Friday, December 16, 2011


It was a December afternoon. Kavya was fast asleep in her bed. The bedroom was quite large and had a shelf in all the four corners of the room. All the shelves were filled with huge stuff toys, yellow, pink, white, blue; teddy, popeye, dog, cat and what not. The bed cover, the blanket, the pillow covers everything was in pink and matched Kavya’s stretchlon nighty. She was lying tilted to her right. The walls were decorated with framed photos of moments from her life and a few other framed photos of cute kids. Kavya loved kids just like any other girl.

            The white phone, that was placed on a beautifully designed, small bed-side table, rang. The telephone ringtone woke her up. Though the ring crossed a count of five she did not rush up. With a lot of strain, she slowly got up and attended the call.

“Hi baby! I will pick mom and aunt from the airport and reach home in half an hour. You will be able to manage till then right?” a male voice asked from the other side.
“Yes, I will manage. Dont worry at all.” Kavya replied.
“We will have coffee outside. I will come and make coffee for you. You please dont strain. Take rest. I will come as soon as possible.” ,he said.
“Alright. Dont rash drive.” She said and hung the reciever.

Kavya caressed her balloon like stomach and said “Appa will be back home soon. Both your grandmas are coming to see you. Aren’t you happy?” . A second later she had tears in her eyes and smiled; the baby had kicked her stomach from inside.
“You are able to hear mom now? Really? My baby is listening to me!” she was excited.

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  1. A good prologue for an even good story I hope! Good luck GB! And the last part reminds me of Breaking Dawn, wherein Bella caresses her tummy:) Good one!!!

  2. @sowmya- even I got reminded of bella when i wrote it. But i assure u that its not a vampire baby :P

  3. hey....waiting for start...
    U Jus made me curious after reading prolouge...publish it fast...;)
    Already i started thinking wht will be d story xactly....:)

  4. @jyoti- will start typing the 1st chapter in 15 mins... thanks for reading and encouraging :)


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