Monday, January 2, 2012

Chapter 13: Megha's Coffee Invite

A week grew in the calender and so did their love. The couple enjoyed each minute of it, each second, each nano second. The moments when they expressed love secretly in office will be etched in their memories even after the seven births.  Though they were a lot of steps apart, crowded by people around, they spoke to each other without words. Every sentence they spoke had an inner meaning that got communicated to each other. Though they spoke to other people, their focuses were always on each other. She heard everything in his voice, every face she saw was his, every smile reminded her of his cute smile. Every second that passed brought back memories of the beautiful new year eve they had spent.

A day at the office. Sanjay walked past her a hundred times, a day. Every time he crossed her she smiled to herself. They communicated the vaccuum, they felt the corbon di oxide exhaled by each other.
“Sanjay.” Megha called him. Kavya was very curious to know what Megha speaks to him every time she calls him. Women are possessive and so was Kavya.

“Today I have not brought my vehicle. It’s raining cats and dogs. Can you drop me home? You can drop in for the coffee you had promised to drink long back.” Megha tapped his shoulder.
Kavya heard this. She hated to see a girl talking about “COFFEE” to her husband. But she did not react, she couldn’t react.
“No Megha, actually..” Sanjay tried avoiding it.
“No way. You are dropping me home. What works do you have at home?” Megha kept talking.
Sanjay was in an embarrassing situation. He looked at Kavya with helpless eyes. He did not know how to avoid Megha. He did not know how to react to the coffee plans when he knows well that his wife considers coffee as a symbol of love. Moreover if he went along with Megha, Kavya will have to travel alone in the rain.
Kavya politely nodded ad blinked her eyes. She gave him a forceful smile. He eyes told him ‘It’s ok. I will manage.’
He agreed to Megha’s plan and went back to his cubicle. He messaged Kavya
“Do you have an umbrella?”
“No” Kavya messaged back.
“How will you go?”
“I will manage honey. Don’t worry at all.” Kavya replied.
“Wait in the office. I will drop her and come back.”
“Not needed. I will manage.” Kavya messaged.
The minute Sanjay saw this message he walked up to Kavya when there were not many in the cafeteria.
“I’m sorry Kavya...” He started to explain.
She interrupted “I am your wife Sanjay. I understand you better than anyone else in the world. Go ahead. I can manage on my own.”
“You don’t have to. I will tell her that we are married. I will tell her that I need to safely take my wife back  home.”
“Don’t be stupid Sanjay. It’s ok. I will go by auto to the bus stop.”
“Ok. I’m sorry.” Sanjay’s face dropped.
“Cof..” before she could start with that word he interrupted. “No coffee. I will have tea with her.”
“But you hate tea right?”
“A sip of coffee and a sip of love only with my wife. Promise.” He said pinching his neck.
“Ok. Bye.” She stood up and walked past him.

            In the evening, sanjay brought his bike out. It was raining heavily. Kavya was waiting for an auto under the parking area shelter. Megha was readily waiting for the ride with Sanjay in the rain. Megha and Kavya were in the opposite side of the pathway to the gate. Sanjay’s bike was between the two. Megha walked to the bike and sat behind Sanjay. Sanjay looked at Kavya with ‘I’m evil. Forgive me please’ look. Kavya still gestured ‘OK’.

            Kavya took an auto and went back home. She did not receive any text from Sanjay till 8pm. She did not want to call and embarrass him when he is with another girl. Moreover she wanted to deligently ignore the thought of her husband being seen with love-filled eyes by another woman. She waited and waited. There was no contact till 8pm. 

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  1. where der is love...der is jealousy too...n it brings d lovers even closer...:)
    Story gng really gr8...:)
    <3ing it...:)

  2. @jyo- very true! thanks for the comment :)

  3. Mega-serial suspense maari ila aagidichu namma luv stry...looooooooool...sounds gud gb..keep rockin :D

  4. “A sip of coffee and a sip of love only with my wife. Promise.”... Superb...


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