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                Cut back to Santhosh’s birthday. Prabhu got up and the crowd spread in the lawn. Ashruth went to pick a plate for the grand dinner being served. She shuffled and reshuffled people who mall-walked around with their plates. She orbited around him till he freed himself from the word-grip of people. She finally reached the circle of his audible limits and called him out “Ashruth, Aaash..” ; he turned to her. She was a pakka ‘put-someone, anyone-to-drool’ material and he was no exception. He looked at her and instantly his respiratory system lost the connection with his brain; he managed to ignore the hurricane inside his ribs. Few seconds, little bit of fast breathing-in of Oxygen and avoiding eye contact with her, he could come up with “Y....ya”. He gave her a ‘please let me be your slipper for the rest of my life’ look which she hated. He was nothing close to smart.

             He was not tall, not fair, not fit. He had nothing that a girl could even accidentally develop a crush on, not even remotely.  What can we expect from a guy who had spent all his life studying books, topping exams and earning M.B.B.S degree, then a M.S? He must have spent his free times in the libraries, nose buried in reference books when the other guys spent their time developing six-packs to impress girls. Tummy justifies. Complexion, his genes are to be blamed. Height, again the genes played a vital role in making this poor boy a chunk. Added to all this, hair had already started deserting his head. This is why people are asked not to study too much, head gets heated up and results in an oil-hungry bald head.

(Adam: don’t you think the only qualification a guy should have is a “HEAVY PURSE”?
Eve: No, all we need is true love and security.
Adam: Will you even fall in love with a guy who has no job, no bike sorry car?
Eve: Remember our first relationship? You had nothing then, not even a dress to wear.
Adam: Ha! Ha!. Money, cars, own house did not exist those days. All I had was an apple and I still have a doubt if that was the attraction factor.
Eve: Now I know why I broke up with you. Cheapo!)

“Mr.Ashruth, that’s your name right?” she sounded firm and rude.
“Yes” he wasn’t able to take his eyes off her, jaw still drop open in amaze, still drooling.
“Thanks a lot for saving my dad. I have a small gift for you.” She said and dug her expensive, gold glittering purse.
‘Why can’t she let me kiss her just once, isn’t that a gift?  She is so fair, her lips are so pink. She is so beautiful and I am so much disturbed. I had starved all my life without girls to earn this degree. If the compensation for it is this expensive, I am ready to spend my entire life reading medical books and saving the fathers of pretty girls.’ He lost himself in the thoughts that clouded him.
“Here, hold this. A cheque for 5000 bucks.” She swayed the cheque in midair.
“What?” the disappointment drew ugly designs on his already ugly face.
“Want more? I don’t think that treatment will cost more than 1000 bucks and 5000 is our generosity.” She gave him a dirty look and looked at the way she had to go.
“No no. I don’t need this. This is a service....”
“Cut it out, cut it out. I’m not impressed. Hold this, my friends are waiting.” He still refused to take it.
A hand snatched the cheque from her hand. Another hand went around her shoulders and rested comfortably.  “Love letter ah?” It was Santhosh.
“Shut up! No way, not to this fatty chunk.” She whispered into his ears and they laughed out.
Ashruth buried his face in embarrassment as the secret was too obvious. He went back to the dinner table, dropped the plate and walked towards the exit.
Meera and Santhosh were slapped with shame. But they were too rich to apologize.

Back to Meera’s room, the proposal day:  
“Meera, Meera open the door.” Santhosh knocked the door hard. She opened the door with puffy eyes and blackened face.
“What’s wrong with you sweety?” ,he wiped the last remains of the mascara that was stuck on her nose. She let him in and slammed the door. She did not want her parents know about her love life. Love life? Only she called it one.
“Is that *** still troubling you? I knew it. He is such a &$%$/....” Santhosh lost control over his tongue and flooded the sentences he spoke with cheap words.
“Shut up Santhosh. He did nothing.” She begun with that and went on and on about all that happened.
(Adam: He was not richer than her, not even close to smart and still she loved him?
Eve: I told you. Girls look for true love and nothing more.
Adam: Am I smart.
Eve: Nothing close.
Adam: Ok, then I have true love. Do you love me?
Eve: No way.
Adam: See, true love is not enough for you girls.)

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  1. Nice one:) I loved the pic of the Doc:P

  2. the last convo between adam an eve was awesome too d core :)

  3. an try to make dis ashruth a bit handsome in following series !! i thnk most of d docs of dis time are average looking !! a kind request !!!

  4. @prbhas- i have this hate for the doctors right from the day i was injected first :-| maybe thats why... lol

  5. first off, why s meera bein rude to smeone who saved her dad's life? :o she not even said a thanks.. s she a that much head-weight kind?

  6. @maha- She is the only daughter of a very very rich couple, so naturally she has a little bit of attitude. Moreover she hates the way he looked at her...
    She went to him to thank him only, if not why would she personally wait to meet him. But later the way he was drooling irritated her and she did not want to invite problems.

  7. convo bw adam nd eve was too gud.. im loving it<3


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