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1: The proposal

Meera was waiting in the fifth table near the pool of Le’ Royale Meridian. She wore a beautiful black designer saree which, was as well as, looked expensive. She checked her iphone for messages and there was no new message. Her eyes awaited him. She had a sip of water and continued checking her mobile for messages. Fifteen minutes passed and her phone bell rang.
“Hello. Where the hell are you? I am here for the past 15 minutes.”
“Sorry doll. I am on my way. Heavy traffic so I will be there in another 30 minutes. You order and I will be there on time.”
“Fine. 30 minutes and if you are not here, I will be home the next second.” She cut the call and opened the browser in her phone.

(Eve: Guys, I tell you. You run behind girls till you get a clue that she loves you. Once you are sure of it you make them wait for hours
Adam: We need some rest, for all the length we have run, to get the girl. Don’t we?)

 She logged into Facebook and typed “Ashruth” in the search bar. ‘You can never be here on time. I hate you.’ She typed on his wall and wiped it off before posting it. After few seconds of rethinking, she typed ‘I miss you’, but did not post it either. She then gathered all the courage she had and posted ‘?’ on his wall. She laughed at her own stupidity.
‘Why am I doing all this? I really love him but when am I going to tell him that? Will he agree? Why did he want to meet me? Why was this table booked for tonight? Is this the night I had been waiting for, days.’ She was flooded with thoughts and questions.

                Ashruth was a doctor. Meera’s dad Prabhu was one among the top 10 businessmen in India. Her mom was a normal Tamil mom who wanted her descendants to inherit the Tamil culture and tradition. Meera was a blend of modern and cultural thoughts. She was the only daughter of the rich couple yet was a very simple woman.

Fifteen minutes passed and still Ashruth did not make a call or come. He still had 15 more minutes if he had to go by the word he had given. Each passing minute increased Meera’s pulse rate. She looked at everything around her and counted the number of heads she could see. She was bored of everything around. She heard a kid shouting ‘Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out’ in a never ending loop. She turned around to look at what was happening. The kid had a toy stethoscope hugging his neck. He was playing a doctor with his dad while waiting for the ordered food to come. This reminded Meera the first time she met Ashruth. 

6 months before. It was Santhosh’s birthday. Santhosh was Prabhu’s nephew. Santhosh lost his parents in a car accident when he was 2 years old and from then he was under Prabhu's care. Meera was more a friend to Santhosh than a cousin. Meera’s mom Nadhiya was very affectionate to Santhosh. Prabhu celebrated Santhosh’s birthday like a festival every year. It was his 23rd birthday.  Prabhu had invited every one he could possibly invite for the party. The whole lawn was blanketed with people. Meera and Santhosh shared a lot of common friends. They were surrounded by friends and laughter filled the air. Prabhu gestured Meera to bring Santhosh to the cake table. It was time to cut cake. Santhosh blew the candles and the entire crowd was put to shock. Prabhu fell with his right palm pressing his left chest. He made a huge cry and fell. Everyone crowded the spot and Meera was in tears. Nadhiya sat down and rested Prabhu’s head on her lap. Santhosh called up the hospital and asked them to send an ambulance.

“Could you please move. Way please, please give me some way. I am a doctor.” Ashruth yelled and cleared the crowd. “Let him breathe some fresh air. Please move aside.” He said as he treated Prabhu. After few minutes Prabhu got up. Ashruth picked up his stethoscope from the bag he carried everywhere. “Sir, relax, nothing to worry. Breathe in, breathe out.”

(Adam: Now the girl will fall for the guy. Girls want all this drama. ‘You saved my father so I am all yours bak bak bak.....’
Eve: You think girls are that weak? If that’s the case, only doctors will get married. Go; rush to enrol yourself in some medical college.)

                Meera’s phone rang again. He said he was just parking his car. She came back to reality and the annoying kid who sounded pleasant only to her; even the kid’s parents were pissed off. ‘Breathe in, breathe out’ the kid yelled that and ran around the pool. When the kid passed her table she stopped him and plugged the stethoscope in his ears.

“Good job Meera, motivating a budding doctor?” Ashruth was there already. He lifted the kid and kissed him on his cheek looking at Meera. Meera blushed. They sat facing each other. Ashruth ordered for a low-alcohol drink for himself and a mock-tail for Meera. They looked into each other’s eyes and stapled a wide smile on their faces.
Can I tell him that I love him now?’ “I....Laa.......lov...” she stammered.
“Love you.” he completed the sentence.

She felt like being under the spot light. That was enough for her to fly to sky. Before she could express her happiness he said “If that is what you wanted to say. I’m sorry. I called you here as your dad said he will invest in my hospital, the one I’m constructing near airport. He asked me to discuss the sketch of the hospital with you and get it approved.”
(Eve: Attitude? She is so beautiful and rich. I don’t understand what’s stopping him from accepting the proposal. At least he needn’t be this rude.
Adam: Guys don’t always fall for looks. If that’s the case only models and heroines will get married.)

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  1. My goodness!!! I thought he would accept her proposal!!! Anyways, the beginning of another good love story....Good luck:)

  2. Expected to fall into "Love at first sight" but escaped!!!

  3. omg! black saree <3

  4. @sowmya-thanks da...but this is going to have something more than love :)
    @ashok- lol wait for will happen for someone else in the book :)
    @anonymous- :-| of all the content you loves nly that? :-/

  5. Good one!! I loved the adam and eve conversations.I waiting for the next chapter!!

    My world,my thoughts,my musings...

  6. @upasana-thanks a lot ya :) will upload the 2nd tmrw :)

  7. Excellent. But too many love stories. Hmm hmm :P

  8. @sach-thanks a lot :) this is not just love story, it has more :)

  9. Here we go again. One more time. Love is in the air.. sorry, Love is in the Blog ! :P

  10. @harish and pechu- this is not only a love story its something more than it. Wait and watch :)

  11. Wait n watch illa.. Wait n read :D :p

  12. heyy the beginnin itself seems interestinnn:) liked the Adam n Eve part too.. wish to see lotsa surprises, suspense n all that :)

  13. very gud beginning :)got so much of interest to read next chapter:)keep rocking;)

  14. @maha- lot of suspense and surprise awaiting u :)
    @sivatanjani- thanks :)10 chapters up already. Let me know how u find it :)

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  16. Just started reading...Looks good :)


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