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After an hour of Ashruth talks that Santhosh got flooded and fed up with, he hit his bed. That left Meera alone with her Ashruth, Ashruth’s thoughts. She opened her cupboard and picked up the toy stethoscope that she had stolen from her niece. She hung the stethoscope in her neck and looked into the mirror. The image in the mirror blushed at her, assuring and reassuring her that she was in love. When her eyes were opened, a stethoscope hugged her around her neck and when the eyes lids were closed it was replaced by his arms. She plugged the steth into her ear holes. She no longer heard the buzzing bees, ozz of the mosquitoes orbiting around her ears. The whole world went mute to her, but his voice was loud enough to be heard. The first time his steth heard her heart beat was the day after Santhosh’s birthday.

Cut back to the birthday scene: After Ashruth walked a few meters away from the party lawn. He received a call as he approached his car in the parking lot. It was from a new number.
“Is it Ashruth?” it was a very familiar voice he heard recently.
“Yes it is. May I know who is at the other end?”
“This is Nadhiya. Where have you been? Please rush to Meera’s room immediately. Please be fast”

He ran to her room. The tone of Nadhiya, that did not quite fit the party mood, startled him. The moment he pushed everyone to an order, leaving a path for himself to traverse the crowd. The moment he saw her lying on her mother’s lap, eyes close, he buried the moment of embarrassment she threw him in. Santhosh sat at her feet rubbing it. Prabhu stood next to her worriedly holding his already pained chest; this was a shock to his weak heart. Ashruth asked everyone to go out of the room. Santhosh insisted that he stayed back for the safety of Meera. But Ashruth made sure that everyone left the room. He closed the doors and treated her in peace.

After 23 minutes he came out, leaving her back in her room, fast asleep. Santhosh wanted to go inside but Ashruth stopped him and the rest who wanted to see her. He tore out a prescription and handed it over to Nadhiya aunty.
“Uncle! I want to talk to you and santhosh. Can you please come along” they walked down to a room. Nadhiya rushed inside to see her only daughter lying in pain.
“Santhosh, is Meera facing a problem?”
“No” santhosh said confidently.
“Is there any reason she could try out something know...” he was reluctant to say.
“What the damn is it? Tell me now.” Prabhu’s voice was painted with worry all over.
“Meera tried out suicide. She had eaten a lot of sleeping pills.” Hearing that tears edged Santhosh’s eyes and flooded Prabhu’s. “Nothing to worry. I have treated her and she is safe. She’ll be fine.” , saying that he left the place.

Paste Front: (Just to give a clear understanding to the readers. ‘Cut back’ is the past and ‘Paste front’ is something I smartly coined for the original flow)
The first time his steth that she loved, touched her. The first time she was on his lap getting treated. Dreaming about all this, she had fallen asleep.

                The sun’s rays hit her room, making the already hot room hotter. The first thing she did before even brushing her teeth was checking the mobile for messages. There was one from him. That message did not make her smile.
Leaving to Chennai. I’m sorry for being rude. I will miss you.’

Yes he was going back to Chennai. He was based in Chennai, had a small hospital that he had inherited from his dad, near airport. He was renovating the hospital and that is one good reason for Prabhu to move close to this fellow.

She called him up, all her calls vibrated the phone but not his heart to pick it up. She left him quite a few 5-page long messages and all of it went unanswered. She threw away the steth that still proudly hung around her neck, as it was a remnant of the dreams and hopes of the previous night. She did not give up, she kept typing to him. Messages were meaningless and big but all of it had something like
‘Please pick up...Blah ..Blah...Blah...’

‘This will be the last time I disturb you, but just talk to me once...blah blah blah...’
‘Why do you hate me so much...blah blah blah....’
‘I will switch off my mobile if you don’t answer now...blah blah blah...’

(Adam: Typical girl.
Eve: What do you mean?
Adam: You girls assume there exists a problem and you try to figure out a solution to that non-existent problem.
Eve: I don’t get you.
Adam: I’m safe as far as you don’t.
Eve: Guys are nothing less. See this pretty lass is trying to talk to him and that chunk ignores her so much. He has nothing in him to treat her like that.
Adam: See this is what I was pointing out. Maybe he was driving, maybe he was in a crowded bus, maybe his phone was in the pockets of his tight fit pant that he can’t pick it out without standing and he is in a car. You girls jump to conclusions and complicate your own living.
Eve: Why are you so rude to me. *FROWN FACE, lower lip on upper*
Adam: You look so beautiful with that frown.
Eve: smiles.
Adam: The classic trick to make a woman smile.)

Beep...beep...beep. Meera’s mobile woke her up. She had slept in frustration and dehydration of eyes. There was a message from him.
Can you come to Chennai sometime? Want to discuss in detail. Sorry was a little busy.’
She obviously replied with ‘yes...’  and a lot more meaningless ‘BLAH’S. Finally she got a signal from him that was remotely green. Nothing bothered her as long as it wasn’t completely red. She was ready to fight it out.

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