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                Few months passed. Santhosh did not tell Meera (Deepthi) that he was Deb. He removed all the photos of Deepthi from his room. He did not want them to disturb Deepthi again and again with old thoughts. Deepthi started writing her next book, but as a debut novel of Meera and not Deepthi. Santhosh worked on his next book too.

February 1st, 11:45. Santhosh’s mobile alarm rang. He got up and picked up a small parcel. He snail walked to Meera’s (Deepthi’s) room. He waited for a while and knocked the door. Meera (Deepthi), who was fast asleep, opened the door wiping her eyes. She welcomed him in with a yawn.
“Meera, I have something for you.” Santhosh told her as he sat opposite to her.
“What do you have at this late hours? Tell me soon Santhosh. I feel very sleepy.” Meera (Deepthi) said.
“Happy birthday Meera. Here is a small gift for you.” Santhosh brought his hand from behind. It had a small gift.
“Wow! Today is my birthday?” Meera (Deepthi) was excited.
“Opps! Sorry Meer...Deepthi. Really sorry.” He assumed that Meera’s birthday was hers too.
“No no. It’s ok. The name ‘Meera’ has not only given me a family but also a birthday to celebrate.” She got the gift and opened it with eager eyes.
To her surprise it was the book written by her love Deb. She jumped and ran around the room. After few minutes of flying, she asked him
(Eve: Why can’t you guys tell your love, straight?
Adam: At least we say it. You girls wait till we fall for you and say.
Eve: But we never say ‘No’ if we really love.
Adam: Ok, I love you.
Eve: No way. I hate you.
Adam: See I told you. Girls say what they want to do, but never do it.....Ok, if not Eve, let me call Ave, Avanthika.
Eve: What you have another girl friend? Is she prettier than me?
Adam: Girls can never tell their love if we don’t kindle their jealousy.)

“How did you manage to get it even before it got officially published?”
“Don’t bother about that. Read and enjoy. Bye. Happy birthday.” He said and he left.

It was no strain for her to read it in one night. The moment she completed reading the book she ran to his room. It was 7:30 in the morning. He was sure she would read it and come to him. His room was locked. She knew it was the day the book was getting published.  She was sure he will be waiting for her. She got ready and wore the best dress she had. She rushed to landmark. There was a huge crowd around Santhosh for getting his sign in his book. He was a famous writer.

She waited till everyone went. She hid herself behind books till she got the right moment to talk to him. Finally, he was free. She was very excited. It was her dream to propose him in an Author signing program. She went to him with the book he had given her the previous night.
“Autograph please.” She held the book with the cover open.
He looked up and it was her. He smiled wide and said “Sure”. The first page looked like this

 Just You, Me And A Secret
For my love

Will you marry me?
Only for you, Santhosh

The moment she saw those word she hugged him and they kissed each other.

(Eve: Will she look better than me? Slimmer? Taller? Fairer? In what way is she better than me?
Adam: Who, she?
Eve: Ave, that  Avanthika.
Adam: Oh, that’s the lead character of the previous series ’A Sip Of Love And A Sip Of Coffee’ this author wrote.
Eve: So you still love me?
Adam: Who else will I love? I love you.
Eve: I love you too.
Adam and Eve hugged and kissed each other.
Eve: Why the hell did you kiss me?
Adam: Why the hell did you allow me to?

Author: This fight will never end. Adam and Eve have their own opposite ways, but still they loved each other. )

Did you enjoy reading this series? Don’t you think I should know that I too had readers? Every Comment here will surely motivate me, if not at least put a wide smile on my face. Please let me know how you found the entire series. 

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  1. Awesome :) i loved reading it .. way to go GB :)) Good luck ;)

  2. Awesome series and good ending :)

  3. @sachin and Krish- thanks a lot for the comments throughout the series:) Those were very very encouraging and motivated me to write better :)

  4. Not from the beginning did i start commenting though and thank god i found this blog accidentally or i would have missed it. Thankfully i didn't.
    I enjoyed reading every chap of this series. Great one :)

    Regards :

  5. @manmay- Thanks a lot. You followed it throughout :) Thanks for tht too :)

    @sri-thanks ya :)

  6. awesome:) :) :)

  7. @sivaranjani and sowmya- thanks a lot :)

  8. excellent work :) :) u have changed a lot from the one u narrated us in the lab classes :P nice twists :P

  9. @banupriya- Thanks a lot da :) Ya all the changes after te one i narrated u guys were inclusions while typing :)
    Thanks for encouraging me when i narrated :) that made me type it down :)

  10. Dint deepthi get a doubt abt the photos in santhoshs room?? :O jus a doubt??

  11. BTW never expected so much twists da.. it was really good.. semaa.. engaayoo poitaa poo :)

  12. @harish-enna doubt da? Atha pathittu than she gets reminded of the past :)

  13. Super read! Just a few suggestions: Cut back a little on the paste front and copy back because sometimes it gets a little too confusing. See if it was a book it would've been okie coz u can go back and read but on blog it becomes a little pain. But the plot and the characters are super :) Keep writing my friend.

  14. @madouthere- thanks a lot for the suggestion. I will try to minimize the confusion, re work it and post it again :)

  15. Liked it :) one suggestion is.. why not setup a seperate blog for each blog book? If people want to come back and read, they needn't search for it in here :)

  16. @jayashree-thanks :) and about sep blogs- it ll bcom diff to manage. i ve a tab in the right side taking ppl to the first chapter straight without searching :)

  17. Nice read.Interesting one!


  18. Great work gb.. :)... Really good... Continue writing... U'll definitely make it great if you do publishing material... :) :)

  19. Thanks a lot Varshika :) :) thats very encouraging :)

  20. Superb story gb.. :) :) :) :) :)

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  22. nice story :) Enjoyed reading it !!! :) nice work GB!!! Keep going ...

  23. It was just awesome...:) every tym I thought this should be it...u say no :) n give me a new s just mind blowing..way to go n al d best author..:)

  24. I dint comment al d pages coz I was sooo curious to knowwat happens next n I luv Adam n eve...such sweet conv :) gr8 job..

  25. Yes let me speak at length. First,since the story was converged to a short tale, I noticed certain people mentioning about too much twists and turns.The reason as you might know is probably because they had experienced a gamut of emotions in a short burst. Second,though the flow was seamless,there was one techincal glitch that was apparent to be spotted out. With reference to chapter 12,


    Few minutes of silence passed. Santhosh pulled up his strength and said again with a huge cry “She is noooooo more.”
    “No. No. No. She is not dead, she is not dead.” Meera yelled at him.
    “She boarded the same flight you boarded Meera. She died in the accident. She is an orphan Meera, from Anbu Annai Illam. She was a writer. She was going to come here for an author signing program. That was the first time I was going to meet her in person. I loved her from a distance. She is gone. She is” he died from within.
    “No. She is not dead.” Meera held her head and sat down. She cried from the deepest inside of her.

    Third,There was nothing meera knew about Ahsruth except that he was a doctor.So as a girl,you yourself know she might not fall easily for anyone with Ashruth being no exception.
    Fourth,Deepthi (Meera according to San) should have been perplexed as to how come Santhosh knew that he she hailed from Annai illam,and that she had come for an author signing program. Deepthi would have easily identified that Santhosh was Deb.
    Fifth,when the news over the accident broke and was conveyed to Santhosh who was already in a spate of misery, the emotions were a little bit belittled and that something was felt missing.
    Last but not the least,after Ashruth revealed the entire truth,San should have beamed up in Joy ,in boundless happiness atleast from Inside which wasn't showcased :(
    Anyways GB these are just my opinion and you can always correct me if am wrong at some places. I hope you would incorporate these in your future stories and enthrall the readers.

    With Regards,

  26. @rini- Thanks a lot... thats what i wanted, the readers guessing and me taking a new path :) im happy that u let me know that i achieved what i wanted :) My new series named "Relationship Status: It's Complicated" is up. Do check out :)

  27. @deepak- Thanks a lot for so many suggestions. This will surely help me with upcoming stories.

    1. Technical glitch- i did not understand which one u referred to.

    3. Meera knew something about Ashruth and Ashruth has saved her life in a very clever way. If u had read that suicide part. a guy who saves a girl's life will surely be her hero for the rest of her life.

    4. Can u make the question little more clear. Actually if what u meant was tht it was obvious that san was deb, it was not. Many readers themselves didn't find :) maybe u were too smart. :)

    5. very true. I ve missed that part out. I should have added. I will surely try adding it here.

    6. Thats very very true. Rightly spotted :) Thanks :)

  28. great story with lots emotions which many experience in there life / Foe me too same feel with sweet memories

    1. @jpgandhi- Thanks a lot for reading and leaving ur comment :)


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