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7:The Unexpected 

Paste front. Meera went to the airport and called up her dad.
“Dad, he gifted me a diamond ring and said he loves me. I want to marry him dad. I truly love him.” She was so full of love. The joy echoed all over her voice.
“Ok princess. Come back home soon. We are waiting for you.”
“Where is Santhosh?” Meera asked.
“He has gone out. He said he wants to talk to you about something important when you are back home.” Prabhu said.
“Ok dad. I’m so happy. Tell the news to mom. Ask San to pick me up from the airport. Bye dad” she cut the line.

Few hours passed. Prabhu switched on the television and relaxed.
“Nadhiya.... Nadhiya...come here.” He shouted along with a tint of cry.
“NADHIYA. COME HERE” he yelled as he increased the TV volume.
“Why are you shouting like this ji?” Nadhiya came out of the kitchen.
“See this Nadhiya” he broke into tears. Loud cry.
“What is happening ji? Why this?” she cried along.
“ Call Santhosh. Call Santhosh immediately.” He shouted and reached the phone.
Nadhiya dialled Santhosh’s number. “Hey San, did you check the tv?”
“No aunty. ...” he heard her cry. “Any problem aunty?”

“The flight Meera boarded met with an accident while take off. That caused a fire accident. We are really worried.” Prabhu told as he snatched the phone from Nadhiya.
“Dont worry uncle. I will go to the airport and check what’s going on. I will also check how Meera is.”
“Call Ashruth and ask him to go to the airport.” Prabhu ended the call and added volume to the TV.
Santhosh called up Ashruth.
“Hey Ashruth. Did you know Meera’s flight...”
“Yes man. Meera is with me. Nothing to worry but her face and arms are burnt.” He said with a cry tone.
“What? I will come there in the next flight. I will bring uncle and aunt as well.”
“No. Wait. There is more. Uncle already had a mild attack that day. He is not supposed to know this. Tell him she is alright till I confirm her status. You don’t have to come. I will take care. She is admitted in my hospital only.” Ashruth made the point very clear.
“Alright. But please keep updating me. I will tell uncle something to convince him.” Santhosh cried and hung up.

Santhosh rushed back home with a big cry. He lay in Nadhiya’s lap for few minutes. He convinced the couple who were in deep grief. After few hours his phone rang and it was Ashruth. He slowly slid away from the room.
“Santhosh, are you away from uncle and aunt?” Ashruth enquired.
“Yes. Tell me. How is Meera? What are you going to do with the burns? Will she have it forever? “
“Don’t worry. I’m doing a plastic surgery for her. But there is a bigger problem.” Ashruth said.
“What is that?” Santhosh who was already crying enough, made it little more louder. PRabhu and Nadhiya rushed to him.
“What happened to Meera? Is she alright?” Nadhiya asked.
“Nothing aunty. It’s Ashruth and he says she is fine. Go in. I will come and explain.” He pushed them in and locked the door.

“what is the problem Ashruth?” Santhosh asked.
“Something hard has hit her skull and....” Ashruth stammered.
“And what? Tell me please” Santhosh cried.
“She doesn’t remember any bit of the past now. We call it amnesia.” Ashruth finally told it with l lthe courage he had.
“What? Why on earth is this happening to my Meera? Why so many horrors for me in the same day?” Santhosh cried.
“What other problem? Any problem there?” Ashruth got worried.
“No. Nothing. What do I do now?” Santhosh worried.
“Tell uncle and aunt that I am giving her treatment here and they need not come here. If she sees them, it might confuse her completely. She doesn’t remember any bit of past now. I will bring her there in 10- 20 days.” Ashruth said in a single breath.
“Ok Ashruth. Take care.” Santhosh hung the call and told the same to Prabhu. Prabhu called up Ashruth and only then he was convinced. But knowing that their daughter has become an amnesia patient they were thrown into deep shit. They kept crying all the time. 

The next chapter will have a 'NEW MEERA'. She will discover a lot of new things. There is an unexpected twist awaiting ur read :) 
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  1. truly unexpected..good one though

  2. @sachin- Lot of unexpected things following. But pl keep guessing. I want you to guess and write something u wouldn't have guessed even in dream. :)

  3. last chapter kaprom ill put a post on how many guessed what and how they got surprised :)

  4. I'm commenting here only after reading all the 7 chapters you have published till ... You are good i tell u :)

    Seems like i will have to work harder to improve my blog as well. Mine is still young one though but i'm looking forward to learn a lot from your posts di :)

    I was just wondering if you could read a post and tell me if i can write and have a scope of improvement : (and this not spamming :P, i just wanted an expert person to have a look and comment a feedback that's all)

    Hope i didn't ask for much of an effort ... CHEERS !! :D

  5. Hey GB, that was a shock....Can't wait to see the New Meera!!!

  6. seriously not wat i guessedd :) :) i told u yest na it wazz totally different frm dat :)

  7. @manmay- thanks a lot for the comment. Its always nice to have new readers around. :) And im no expert but I can read ur post and share my views :)

    @sowmya-hey! More suspense awaiting :)
    @kausalya- more suspense awaiting :) pl keep guessing :)

  8. nahi di ... you are an expert as i can see... new fan :)
    Luvd the posts <3

  9. @manmay- thanks a lot :) and if u dont mind can u cut the "DI" i hate the word :)
    I will surely work to match ur statement :)

  10. fine, here's " CUTBACK: "
    nahi ... you are an expert as i can see... new fan :)
    Luvd the posts <3 :D

    and i'm dying for ur opinion on one of my posts on my blog as the link i have mentioned earlier in my comment ... Not pressing you to do that though .. when ever u got time will do :)

  11. @manmay- thats overrating :) im not an expert but ill one day master the art of writing :) I wish I could :P ;)

    I already visited ur blog and even left a comment dude. 'Nature against you' right?

  12. yup... saw that ... thank you so much .. that was so sweet of you to read a post which i know is nothing in comparison to yours .. i'm trying to improve though and hopefully be ur rival one day ... ha ha :P

  13. wat to say ya...really unexpected thing.. very excited to read upcmng chapters:):)

  14. @sivaranjani- Thanks a lot for the encouragement :)


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