Friday, October 21, 2011

Facebook DRAMA:

School kid’s status: “Back to FB. Exams over. Uffff!!”
College student: “Have an exam tomorrow. Its 1:00am and im still online.”
Work: “No time to come online. Work. Work. Work.”
Once Married: (Men) Wife-knife kind jokes, (Women) Cooked briyani

Relationship Status:
School kid: Single (Really single)
College: Single (Actually committed)
Work: It’s complicated (Really it is complicated)
Once married: Married to (tagged)

Display picture:
School: Photo with best friends. At times these besties have the same dp (YUK!) They like eachother’s DP.
College: A very very very good looking picture
Work: A long shot picture
After marriage: A picture along with the partner
After few years: Passport size photo, scanned

 Friend's Request pattern of men:
School: Mostly relatives and classmates
College: All the friend's of friends good looking girls (good looking DPs)
               and unfriending all the relatives
Work: All those who work with you but no bosses. 
After marriage: NO IN-LAWS, WELCOME to everyone else.

Friend's Approval Pattern of women:
School: Mostly relative and classmates. 
College: All relatives and known, except dad/mom. 
Work: Separate list for stalkers to be permanently offline to. Mom, dad, uncle, aunt..... 
After Marriage: In-Laws and only In-laws. 

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