Friday, January 13, 2012

Finale: Love said and done

Nakul picked up Kavya after two hours and dropped her at the hospital. Kavya and Nakul came to Sanjay’s room. The room was filled with Sanjay’s friends. So Kavya backed off. She waited in the lobby till his friends left. Nakul made sure that they left the room early. Sanjay was still in little pain and was sleepy throughout due to the tablets he had taken to kill pain. After few minutes Nakul brought Kavya to the room. Nakul left. Kavya spent the entire night taking care of him. She fed him with idli. She wiped his mouth with her dupatta. She read out a book for him and put him to sleep. She did not sleep even for a minute.

The next day dawned. Sanjay was discharged from the hospital. Nakul informed leave for the couple. People already had suspicions as they hadn’t come to office together for four days in a row. Sanjay and Kavya came back home. Kavya supported Sanjay to walk up the stairs. She put his arms around her shoulder and made him walk. It was like a mom teaching her son to walk the first time. She was mom to him now. She opened the door with great difficulty; She had a bag in one hand Sanjay over her shoulders. He helped her to open the door. She made him lie down on the couch. She hurried to the kitchen and came back with a coffee mug. He drank the coffee. She again helped him reach the bed. She made him lie down. He asked her to get freshened up and eat something. She took bath and cooked.

She brought a bowl of rice with her. She fed him and he fed her. They did not exchange a single word. When she went to wash her hands Sanjay made a call secretively. When she came back she heard him saying
“She is coming. I will call you later. Bye”
She came in. She could make out from his face that he was hiding something from her. She did not ask a word. She was too tired to worry about all these. The afternoon passed. Sanjay messaged someone quite often, secretively.

Kavya sat emotionless in her bed. She did nothing, she said nothing, she sat still. Sanjay spent the afternoon calling and messaging. She had gone through a mental torture for the past three days that she was thoroughly disturbed. It was 5 in the evening. The door bell rang. She went to see who it was. She looked into the peephole of the door. It was Sanjay’s friends. Sanjay can’t come and open the door as he can’t walk. Now she must open the door. But if she opens people will find out things. She didn’t know what to do. She opened the door and ran into the other room.

Megha, Usha, Nakul, Geeth and all the others came in. Every friend of Sanjay was there in the house. They went to Sanjay’s room. Sanjay welcomed them all. Sanjay called Nakul close and wispered soemthing in his ears. Nakul went out of the room. Everyone asked Sanjay how he was. General talks were going on. Nakul went to the other room and knocked the door hard. Kavya did not respond. She was sweating in tension already. She started crying. She had no idea what to do. She had left her mobile in the other room so she can’t even ask Sanjay what should be done. Nakul kept banging the door. Nakul said “Kavya come out now.”

Kavya slowly opened the door. Nakul picked her hand and dragged her to the other room. Friends were surprised to see Kavya in Sanjay’s house. Sanjay called out Kavya and asked her to come near. She first refused but Nakul forced her to go near Sanjay.

 Silence prevailed for few seconds. People were shocked. Sanjay broked the silence saying
“Friends. I asked you all to come home to introduce you all to the best person of my life or you can call that person my life itself.” He put his arms around her and said “I love her. She is my wife.”
Kavya had tears in her eyes. She didn’t expect him to say this to everyone. She knew this will bring up problems. Silence prevailed for few seconds.
“Why did you hide it from us?” Megha asked.
“When did this happen?” Priya asked.
“Wait. I will tell you the entire story.” Sanjay told them how it happened, when they got married and when they fell in love. Kavya, still, didn’t know what to speak. She did not even smile.
Sanjay finally said “I love her.” And that is when she regained life and came back to planet earth.
“You don’t have to hide it anymore Kavya. I love you and everyone knows it now. You are my wife. I am your husband.” Sanjay said looking into her eyes. She smiled. She hadn’t smiled in a long time.
Kavya said “I love you too Sanjay.” He kissed her on her forehead. Nakul started clapping and everyone joined him. Everyone congratulated them.

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  1. i didnt expect u ll finish it too soon :( !!
    waiting for the epilogue !!
    let that be too lengthy !!!!! :) ;)

    1. Thanks for the cmment :) din want to drag the story..thats why :)

  2. hmmm...story had to end as they wer already in luv with each other...
    Much improved story from all d previous ones...

  3. story ended so soon... :( but a perfect ending as well :)


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