Tuesday, January 12, 2016

“What are women not supposed to do?” This is a never ending list even today. In some households women are not even supposed to talk louder. In a few others women are not supposed to wear night suits or even salwars. The swine, including men and women, which dictates terms to women never think of ‘What if’s about their orders. ‘What if she wears salwar? What am I going to lose?’ or they don’t think about the most important ‘Who’ question- ‘Who am I to dictate?’

In the process of fitting in, we women pose restrictions to ourselves. We are scared of doing certain things that the society might question. We assume, in most cases, that the rule is logical and right.

Women post a lot on facebook compared to men. But how many women are bold enough to even voice their opinion on topics that might pull eye balls to their status, topics that the society considers not for women? When porn sites were banned the women, who post frequently about a lot of other stuffs, hesitated to post their opinion, why? Because they were scared of being judged.

But I know a woman, who is bold to do what the others might not dare to attempt. She is a standup comedian and has written a book that falls under soft erotica. She has a strong opinion about everything be it sex or porn ban and voices it out without any hesitation or fear.
At a bloggers meet a woman tapped me hard on my shoulder and said Sharada as she walked to the stage. Looking at how she performed the skit I understood she was boldness, beauty and creativity in a package. From then I had been her secret admirer on facebook.

We conversed a few times privately via messages and I love the way she reacts to issues. She is straight forward. A few days after our first conversation, I started noticing her flash fiction. Tiny Tales. I loved them all. I am a huge fan of Flash Fiction because a person needs to be amazing with words to write a flash fiction. She was amazing at all degrees. One other person, I know, whose flash fictions I am a fan of is Nanadhitha but let’s talk about her in a separate post.

            I was just a ‘Like’ fan of Sharada because I was just liking her posts on facebook. But I started respecting her when the reporter magazine issue happened. The cover page of the magazine had the back of women wearing leggings. We were all offended and she was offended too. She posted on facebook about it. But these days it’s common for people to post about things that offend them and voice against it on social media. I initially thought she was also doing the same. But the respect for her in me was born when she took it seriously and one step forward. She called the editor of the ‘Reporter Magazine’ and even met the guy. An article was published in response to her meet with the editor.

            Later I got an invite from her to attend her standup comedy show. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the event. But I got a chance to watch the video of it. I laughed so much that I dropped my smart phone on the ground. Such a simple topic and she was making jokes out of it.

Recently, she published a book, Make IT 2, which I hear is amazing. I am yet to read it only because I am a slow reader and have some diagnosed concentration problem when it comes to reading continuously. But I am sure I will read it soon.

You can read the blurb of her book and immediately click on the buy button here:

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