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Chapter 9:Adopting a baby

            That was the first day at office after the dance performance. People started teasing Kavya and Sanjay without knowing that they were couple already. Kavya blushed each time she was teased with her husband’s name. Sanjay enjoyed it too but did not show it out. There were few moments of faster heart beats due to eye contact that was established. Kavya saw his image drawn with the ink of darkness, every time she blinked. She was completely disturbed with every action of his. Her heart stopped pumping everytime he crossed her. His lungs pulled in too much oxygen when she was around. There was a beautiful romance that screamed in the silence that prevailed between them. They were far apart in the real geography but never unlocked their hands in the day-dreams.
            Every time she saw his hands she would be tempted to hold it tight. Everytime he saw her legs he imagined a scene from his future.

Sanjay’s imagination of a day in the future:
“What is this Kavya? Look at your feet. I used to admire it so much before. Now you don’t even cut the nails and paint it. Bad.” Sanjay said as he searched for something.
“What are you searching for Sanjay?” Kavya stood up from the rich, sophesticated white sofa with a hand in her ballon like stomach. She was pregnant.
 “Wait a minute.” He went into their bedroom that was as big as a playground. It had a big, costly bed, fancy wall paints and curtains. He came back to the hall with her pedicure kit that had cotton, nail polishes, thinners, trimmer and a nail cutter.

He brought a tub of hot water and made her immerse her leg into it. He played music in the music system and started rubbing her feet with brushes to remove dead cells. He removed the old remains of nail polish that still remained and applied new one after trimming the nails.
“See now it’s perfect.” Sanjay said and laughed. “You can’t look at it with our kid in your belly.”
She tried bending down to him with great effort. He understood it and leaned forward to make her job easier. She kissed on his forehead and said “I love you Sanjay.”
“Sanjay, I need to ask you something.”
“What is it sweetheart?” Sanjay said as he sat next to her with his arm around her.
She turned to him and asked with a serious tone
“Right from childhood, I have always wanted to have one kid on my own and a kid adopted. I want to adopt a baby girl who is physically challenged. Is it.....alright? Only if you are ok with it.”
“What? Are you serious? I wanted to ask you the same. I decided this long back.” Sanjay said.
“Really? I just can’t beleive.”
“Mark today in your calender. Next year, this day, we will have 2 kids with us.” Sanjay said.

It is very rare for two people of opposite sex who share such a complicated dream; that too two people who are eligible to be each other's spouse. Made for each other kind. Though it happened in Sanjay's dream the reality is the same. Kavya and sanjay shared the dream of adopting a kid and having one on their own.

“What the hell have you typed? You are from quality assurance team and you are not writing a quality document. How are you going to satisfy the customer?” the technical head shouted banging Sanjay’s table. He had been staring at the screen for a long time, lost in his day dreams.

The day at office ended. Sanjay waited at the same spot where he had dropped her in the morning. He saw her walking towards him from a distance. He kept looking at her. As she walked closer, he looked away. His ego did not allow him to let her know that he is in love with her. Maybe he wanted her to fall at his feet and beg for his love; maybe he was waiting for it to happen naturally. They drove back home.

Kavya went into the tuition room with the new students she had got. He spent the evening studying for the GATE exam. Later in the night they sat together and ate her cooking. She washed clothes, did the dishes, cleaned the house. She looked tired when she came to bed when he was already in his bed with his ear phones plugged into his ears. He knew she was very tired.
“What happened? Are you feeling tired?” Sanjay asked concernedly.
“Head ache.”
Sanjay got up and switched on the tube light. He opened his cupboard and picked up a ‘Amirthanjan’ (pain releaving head ache balm).
“Lie down.” He made her lie down and rubbed the balm over her fore head. He massaged her head till she fell asleep. Then he spent few minutes massaging her leg. She was fast asleep to realize this. He fell asleep at her foot without his knowledge; with his hands still in her foot. She woke up in the middle of the night and was surprised to see him sleeping sitting at her foot. His hands were in obvious position that made her realized that he had given her a massage. She slowly took his hands off her feet without disturbing his sleep. She pulled her pillow, lifted his head and placed the pillow beneath his head. She went to his bed and slept off.

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  1. Adopting a baby...That is really good. Socially conscious!!! Good story...Waiting for the next one!

  2. there is a small spelling mistake in 5th line, in the word "darkness"
    just thought to help u !! :)
    and a good social concern- adopting a baby that too physically challenged child ... thought provoking !!

  3. BTW, I wanted to ask. Are you reading The Twilight Saga now?

  4. Ah! adoption. adopting a baby... all these remind me of a conversation... *dreaming* ;-) gud 1 gal... :)

  5. @prbha-thanks a lot rey. changed :) Nothing like thought provoking. It isn't something big. :)
    @sowmya- no sweety.
    @r_phoenic- oh cool. so u ve had conversations like this with people :) Thanks a lot :)

  6. This comment is being typed 5 mins later than intended because i was gasping after reading the lines ' Kavya saw his image drawn with the ink of darkness, every time she blinked. She was completely disturbed with every action of his. Her heart stopped pumping everytime he crossed her. His lungs pulled in too much oxygen when she was around. 'And i was such a fool to think these lines would be the best of the chapter, but the best came in the para jus after the dream sequence!!! Agreed this is the best chapter yet!!!

  7. @arun-thanks for the super big comment :) I love this chapter the best too :) Here is where the couple is found to be made for each other :)


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