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The door bell rang. Kavya reached the door after struggling a lot with her balloon like tummy. The moment she opened the door she felt a strange pain in her hip and tummy.

“What happened Kavya?” Sanjay understood the pain his wife was going through even without her telling him. She remained silent. Kavya’s mom and Sanjay’s mom came in and saw her in pain. Sanjay called her doctor and informed the doc that they will reach in 15 minutes. He carried her to the car and drove them to hospital. Doctor confirmed that it was pregnancy pain. Everyone waited outside the room. Friends had come, the two dads were informed and they were to come. Suddenly Sanjay was found missing. People tried to reach his mobile but he did not pick up. Everyone was tensed and worried.

An hour passed. Doctor came out of the room and said it was a boy baby. They were all asked to wait in the waiting room before they could see the baby. After few minutes Sanjay came in along with a nurse. Sanjay had a baby in his hand and the nurse had one. Everyone rushed to see the two babies.
“Twins?” Sanjay’s mom asked.
“They don’t look any similar.” Kavya’s step mom said.
“Which is your baby Sanjay?” Sanjay’s dad asked.
Kavya’s dad checked for the genders of the baby and said “This is my grandson” and pointed to the baby in the nurse’s hand.
Sanjay said “Both are our kids. This is your grand daughter and that is your grandson.”
“What are you talking ji?” Kavya’s mom asked Sanjay.
“What are you syaing Sanjay? Be clear” Megha asked.
“Sir, Kavya is awake now. She wants to see her baby.” A nurse came and informed.
All of them went in with the two babies. Sanjay stood with the baby while the nurse placed the boy baby in the craddle. Kavya called the nurse and spoke something in her ears. In few minutes another craddle was placed close to the bed in which the girl baby was placed. Everyone kept asking the couple innumerable questions. They were not bothered. The couple admired the two kids.
“Will you tell us whats going on?” Sanjay’s mom yelled.
Sanjay told them what had happened few months back.

A day from the past:
Sanjay and Kavya were reading newspaper sitting on the couch. The television was on. Kavya suddenly closed the paper and threw it on the tea table. She caressed her tummy and said “I feel something inside Sanjay.”
“Fifth month.It must be my son doing the favor to your tummy.” Sanjay said.
“Son? How are you sure?”
“Something tells me its my son. We are anyway adopting out daughter after two years right?” Sanjay asked.
Kavya did not look up for few minutes. Silence prevailed. She kept caressing her tummy. Suddenly she looked up.
“Sanjay can we adopt a baby now itself. Can’t we have both the kids on the day of delivery?”
“Why do you want to do that?” Sanjay asked.
“See Sanjay, I am on meternity leave for the next 3 months. I will take good care of my son. But when I have a daughter I wont get the meternity leave.”
“Why not?”
“No company will let you take leave for adoption.” Kavya said.
“So what?”
“I don’t want any difference between the two kids. I want my daughter to enjoy all that my son enjoys. I will take good care of this baby because I am on leave but if we adopt after 2 years I wont be able to do the same for our girl.” Kavya said and rested her head on his shoulder.
“Love you dear.” Sanjay kissed her on her forehead.
After 3 months. Sanjay and Kavya found their daughter in one of the orphanages.
Back to the hospital
“What? Why didn’t you consult us?” the four parents questioned.
“We knew you wont agree. You accept it or not, these are our kids.” Sanjay said with a firm voice.
Their parents left the place. Their friends congratulated them for the two kids. They played with both.
“Why is she not crying at all?” Megha asked as she tried playing with the girl baby.
“She doesn’t respond to us also.” Nakul said worriedly.
“She can’t talk or hear. Deaf and dumb by birth.” Kavya said.
“But why?” Usha asked Kavya.
“Why not? She is our kid. I will talk for her and Sanjay will hear for her throughout her life. She is our baby.” Kavya said and looked at Sanjay.
“What have you planned to name them?” Priya asked.
“Jeniffer and Mohammed” Sanjay said.
“Jennifer and Mohammed, the kids of Sanjay and Kavya?” Megha asked.
“Why not? We are all humans and name has nothing to do with religion.” Sanjay said and smiled. 

After few months the grandparents accepted both the kids. Kavya and Sanjay were the best parents on planet earth. The four made the best family. Sanjay and Kavya were best friends to Mohammed and Jennifer. 

        The End

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  1. loved the epilogue :)
    awsme work gb :)
    hats off to the idea of adopting a deaf and dumb kid :)

  2. Two thumbs up for you. The Epilogue: Once Upon A Time In Love is such a lovely one. Yeah, rally it's once upon a time in love. The titles speaks for the whole thing. I love it :-)Mia Loveless

  3. I felt so happy everytime the story that I am reading has a happy ending. It's so nice to know that after few months the grandparents accepted both the kids. Kavya and Sanjay were the best parents on planet earth. Thanks for sharing this post Mia Loveless

  4. I will keep visiting again for sure, for another happy ending Epilogue. Hope you will have soon, soon, soon..... Mia Loveless

  5. I have a doubt. In line 4, you have mentioned Kavya’s mom and Sanjay’s mom !?!?!?!. In many of your chapters you have mentioned Kavya's mom has passed away. How could this be possibel??

    1. I ve made a mention that its Kavya's step mom :)

  6. I dont know words to tell about the story...

    1. Thanks a lot for all ur comments on each chapter of this story :)


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