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5: Smile or tears? 

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                The next morning dawned. Meera got up and ran to Santhosh’s room. She kept knocking the door. It was 6:00am and his days started at 11am usually. It was way too early for her to expect him.
“Don’t you know that ayya never comes out of his room till 11? Amma, don’t waste your time.”, their aged maid commented as she dusted the dolls that adorned the area.
“It’s something important. He’ll wake up for me.” she did not give up.
“What’s wrong with you Meera. Why are you banging the door early in the morning?” he asked as he wiped his sleepy eyes. He came out and locked the door. He never let anyone inside his room and he always made sure that he locked it every time.
“I think Ashruth has started liking me.”

(Adam: Why do girls always make up stuffs? Imaginary power is more than adequate for you girls.
Eve: We don’t imagine. It is you, guys, who do that. Even if a girl talks to you as a friend you imagine it to be love. You don’t stop there. You guys tell the entire world that she is your girl and put her to trouble. The only word you can use for a relationship you share with every eligible girl is ‘Love’.
Adam: We say we love every beautiful girl but we actually love just one girl, the queen.
Eve: What Queen-ween? Crap. Really you will treat your girl like a queen?
Adam: Yes, do you love me?
Eve: No way!
Adam: Chill! I love Anushka. She is hot.
Eve: Ok, I love you. Now who is beautiful me or Anushka?
Adam: Obviously it’s you. Can I kiss you just once.
Eve: No way.
Adam: Fine. Then, Anushka is the best.)

“Damn. That ass likes you only now? He must check his eyesight.” Santhosh said as they walked down the stairs. He had his hands around her.
“Shut up!” and she continued the story that happened last night.
“Congrats Meera. That fellow likes you right from the first time he met you. He saw you like he had starved for a life time and you were a Saravana Bhavan full meals. He is crazy. Aunty coffee” he called out Nadhiya for coffee. Nadhiya always made it a point that she served the family everything they wanted.
“I am going to Chennai to make my point strong. He has called me to Chennai to discuss about marriage in detail. Ashruth, Ash-ruuu-th” She beamed with pleasure of uttering his name.
“What’s going on with Ashruth? Why is his name echoing all around?” Prabh asked as he came back from his morning walk. He sat down, opening the newspaper he had picked from the nearby shop.  
“Nadhiya...I’m back. Coffee.”

“Uncle, Meera wants to..” Santhosh started with a grin but Meera gestured him not to say.
“Why are you stopping him Meera? You tell me Santhosh.” Prabhu said that while picking coffee from the plate Nadhiya held. Nadhiya offered Meera and Santhosh their cups and she sat with her own cup of coffee.
“What’s the hot topic today? Why is Santhosh up so early?” Nadhiya took a sip.
“Aunty Meera wants to...” Meera closed Santhosh’s lips preventing him from uttering a word.
“Why are you so afraid to tell us that you love Ashruth?” Prabhu looked at Nadhiya and they smiled at eachother.
“What who told you? Santhosh?” she kept the cup on the table and started hitting him.
“No I didn’t. Uncle please save me.” He ran around and she followed him.
“Come here kids. We knew. Ashruth called me yesterday and told me everything.” Nadhiya called them, back to their seats.
“What? Why on earth did Ashruth call you to say that?” Meera shouted at the top of her voice and came back to position.
“...because he is a good boy. He told us everything. The way you proposed him, they way he made you cry.” Prabhu said with a no-expression face. Nadhiya’s smile faded too. Meera was dumb stuck, she did not know how to handle the embarrassment of her parents knowing about it.
“What the...f...hell” Santhosh never spoke unparliamentarily words in front of his beloved uncle and aunt. Otherwise he never spoke a sentence without them. “He said he doesn’t love her, made her cry and on top of it he tells you about it. I’m not leaving this issue easily. You don’t worry Meera we will...”
Nadhiya interrupted “He loves her too and is ready to marry her.”
“What?” Meera’s eyes glittered with the few drops of tears that layered it up.
“Yes, we are ok with that too. He didn’t want to tell you about his love till we agree. That is why he called us and got our consent before he approved your proposal.” Prabhu said and that made Meera hide her face to cover her blush.

(Eve: I wish my dad was like that.
Adam: We are universal parents dumbo. We don’t have any ancestors.
Eve:  If only I had had a father like that, I wouldn’t have married you. I would have fallen in love with some nice guy.
Adam: I was the only guy and you were the only girl back then. Else why do you think I fell for you? I would have opted Priyanka Chopra.)

“Wow! Congrats Mrs. Meera Ashruth.” Meera Ashruth. Meera Ashruth. Meera Ashruth, Echoed a lot of times after Santhosh uttered it. She got lost in the echoes.
“Hello Meera madam. Are we all invisible now?” santhosh mocked and shook her.
“Dad, can I go to Chennai to meet him once?” she reluctantly asked.
“Go get ready. Your flight is at 10:45. We have already booked tickets. Meet him and board the flight at 7:45 in the evening.” Nadhiya said.
“Love you mom and dad.” Meera kissed her mom and dad.
“Can I join the family hug” Santhosh joined them. “I’ll go get ready.” Santhosh said.
“Where are you coming? Am I not going alone?” Meera questioned them with a little bit of worry painted in her tone.
“Don’t worry baby. I’m just dropping you at the airport. Be ready at 10:00 sharp.” He said and ran to his room.
Nadhiya picked the cups and went back to kitchen. Prabhu went back to his papers. Meera climbed the stairs rhythmically. She must have gone half the way to her room and she yelled “Dad, did you tell Ashruth that I’m coming? “
“Thanks dad. Let it be a surprise to him.” Meera ran to her room with few rhythmic sways. No wonder, She was in love. 

There is a shock awaiting. Sorrow begins, suspense begins. Love ka the end? No not that, something else. Love ka the begining, whose love? how? The next chapter will have more of "CUT BACK" 
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