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Till 8pm there was no calls or messages from Sanjay. Kavya was tensed. She left a hundred message but none of it got delivered to his mobile. She called his mobile and it was not reachable. She walked to the balcony too often. She looked into the mobile every second possible. Her eyes longed to see the delivery status for the message. Her phone blinked and there was a text message. She hurriedly clicked the message and it was from ‘Geeth’. She wasn’t interested in reading any messages other than Sanjay’s. But before she could close the message, the word ‘Sanjay’ caught her eyes. The message read

Our batch mate Sanjay has met with an accident...” Her heart stopped beating right there. She couldn’t read further. She cried out aloud. She lost herself for the next two minutes, crying. She kept saying ‘Sanjay’. Then she gathered up all the courage she had and read further
...He needs A1+ve blood. He is admitted in GH. If you can donate blood please rush to the hospital immediately.”

She locked the house. She did not think of anything else other than meeting him. Tears flooded out her eyes. Her heart melt and flowed through her eyes as tears.  She came out of the house and called Geeth.
“Geeth. What happened to Sanjay?” tone made it obvious that she was crying.
“What’s wrong with you Kavya? Are you crying?”
She suddenly realized that her marriage with Sanjay was still a secret to the outside world. She was not in a position to decide on whether to disclose it or not. She wanted to know if Sanjay was ok with it. She wiped her tears and relaxed herself. She tried her best to sound like she was not much bthered.
“No no. Do I sound like I am crying? Cold ya. Ok whats with this Sanjay? I am A1+ve only.”
“Then rush to GH. He went to drop Megha while returning back his bike skid. He has broken his leg and hurt his head. Nothing to worry actually.”
“Ok. Bye” Kavya cut the line. She was already on her way to GH.

She reached GH and saw Usha, Priya, Nakul and Megha standing in the reception. She wiped her eyes, breathed out twice, tried to look casual.
“Hi Megha. My blood group is A1+ve.”
Megha did not wait a second after that. She picked Kavya’s hand and dragged her to the doctor. Kavya was dying to see Sanjay but she was taken to the doctor’s room. Finally, she was taken to a room where Sanjay was lying. She controlled her emotions. She felt like running to him and crying aloud sitting next to him. She felt like holding his hands. She felt like hurting herself to experience the pain he was experiencing. She could do nothing but just lie in the bed beside his. Neddle was injected and the blood was taken out of her veins.
            She did not take her eyes of him when the blood got transfered. Tears rolled down her cheek to the bed. The blood extraction was over and the nurse gave her a cotten to ceil the hole the needle pricked. She waited for the nurse to go out. She immediately ran to Sanjay and held his hand. She sat down next to him and cried a little aloud. She pushed back the hair on his fourhead and kissed him there. She kept her palm on his chest and felt his heart beat. Only then her heart regained life. She heard someone coming into the room. She immediately went back to the other bed and wiped her tears. It was the nurse. The few seconds of holding his hands was enough for her, for then. The nurse asked her to leave the room.

“Thanks a lot Kavya” Sanjay’s friends gathered around her. Silence prevailed for sometime.
“You can leave. We will take care of Sanjay. Thanks for the help.” Megha insisted that Kavya left.
Kavya couldn’t talk a word against it. She left the place and hid herself at a distance. She looked at every happening from a distance. She asked the nurse to know the status of the treatment given. She did not go home. She stayed in the hospital hiding herself. She did not miss even a single chance of looking at Sanjay that day.

The next day dawned. She had slept in a chair the previous night unknowingly. She called up and informed leave. Sanjay’s friends had to go to office. Only Nakul stayed back. She still couldn’t go anywhere close to the room and demand visiting her husband. She was dying within. She did not want their family to know about the accident. She wanted someone to cry to. She wanted someone to hug her and say that things will settle soon. She wanted to be with her husband. She wanted to shout to the world that she was married to him and if there was someone who should cry it was her. She looked at Sanjay from a distance, whenever Nakul went out for coffee and loo.  
Just like the other times Kavya went to see Sanjay from a distance. Nakul had gone out for tea. She went into the room as she thought it will take time for him to come. She sat near Sanjay and spoke to the sleeping him
Why can’t you tell the world that I am your wife? I don’t even have the right to cry out loud now. I can’t sit beside my husband when he is in pain. Why did you do this to me, Sanjay?”

She took a towel and wetted it in warm water. She wiped his face and hands. She cleaned his foot. She removed his shirt and gave him a small towel bath. She dressed him up with the same shirt and went out of the room. Sanjay was given drug and hence did not realize any of the happenings around. Nakul came in and assumed the bathing to be done by the nurse. An hour passed. Sanjay woke up.

“Where is my mobile phone?” Sanjay mermered.
“Its in bits and peices. Arey! Look at you. You have broken a leg and all you are bothered about is the mobile phone. Bad man, bad.” Nakul said.
“I need to talk to Kavya. Give me your mobile. Does she know about the accident?” Sanjay asked.
“What Kavya? Who Kavya?”
“Give me your damn phone man.” Sanjay was already in pain. The thought of his wife not knowing about the accident bothered him even more. He was sure that she will be worrying. He knew that she would have got the  news but how will she come and meet him? He had asked her not reveal about the marriage to anyone till he does. The state of his wife pained him more than the broken leg.
Nakul held out his phone and Sanjay dialed her number. Kavya’s phone rang.
“Hello” Kavya answered the call.
“Kavya.” He said with a lot of pain painted in his voice.
The moment she heard his voice she recognized it. She was waiting to hear to it. She rushed to his room.
“Where are you Kavya?” Sanjay asked.
“Right in front of your room.”
“What are you waiting for?” he shouted in pain.
She heard his pained voice and couldn’t resist standing out.She pushed the door open and came in. She came close to him. He held her hand. She sat next to him and cried aloud. Nakul had no idea what was happening.

Will they reveal the secret to Nakul or is it already revealed? Will they tell it to other's too? Is Megha in love with Sanjay? 

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  1. cmon dont make us wait at this point !!
    upload asap the next chapter !!

  2. superb...really intresting..wen can get the continuation..

  3. @prbhas-Thanks a lot. Will upload tmrw :)
    @karthik- Thanks a lot :) tmrw :)

  4. hmm..d pain...arghh...its so hard for kavya..!
    M luving d way story is turning into...
    Liked d photo also...:)
    N its so hard to wait whole 24 hrs for next chapter...:p

  5. @jyo- thanks a lot :) Photo google image :) the prob is i have office :( else i can upload 3 chapters a day also :( I miss those days when i was not working :)

    @manmay-thanks :)

  6. Well handled but not good to have this kinda ending with suspense hangin around wen u r unable 2 upload chapters everyday... ;)

  7. Also,

    GB- oru mega serial director in the making... :-D lol...


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