Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chapter 15:"She is my WIFE"

She kept crying for the next few minutes. The world other than the two of them, did not exist to them at all. All they knew was the pain they had gone through for the past three days. Suddenly Kavya realized that Nakul was standing near them. Everything came through her mind, ‘let us not tell my friends’, ‘they will hate me for this’; everything, everything. She turned and looked at him. She stood up in a jiffy. She tried her best to release her hand from his grip. He understood what went through her mind that very moment she turned to Nakul. He tightened the grip. He did not let her go.

“If I don’t reveal it now life will become meaningless Kavya. Let him know. He is my best friend, he deserves to know.” Sanjay said as he removed his oxygen mask.
“No Sanjay. Leave me. I have to go.” Kavya mermered.
“What’s happening Sanjay?” Nakul asked.
“Nothing Nakul. I got a little emotional. He is our friend right? Thats why.” Kavya said, still trying to ungrip her hand from his.

“Nakul, she is my wife. We got married five years back. I love her and she means life to me.” Sanjay said and looked at Kavya. “ I love you Kavya. Stop crying. I want you to remain happy always.”
She did not oppose that or try denying that for Nakul’s sake. She always wanted to do everything his way. When he didn’t want to disclose, she did not disclose. Now he wanted to and she was ok with that too.
“What are you saying Sanjay? Is she, SHE  your WIFE?” Nakul exclaimed.
“Sit down Kavya. I have made you cry enough. I don’t want you to cry anymore.” She refused to sit. He pulled her down and said “Sit down now. Let me tell it out. You too sit down Nakul.” Sanjay gestured and Nakul sat down in the chair nearby.
“This is my wife. We are family friends. We were married to eachother as soon as we completed out schooling. I did not like getting married so early in life and hence I hated it. But I had never hated Kavya. I loved her right from childhood. Till recently I did not show her my love. I wanted to prove my dad wrong. Bloody ego.” Sanjay said and wiped Kavya’s tears. “I wont let you cry ever again.”

“Why did you hide it from us, Sanjay? Forget that now. What have you done to her. She is your wife and she did not get to see you at all. Look at her. She looks pathetic. You are an idiot.” Nakul said and came near Kavya “Did you eat soemthing from morning, SISTER?” Nakul called her sister, which was not a bit surprising. A guy always considers a friend’s girl friend, as his sister. Kavya just shook her head gesturing a big no.
“Come with me.” he picked her other hand and pulled it. Sanjay looked at Nakul.
 “Sanju, I will take sister out, make her eat and bring her back. Dont worry your wife will be safe.” Nakul said to Sanjay.
Sanjay said ‘Thanks’ to Nakul and said “Go with him, eat and come back Kavya.”
She refused but the two forced her. They started walking away from the room. Suddenly Nakul turned to Sanjay and said
“Don’t worry. I wont disclose the secret to anyone till you are ok with it.” He walked out with Kavya.
They went to a nearby hotel. They sat in a table, opposite to eachother.
“Go, wash your face and come, sister. You look terrible. Did you sleep?” Nakul asked.
She gestured a big no again.
“First wash your face and come.”
She went to the wash room. The moment water splased on her face she felt like finding water in a desert. She did not look into the mirror. She came back without even wiping her face, water dripping from her chin.
Nakul pulled out his hand-kerchief and held in air. She first refused but later got it after he gestured that it was ok. She wiped her face. She did not speak a word. She did not look up.
“I have ordered meals for you. Is it ok or do you want something else?” Nakul asked looking into the menu card.
She noded.
She did not open her mouth other than to eat the food. Even to eat she opened her mouth reluctantly. He forced her to eat the dishes one by one.
“Eat the potato sabji.”
“Pour little more Sambar”
“I will serve a little more rice. You have not ate properly in three days in a row.”
“Eat the papad.”
Nakul did all the talking.
After she ate she went to the wash room to wash her hands. He waited for her to come back. Once she came back he went to wash his hands. He came back and paid the bill. Before they could leave he said
“Don’t worry sister. I will take care of my friend, your husband, Mr.Sanjay. Now I will drop you home. Take some rest, take bath and call me. I will pick you up and drop you in the hospital. Now don’t refuse. You need some sleep. Trust me, your husband will be fine with me.” Nakul said.
“But how can I stay with him in the hospital. Fri....en...dss....” she was worried again.
“What am I there for?” he smiled.
He dropped her at her place and went back to the hospital. 

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  1. Good one! But I want some villain in the story GB! All those people seem good!

  2. i agree wid sowmya...:)
    Finally sanjay confessed...yey...

  3. Good... i liked the simple positioning of the "ego" which conveys a lot 2 the readers and makes them think on their own about the rest. ;)


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