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11: Confusion gone, new suspense

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 Meera was not able to think anything other than the confusion Santhosh had created. The maid had stirred it up a little more. She wanted to throw it out of her mind but she wasn’t able to. She went to Nadhiya, her mom. Nadhiya was cooking along with a few other maids in the kitchen.
“Mom, I want to talk to you.” She asked reluctantly.
“Yes my princess” This was a new Meera but that had nothing to do with the love Nadhiya had for her. Prabhu was no different.
“Mom... If you don’t mind...I talk... privately.” She was still reluctant. She did not get the feel of a daughter still. She did not get the feel of being herself still, leave alone being a daughter.
“Sure baby. Come let’s go to our bedroom and talk” she caressed her hair when she said that.
“Maya ma, I have stirred the vegetable, put the flame off in 2 minutes.” Nadhiya leaded Meera to the master bedroom.

“Sit down baby. Tell me. What do you want to talk to mom?” Nadhiya asked  as she sat near Meera in the bed.
“Mom, why is Santhosh drinking?” Meera asked.
“He was not like this before. Only after your accident he is like this. I spoke to him a hundred times but he is not ready to listen.” Nadhiya sounded sad.
“Why can’t you tell dad about this, mom?” Nadhiya asked.
“Doctor has asked us not to say anything that will make him to worry. He has heart problems. He loves Santhosh, even I love him the same way. If he learns that San is drinking so much it will surely affect him.” Nadhiya still sounded sad and weak.
“Mom, why should he drink for me? Were we that close?”
“Yes you were. He did anything and everything for you. Right from childhood he obeyed only you.”
“Did he l...”
“Hi princess. Look what father has got for you.” Prabhu interrupted. Nothing that Prabhu could possibly bring interested Meera more than knowing the answer to the question that confused her the most. Did he love her? Did she love him? Did anyone know what was between them.
“Meera, I just went to the astrologer and fixed a date for your marriage.” Prabhu said.
“That’s great news. I’m so happy” Nadhiya sounded happy after a long time.
“What? My marriage? With whom?” The confusion slipped through her mouth without her knowledge.
“Obviously with your love, Ashruth” Prabhu said as he opened a sweet box.
“The way you had cried when Ashruth rejected your proposal. I still remember that day. You jumped up and down when we told you that Ashruth also loves you. “
I proposed Ashruth? That means I was in love with Ashruth. Did Santhosh love me too? Did Santhosh tell me that he loved me? Did I reject him? Whatever it is one side of the problem solve. I had loved Ashruth.’ Meera told to herself.
“Mom and Dad, I don’t want to get married now. Please. I don’t get the feel of my own self, Meera. How can I marry someone now?” Meera pleaded.
“But Meera you loved him, you wanted to marry him.” Nadhiya said. Nadhiya wanted to get her married before Ashruth changes his mind.
“Leave it Nadhiya. We are not doing anything against out daughter.” Prabhu hugged Meera.
“I’ll go to my room and take rest. I feel tired” Meera was obviously tired of thinking too much. She went back to her room and her mind went back to the same old thought, but this time without confusion. She knew whom she loved. What she did not know was about Santhosh’s love.
She was waiting till late in the night to meet Santhosh and clear her head. He came, as usual, fully drunk.
“Hi” he fell down. Meera helped him sit on the couch but he fell again on the floor. He puked and Meera cleared it all. She gathered up all her energy to lift him up putting his arm around her neck. She dragged him up the stairs to his room. He was completely drunk and has lost all his senses.
“Give me the key.” She asked politely. She did not know that he was very particular that none enters his room.
“My room. ..No...K....k...” he mumbled.
“Shut up and give me the key.” She sounded firm and rude.

 He was not himself, he was floating in alcohol. He did not respond. She searched his pockets and found the key herself. She opened the door and dropped him on his bed. She looked around and she was amazed. The four walls were filled with huge prints of photos of the girl he loved, Deepthi. She looked at it for few minutes, came out of the room, slammed the door and ran to her room. She did not sleep the whole night. She kept thinking about something. Some thought was disturbing her. She fell asleep.

Sun shone the next morning. She got up and again the same unknown thought cropped up. She was not sure what it was but it definitely disturbed her. She ran to Santhosh’s room without even brushing her teeth. She knocked the door hard. He came out and closed the door behind him.
“Sorry for yesterday Meera. Maid told me you helped me out before she could come. Thanks.” Santhosh said.

She did not bother to listen to him. She pushed him aside and went into his room.
“What are you doing Meera, Meera...” he tried stopping her bu he wasn’t able to. She entered his room, again. He came in and locked the door.
“Ok Meera. I wanted to show you myself. This is the girl I love, Deepthi.” He cried as he said her name. 

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  1. hey cool one. Maybe something had happened to deepthi.

  2. @sachin- good guess :) Thanks for the comment

  3. Probably Deepthi is dead! or she dumped him and proposed Adam from the story.

  4. @pechu- adam is within brackets and she isnt :P she cant propose him. U R CRAZY :P

  5. May be deepthi was was on that flight which had crashed ... and yes i had guessed before Meera went inside his room .. ( yippie, i'm an official guessing champ here lol :P )

    P.S. Ur no.1 Fan :)

  6. @manmay- Wait till the next chapter .... the reader who had guessed it right will appear in the next chapter :)

  7. ya, i'm waiting .. :)

    ** Regards : **

  8. May be Deepthi married her publisher and dumped Shantosh!!!

  9. @sowmya-lol....its really nice to see all ur guesses... creative ones :)

  10. @kausalya- thanks for the guess.... 30 mins and next chapter will be up. :)

  11. 30 mins ho gaye
    being left in the lurch is unfair

    btw this chapter ws too good

  12. deepthi died in tat flight accident??

  13. deepthi died in tat flight accident?

  14. @shwetha- see next chapter... :)
    @madhuri-Thanks a lot for commenting :) next chapter is up :)

  15. deepthi dumped him???

  16. @sivaranjani- :) thanks for the comment again :)


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