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6: Too much suspense 

Shanthosh dropped Meera at the airport and she boarded the flight. She decided to bring back all the old pages of her life, live before her, by dreaming about it.
Cut Back to the scene where Ashruth tells Prabhu and Santhosh about Meera’s suicide attempt. Meera was in a relationship with her senior Avinash. After almost 6 months she discovered that he was double timing her. He dumped her for the other girl a few days before Santhosh’s birthday.  She was depressed and that was the reason for her unusual rudeness. Nadhiya, Prabhu and Santhosh tried their best hands to bring her out of this shit but she was too much into it. But she never wanted to go back to him. She was a bold woman. All that kept her worrying is that ‘SHE’ was cheated; she thought she was too smart to be cheated and too cute to be dumped. It was tough for as girl as hot and cute as Meera to digest it.

It was so obvious that the dumping was the reason for her to take such extreme measures of quitting the world. Santhosh and Prabhu called Nadhiya out while Meera was still fast asleep. Prabhu told Nadhiya about it and Nadhiya broke down. No one expected Meera to walk till the edge of life just for a guy, who was not worth a bit of it.
“Now, don’t go and ask her anything about it.” Prabhu said firmly and they sat around her.
They waited near Meera till she woke up. Santhosh was missing from the moment Nadhiya started crying. Meera opened her eyes. Santhosh opened the door at the right moment and popped in. His clothes were torn, his lips were bleeding. He looked torn himself.

“Don’t worry Meera, he is finished. He deserves this for all that he did to you.” Santhosh said as he came near Meera.
“What? Who?”, Meera widened her eyelids and drew a big question mark on her face with that expression.
“That Bast...sorry uncle, that bastard Avinash. He is finished, he is behind bars. I put him under a long pending drug case. Inspector is a good old friend of mine. I beat him up myself for self satisfaction.” Santhosh wiped the blood that oozed out of his mouth with his right hand and plucked a strand of her hair that fell of her face.
Meera had the question mark growing bigger and bigger. “What? Why did you do that to him?”
“We know it all baby. We love you. Please don’t leave us for him. Please.” Nadhiya cried. The time Nadhiya had spent crying was so evident from her puffy eyes and Prabhu’s was no different. Prabhu was already in a lost state.
“What are you all talking about?” Meera sounded like she understood nothing. Silence prevailed for a few seconds.
“You tried committing suicide right?” Santhosh broke the silence.
Meera broke down “What? How did you know that? I wanted to commit suicide tomorrow. I wanted Santhosh to be happy on his birthday so I wanted to wait till it gets over. But how did you find it out?”
“What you did not eat sleeping pills?” Santhosh.
“Damn! No, not at all.” Meera cried.

“You wanted to commit suicide tomorrow? Why do you want to leave us baby? Did we not give you all that you wanted? Have we ever said no to anything that you desire? Are you not happy with us?” Nadhiya started weeping and worrying. She wiped Meera’s tears.
Prabhu sat near Meera’s foot, touched it and said “Please don’t leave us. You are our treasure; you are our angel; you are everything to us. Please for my sake live, live for me. Let that Avinash bavinash leave you  but we won’t.”
“Please Meera, we are all there for you. Please don’t be foolish; please don’t leave us and go. I am here to do anything you want. I will kill that bastard also. Promise to me, your Santhosh, that you will never repeat this again.” Santhosh held a hand in mid air with palm open upside, for her to promise.
“Please believe me. I did not eat any tablets. I was just thinking about it. I really thought I will die but not after now. Trust me. Promise Santhosh” She kept her hands on Santhosh’s head and promised to them.
“May I come in.” It was Ashruth.
“Doctor she says she did not eat any tablet. What happened actually? Please tell us.” Prabhu stood up, went to the doctor and cried.
“This idiot told you that I ate sleeping pills? This idiot did that?” She yelled and walked to Ashruth and held his shirt. “Liar. Liar. Why did you make them cry so much? Why did you do this to us? For money? Becasue I insulted you yesterday? But why did you take the revenge on them? Why why why?” Meera kept shouting and tearing his shirt with that force.
“Wait” he freed himself from her grip and fixed his messed up shirt. He dug his bag and searched for something.

“Answer me now, right now” She yelled again. “Dad this fellow is a liar. Throw him out of our house.” She ran to her dad. “Santhosh, kill him not Avinash. He made your uncle and aunt, cry so much.” She ran to Santhosh. Prabhu and Nadhiya did not come out of the shock, they were confused.
“Wait Miss. Victoria” Ashruth smiled and still looked into his messed up, mixed up bag.
“Victoria? How did you know that name?” Meera was confused.
“Who is Victoria? Can you guys please tell us something clearly?” Santhosh was pissed off; too much of suspense and drama for him to handle at a breath.
“Victoria is the way I address my diary, San. How did he know that?” she told Santhosh and turned to Ashruth “How the hell did you know that?”
“Here it is” he took out a fancy diary with the name Victoria written on the cover.
“That’s my diary. Liar and a Thief and a third rated person. You are such a...” Meera snatched the diary from him.
Ashruth interrupted. “Miss. I am a thief, ya. I came here for the party and wanted to loo. You were all busy with the party and the servants here were enjoying their bottle of beer. I went around to find a place to loo. Every room was locked but yours wasn’t. I used your toilet, sorry. Please now don’t shout for that also. It was a very bad bladder emergency lady, understand. The bladder block blocked my eyes and mind. The moment I relieved myself from the grip of the bladder, I could see well. There was a shining diary with VICTORY written on it. Yes it is the one you are holding now. Near it was this bottle of sleeping pills.” He held out a bottle of sleeping pills. “That made me read your diary. I read it and familiarized myself with the emotion and the mental trauma you were undergoing. You had written ‘I will die soon. Not before Santhosh’s birthday. He has done a lot to me. The next day of his birthday I will die.’ On all the pages after the official dumping scene. So I wanted to show you the consequences of a suicide, the impact it has on your family. I mixed a tablet in your drink and made sure you drank that.  I knew you’d fall and I will be called. I purposely told your dad that you attempted suicide. By the way and interesting diary, you can reach it out to a publisher. Im sure it will hit the racks soon.” He smiled naughtily.

“Sorry uncle, I thought crying for few hours would save your daughter for ever. Please forgive me” Prabhu hugged him as he said that. Santhosh shook hands and thanked Ashruth. Nadhiya ran to the kitchen, brought a laddoo and dumped it into Asruth’s mouth.

Meera was sure that this man would never dump her. Her heart beat for him the first time. That was the moment she had fallen for his intelligence, maturity and concern for her. He was patient even when she tore his short and dirtied his image entirely.  

Paste Front:
Meera reached the Chennai airport. She came back to the present hitting back all her thoughts to the back of her head, safely preserved. She took a cab to his hospital. She asked the front office people to inform Ashruth that he had a visitor. The front office person informed Ashruth. He came to the lobby and was not surprised.
“Hi. Aren’t you happy that I am here? I don’t see a dot of surprise on your face. I came all the way to meet you and you...” Meera frowned.
He interrupted “Wait. Wait. Wait. Santhosh called me up and said you were coming.”
“What? That dumbo did that. I’m calling him right away.” She continued with the sobbing, irritating tone.
“If he hadn’t told me I wouldn’t have got this for my princess” he held out a cute, red, velvet box. She kept looking at it with a cute smile.  “Open it.” He said and she opened it. It was a beautiful gold ring with both their initials imprinted with diamonds.
“Wow! I love you, I love you.” She hugged him.

“Meera baby. This is a hospital lobby.” He freed himself from her grip. He took out the ring. “Princess! Give me your hand.” He slid the ring into her ring finger and kissed her hand.
“This is the place I worshiped, worship and will worship all my life. So here are my words flowing just for my angel. I love you and I will marry you.” He was on his knees when he said that.
“I love you too. I will marry you as soon as possible and we will have a child just like you.” She lifted her arms to hug him but he gestured her not to.
“Chalo baby! I am getting late. I have an important meeting. You please go back home. I have re-scheduled your flight to 2:45. Go have lunch and head to the airport. I will come to Coimbatore over the weekend.” He said and left.
“Such an unromantic guy he is. But he is cute” she said to the front office woman and left.

(Eve: Guys are romantic only till a girl says that she loves him. After that, god only knows where their romance will fly.
Adam: When you say that you love a guy that means he had already impressed you by all ways and means. Why would he waste the time romancing you? There are lot more girls waiting for him to impress.
Eve: Guys, I tell you. )

Next chapter is the most important happening that is going to change everyone’s life; Ashruth’s, Meera’s and specially Santhosh’s. 
Just You, Me And A Secret. 
The secret has not come up yet. 
Who is the you? 
Who is the Me? 
What is the secret.

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