.
Reduced cost.
Dedicated teacher.
“Whats that?” Sanjay came out as she completed that. She showed him the board.
“What’s SAN?”
“Tube light” she picked the lock and the key.
He knew what it was. He just wanted her to say his name once. He kept asking ‘What’s SAN?’ as they decended down the stairs. She did not open her mouth. She hung the board in the gate of the building and waited for him to bring his bike outside the parking area. The moment she sat behind him in the bike she said
“SAN for Sanjay.”
He pulled her right hand and put it on his right shoulder. She was sitting facing one side in the bike.
“Hold me or you’ll fall.” Sanjay said.
I am already fallen’ she said to herself and smiled.
He saw her smiling through the rear view mirror. He knew what would have made her smile. He smiled too. On the way to the office they looked at eachother alternately through the rear-view mirror. It was a beautiful, love filled bike drive.
He dropped her a street away from the office building.
“Sorry. I can’t take you further in bike. It might raise questions. If my friends find out that I got married and hid it from them for so long, they wont talk to me anymore.” Sanjay said.
“I completely understand. Thanks for the drive.” She walked ahead as she said that.
Sanjay looked at her walking ahead. After a few seconds, when she was a few meters away, he realized he had to go to office too. He came back to reality. He kick-started his bike and went past her. He looked at her in the rear-view mirror as long as he could. They reached the office; first Sanjay then Kavya. 

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