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10:Santhosh's Love Revealed, Finally

Cut Back:
                Meera had fallen asleep thinking about whether she loved Ashruth, whether she was sure this time. The previous relationship she had had disturbed her a lot. She wanted to make sure that it ever happened again. She never hid anything from Santhosh, her best friend, cousin all rolled in one. She as usual got up at 6am and ran to his room. She knocked the door and there Santhosh was just for Meera at 6am. He was ready to sacrifice anything for Meera.
“Hey Santhosh. I have something important to tell you. Can I come in?” Meera stood outside his room as he peeped out through the half open door.

He quickly came out of the room and slammed it back. He locked the door and said
“We can go to your room to talk.” Santhosh never let anyone inside his room. He cleaned it all by himself, not even maid was let in. He was a writer and people at home always believed that a writer needs privacy, a lot of privacy.

“Why don’t you show me your precious mahal once? You are never letting me in.” She winked at him.
 “There is a big secret inside. I will show you soon. Now come my darling, let’s go to your room. I too have a something to tell you.”, saying that he rested his arm on her shoulder.
“What is that? What is that?” she kept asking him till they reached her room. He did not respond but just smiled.
They came inside the room and sat in the sofa there. He picked up the remote and switched on the TV and tuned into music channel. “Kabhi Kabhi Adhithi zindagi.....” the song went on.
“Santhosh, can you be a little serious?” she snatched the TV remote and switched it off.
“Ok baby! Shoot. What is it?”
“I am in” she stuttered and stammered.
“Love?” his eyes went wide. “What are in love?” he smiled his widest.
“Ya. Ya. Ya.” She blushed.
“Wow! Super. I am in love too.” Santhosh jumped on the couch.
“What? You? You? I guessed so reading you 5th novel. Who is the lucky girl?” Meera asked. She was excited to know who it was.
“Yes. My fifth was completely about my love. But first you tell it. Who” He wanted her to say it first.
“It is....” she blushed again and looked down.

(Adam: Why do you girls fuss so much to tell whom you love? You blush for everything.
Eve: Blushing is a girls’ typical action. Girls look cuter when they blush. Don’t we?
Adam: I love you.
Eve: *Blush*
Adam: I don’t find any difference. Your face is just the same.
Eve: I hate you.
Adam: I’m bored of it. Tell me something new.)

“Come on Meera. Who is it? Just say it.” Santhosh curiously asked.
“It is Ashruth.” She finally said and got lost in her dreams for few seconds. His image flashed in front of her.
“Wow. Cool, Lucky guy.” Santhosh still smiled.
“Now your turn” Meera curiously asked.
 “I love a girl whom I’ve never met.” Now it was his turn to blush.
(Eve: See. Guys too blush.
Adam: We blush but don’t claim to look cuter when we do so.
Eve: I love you.
Adam: *Blush*
Eve: Ya, you don’t have to claim. It isn’t true.
Adam: But , I still love you.
Eve: *Blush*
Adam: Cute.
Eve: Pardon.
Adam: Cut.... it out...I said cut it out. )

“What? Who is she? How do you know her?” Meera started worrying.
“She is a writer too. I wrote a book named ‘Relationship Status: Single’. It was entirely about me and my life. All bachelors undergo the same emotions being single. After few days of the release I got lot of mails from fans. Deepthi was one of them. She wrote to me saying she had loved my book and it inspired her to write a book. I wrote back to her wishing her good luck. Then I never heard from her for the next 4 months. Suddenly one day there was a courier for me. It was a book titled ‘Relationship status: It’s complicated’ by Deepthi. I was stunned. This girl really wrote something getting inspired by me. The entire book was about a girl who loved a writer without even knowing how he looked. It was an exact reply to all my questions I had raised in my book. Every word was meant for me. It told me how much she loved me. But she had made it clear that I should reply to her proposal in the form of a book only with my next book.” Santhosh said all in one breath; he badly needed a break to get some oxygen flooding inside his lungs. Meera, thankfully gave him the break by interrupting.

“So the reply was your 5th novel ‘A Sip Of Love And A Sip of Tea’?” She was very curious.

“Yes. Deepthi, my love. She understood that I loved her the same way. We had never spoken or met each other but we knew everything about each other through our books.  She actually had an epilogue according to which I had to meet her in the author signing program she was going to attend here. Propose her and take her as mine only there. I will have to wait for a month for that, till the printing of her books gets over. I am waiting to meet her.” Love was all over his voice. He was deeply in love.
“Your story is very interesting. Can I get a copy of your Deepthi’s book? Fast fast.” Meera jumped up and down like popcorn.
“Sure. I will drop it when I go to the office. Now I’m getting late.” He bid bye and left the place.

            Later he dropped the book ‘Relationship status: It’s complicated’ to Meera and left for office.
Meera started reading Deepthi’s book and she loved it. It was completely about love and since Meera was in love herself, she loved the book. Even otherwise she would have. The hero exactly resembled Santhosh. She was wondering how Deepthi could exactly replicate San even before seeing him. The story was as though Deepthi and San were in a relationship in real.  It was about a long distance relationship of two writers who never met. 

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  1. Uhh??? Making santhosh a villain eh? :O

  2. @harish- he is not a villain. He has a different love track as of now :)

  3. May be Meera will sneak into his room one day, read his diary and find out that his true love is Deepthi and not her!!!

  4. I feel the same the same as sowmya ... She might be able to get into santosh's room one day and there, everything revealed :)

  5. @sowmya and Manmay- thanks for guessing ..this may or maynot happen :)

  6. My guess for the next chapter: Eve will propose Adam.

    oh wait, I dunno what Meera is gonna do.. ha ha. I wish i had amnesia :D

    Anyways, your way of writing gets better with every chapter! way to go...

  7. @pechu- thanks for the comment. Eve will propose Adam? U think ill make her do that? Never. :P lol
    and thanks a lot for the comment abt my writing style. Credit goes to all my readers for their suggestions, expectations, hopes and :P err...corrections :P

  8. I guess she might directly ask santosh :P good one again!

  9. @sach- thanks for the comment and the guess:)

  10. i guess meera ll fall in love wit santhosh before she knw the truth :P:P:P

  11. @sivaranjani-thanks for guessing :) thanks for commenting :)


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