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8:The New MEERA

                Paste Front. Fifteen Days Passed. Ashruth had done the plastic surgery for Meera in the best way he could. Santhosh convinced Nadhiya and Prabhu not to go to Chennai and disturb the treatment. Meera did not get back her lost memories. The maximum Ashruth could do was to bring back her looks. He brought her back to Coimbatore.

“Hi Meera. ”  Santhosh said and went out.
“My princess is back, bring the aarthi plate Nadhiya.” Prabhu called out.
“Coming, coming” Nadhiya came with a red liquid in a plate, aarthi.
“Come in Ashruth” Santhosh welcomed them.
“Thanks a lot Ashruth for all that you have done. Thank you.” Prabhu said as he sat near Meera and oriented her hair.
Nadhiya sat the other side of Meera and fed her laddoo. “We are now worried about”  tears edged Nadhiya’s eyes.
“Don’t worry aunty. I still love Meera the same way as before. I’m sure she has the love deep inside her but the point is she doesn’t remember it now. Let’s not wait. You can schedule the marriage as soon as possible.” Ashruth smiled as never before, widest smile.
“But let Meera get back herself. Why can’t we wait?” Prabhu asked.
“Why should we wait? Let the marriage happen soon, very soon. “ Nadhiya said and dragged Prabhu to whisper into his ears “Before Ashruth changes his mind, the marriage has to happen. Please, it’s our daughter’s life.”
“Ok let us fix the marriage consulting the astrologer and tell you. Now you both come and eat.” Prabhu said that and led them to the dining table.

They all ate in silence. Suddenly Meera dropped the spoon down. Ashruth bent, took the spoon and gave her a fresh one. She refused to eat, he fed her. Nadhiya and Prabhu were overwhelmed to see this, they were happy to get her married to Ashruth. Santhosh was not found there. None bothered as they were busy with Meera. Meera did not even know who Santhosh is now, to bother.

                After the lunch, Ashruth took Meera to her room, gave her medicines and made her sleep. He came out and closed the door as gently as possible, in order not to wake her up. He came down to Nadhiya and Prabhu, whom he had stopped from talking to Meera.
“Uncle please sit down. Aunty you too. I have to tell you a lot. Ways to handle Meera.” He made them sit in the couch and he sat opposite to them.
“She doesn’t remember any bit of her past. All she know now is that her name is Meera and I am the guy she was going to get married to. I have showed her your pictures and told her who you were. I’ve given her a lot of mental treatment.  But...but you keep showing her old photos and videos, tell her who she was, tell her all that she liked and disliked. Imprint the old Meera into her; make her believe that she was MEERA. She will be fine soon.”
“We will do it, we will tell her all the stories from the day I hugged her in my shoulders to make her sleep” Prabhu said with tears dropping down his cheek.
“Thanks a lot Ashruth. We will also fix a date for marriage soon. You please keep visiting us often.” Nadhiya cried out.
“Sure aunty. She is my Meera. I will come often. Fix the marriage soon uncle.” He said and he bid goodbye to them.

They showed Meera all the old albums and videos. They kept telling her all that she liked and disliked. They started influencing her mind and make her believe she was the Meera they loved. Meera showed remarkable improvement. She already started calling the couple ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’. Santhosh was never home, he came back late every day. He had started drinking but Prabhu did not find it out. He slid home only after Prabhu slept.

Five days passed. Meera was trying to be old Meera. She understood the beautiful relationship she shared with Santhosh. She had not seen him much, talked to him much in these days. She waited for him to come that day. He came there fully drunk. He came in, said a ‘Hi’ and fell down. She picked him up from the ground, put his arm around her shoulder and made him sit on the couch.
“Santhosh. I am your Meera. Why don’t you tell me what’s wrong with you? In the videos, you don’t look like a drunkard. Mom also told me that you had started this only after my accident. I’m completely alright now. What is making you drink so much?”
“Meera....M...Mee...eera... Love is painful Meera. It pains. I drink. I was in love Meera. True love. I am not able to take the pain so I drink.” Saying that he slept off in the couch.

“Did he also love me? Ashruth said I loved him, but who did I really love? Is my marriage with Ashruth the reason why he is drinking?” she asked a hundred questions to herself as she went to her room. She did not sleep. Questions did not let her sleep. “I’m Meera. Who did I love? Ashruth or Santhosh? Who loved me? Both? Who should I marry then. Why is Santhosh drinking so much? It’s very clear from the photos and videos that Santhosh was most important for me, in the whole world. What should I do now?” she fell asleep without her knowledge. 

Did Santhosh Really love Meera as she thinks? 
If so why didn't he tell her?
Why did he start drinking? 
What will Meera do now, if Santhosh says he loved her?

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  1. I guess Meera will love Santosh more than Ashruth.

  2. oh poor ashruth :( if meera was going to marry santhosh

  3. @sowmya and sri- the next chapter is up to confuse u more. :)


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