Friday, November 4, 2011

Every man’s brain has 3 parts, not technically speaking. One, the ignorant, stupid, lazy and cool part; another is the intelligent, smart, nerdy and dumb-ass part; the third is the evil part that always tells you the true feelings even if you fake it with a facial expressions. I call my stupid-cool part of my brain as ‘STUCO’ and the smart-dumbass part as ‘SMASS’. The third little Evil is named ‘SUBCO’. These little people, who make my brain, always argue about everything I do. If you think I am crazy you got to blame them. Now this was the outcome of one such argument.

“Who the hell told the world that a day should have just 24 hours?” Stuco,the ignorant part of my brain, asked.

 Smass, the intelligent, dumbass bit of my brain tried to answer that with  “Earth rotates one time in 24 hours and hence...”

“Cut the crap. You did not get the point, as usual. 24 hours is just not enough for a person like me. Just imagine, what if i have extra 2 hours of downtime, in a day?” Stuco yelled with a thirst for extra time.

“What would you be doing with it? I would make this girl read good books and making this stupid girl a little more sensible and intelligent.” Smass said.

“If that was the case I know this girl would wish that a day started and ended in the same hour. If there were 2 hours free for her I would make her do a lot of things.” Stuco argueed.

“Ow ow ow, wait a minute. What the hell is going on here? I just dont have a clue.” I asked them both.

“What if you have extra 2 hours in a day?” Stuco and Smass asked in unison.

“Let us first ask a few people what they would do and then start dreaming about it” the three of us had a mission now; Mission ‘Spam-people-with-the-question’.

In the order of the interview below

“I will spend it working for my agency”
-Faraaz, writer, the author of the book ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’.

 “I’d stalk Durjoy Dutta (writer) more and maybe write some blog like you P.S. To impress him.”
-Siddhi, a pretty face and a marketting professional.

 “I will spend the 2 hours dreaming about what I will do if I get free time.”
–Javed, an upcoming music director.

“I will sleep because thats what I don’t find time for.”
-Nischala Krishna, Mr.Chennai,2010, an upcoming actor and a producer.

 “I would fullfill my desire to file a career journal about what I learn everyday at office. It really helps the freshers”
-Haripriya, Internation Climate Champion and a media professional.

“Would spend it watching more of The Big Bang Theory. I’m crazy about it”
-Satish Manikandan, a Social Work student and a photographer.

“If I have extra 2 hours I’d submit my assignments on time.”
-Shankar Narayanan, Photo Journalist.

 “I would watch more Tv series. 2 hours will give me 2 more episodes to watch.”
-Usha, a MBA student and a short film actress.

 “I will go work out at the gym”
-Prashanth, a future non-German citizen, at present a student at Germany.

“Maybe I will help mom, that’s what I dont find time for.”
-Preethi, an IT professional and a sweetheart.

“I'll enjoy every moment of it... as it can be an inspiration for one of my movies...wait a minute... you've just given inspiration for  a new concept for my movie..!”
-Aadhitya Espado Rico, a short film maker.

“I will eat out with family. That’s what I don’t find time for.”
-Deepthi, an IT professional.

 “I’ll see which music director copied from which album”
-Karthik, a composer and Keyboardist with Cynosure Band.

 “I’ll study and stay on Facebook for long.”
-Varsha Rohini, 11th student and a lovely sister.

 “I’ll watch a little more news channels and read a few more news papers”
-Vasudevan, Public Relations, governent employee and the best dad in the world.

“I’ll spend that to read your blogs and stories.”
-Anuradha Vasudevan, Teacher, Vice Principal and an ideal mom.

“I’ll work for 2 more houses and earn a little more.”
-Shimmu, my sincere maid.

Now, after listening to all this I started dreaming about what i would do with 2 extra hours. Now I had to take the help of Subco to do something he is best at, dreaming. He double timed my eyes and hence had a tiff with them both. So, he generally doesn’t speak much when my little eye-girls are open.

The dream of having extra 2 hours:

0 Minutes
0 Minutes. Subco makes me dream about things i like, most of the times. So the dream started off with nail-care. I am so much obsessed with my nails now, as I have stopped biting it only recently. I sat down to remove the blue one. Then i pushed back the cuticles. Finally I took my favourite black nail polish and started applying it on my nails. When I was almost done, my sister pushed me from behind. Bang! The nail polish stained my beautiful and favorite white pant. I was so worried, not because it was my favourite pant but because mom would scold me for the stain.  No matter who does it, the elderly ones always gets the scoldings, ‘Responsible grown up, Damn!’  Subco is not sweet to me all the time.

5 Minutes
5 Minutes. I sat down in the bathroom with the pant spread on the floor and a huge detergent bar in my hand. I rubbed it and brushed it alternatively. Inspite of my genuine effort the stain did not leave my cloth. ‘You little marons. I hate you all’ I bit my nails and spit them around. I finally decided to call my mom and ask her what I had to do. The phone rang the other side, “Hello”, it was mom. I gathered all the courage I had and told her about the stain.
“Listen carefully and do as I say” she said and I picked up the chordless. I followed her instrcutions very carefully.
“Go to the kitchen and open the ssecond cupboard from right. Whats in there?” Mom asked.
“A box of Surf Excel Matic, mom” I said and picked up the box.
“Pour just half a spoon of it in the detergent box of the washing machine, load it with the clothes and switch it on. Dont forget to safely put back the box in the shelf.” Mom said and laughed.
As I did that I asked her “ But mom, why do you buy the damn, good-for-nothing bar then?” I was wondering why.
“What I am telling you now is between you and me, a mother and a daughter. Your dad always used to say that he was better than me in doing things. We had a bet as to who washes clothes the best. Of course the washing machine does the washing but who does it well overall. He used our, at that time, usual detergent powder. I wanted to win so I asked your aunt and borrowed Surf Excel. Obviously I won the bet. My clothes were brighter, cleaner and the best. But I did not want Surf to take away all my pride. So from then on I bought Surf Excel power and hid it. To blind him I bought the bar and told him I did the laundary with my hands. Don’t tell him ever.” Mom said.
“Mom is a little evil” Smass said. “I pity dad” Subco said. “Don’t listen to these guys. She is a genius, just follow her.” Stuco said.
“Thanks mom” I said and cut the line. I switched on the machine and went back to ‘my-time’. This was the time I spared for mom.

10 Minutes
10 Minutes. Me and my sister sat down with the marker and the white board. It was our cartoon time. Even if we tried drawing something else it ended up something like a cartoon, so it was better to call it one. Mom came home within few minutes and joined us.

30 Minutes
30 Minutes. I logged into Facebook and had a small chat with someone. We started arguing about something and the third minute the argument caught fire. A war of words broke out.
“Subco is the best. He gives you all sorts of problems in your dream.” Stuco said.

35 Minutes
35 Minutes. I posted a status against the senseless stupid girl who spoke to me and waited for her to note that. She noted it and used words for me. I had to turn off the chat option.

40 Minutes
40 Minutes: Derek Morgan, Shemar Moore, Criminal Minds fame. My vision took the energy tonic of staring at Shemar’s photo. ‘Oh man, He is so hot.’

50 Minutes
50 Minutes. I pulled out the Semi-dried clothes from my fully automatic washing machine. I was amazed. Not a bit of the nail polish stain stayed back. I loved washing them. I loved Surf Excel. I loved mom for suggesting the best way. She saved me 2 hours of brushing and fiddling with the cloth. I hung the clothes with a clip on a wire to dry them.

55 Minutes
55 Minutes. My book shelf was overflowing. It was allways that way. It still had my 11th standard books.
Can’t you clear your book shelf?” mom’s usual yelling.
I hate to throw books mom. Books are treasures” I used to fake my laziness and timelessness with that.
I found time to clean my book shelf, extra 2 hours helps. Finally mom was happy seeing it organized.

1 hr 10 mins
1 hr 10 Minutes. I called those people who celebrated their birthdays. I usually forget it, not that I dont find time.

1 hr 20 mins
1 hr 20 Minutes. I watched an episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’. I usually watch old episodes also randomly. I am a big fan of the sitcoms.

1 hr 40 mins
1 hr 40 Minutes. I opened my blog and started blogging about all that I did in just 2 hours extra downtime I got.

2 HoursThe two hours got over and I was up. 

Thanks Subco, you made me understand that I could do so much in just 2 hours of extra time, in a single day. If this is the case of 1 day just imagine if i get those 2 hours time forever. Thats why mom told me that I should be using Surf Excel Matic and use the washing time in doing something esle, obviously this is when I start washing clothes.

“You are so stupid. When you have an Apple Ipad2 or Blackberry Playbook (depending on what I get) will even take you head off it? 2 hours or 10 hours, the free time should be for these awesomest gadjets.” Stuco said.

“When will she do all these then?” Smass asked.

“Are you mad? When she has an Apple Ipad2 she could Facebook from it. Wish friends from it. Hold Shemar, I mean, hold the ipad with his picture. Books can be replaced by ebooks in the Ipad2. She can watch The big bang Theory in it and also blog. Obviously she needs a washing machine to wash the clothes, Ipad2 cant do that. But that shouldn’t be a problem with Surf Excel Matic. Dump, pour a little, switch it on and relax.”  Stuco said.

"What about the nail-care?" Smass asked.

"I'm pretty much sure that my sister will trade her time to get her hands on my Ipad2" I said confidently. 

“But you need to win this contest to get an Ipad2” Subco said.

“Else one of my friends reading this will gift me.” I said. “Wont you?”

What would you do if you have extra 2 hours in a day ? 

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  1. If i get 2 hours extra,i will be using that time to plan how to manage rest of the time properly ;) :)

  2. NICE POST...

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    hope that u will promote my post.

  3. Exciting intro.
    My two hours would be like two drops on an ocean of timlessness.

  4. amazing angle to the whole concept . . loved it :)

  5. A very unique way of tackling the subject. Best of luck. Please do visit my post Aye Zindagi!

  6. @martin- lol we always need time to plan which we dont get at all :)

  7. @MLQ- least u get some more time to rest :)

  8. @ranting- thank u very much..will visit :)

  9. ha ha, the Ipad 2 part, genius! i guess that was the SMASS part of your brain working. ;D cool post. just voted for u.
    you can check out mine at

  10. now this was prettyy innovative. u took opinions of soo many people and then gave ur own :)
    A good post..and good luck for d contest!


  11. @karthik-ya my Smass works overtime :P ;) will check it out :)

    @subtlescribbler- Thanks :) :)

  12. I am no judge, but, here, now I smell something, one I pad2 gone.
    this post is one hell of a post, where did you get the idea and those people who agreed to give in their opinions,
    superb efforts, very well put down on paper.

  13. I shouldn't be saying this, but I have the privilege of being 100th f.b.liker of your blog. I know you will not be hesitating a second to gift me that Ipad2, that you would be winning as a token of appreciation for being 100th liker.

  14. Lots of efforts have gone in making this post what it is, well kudos for that. Its an excellent one, but sweetheart, indivotes or fb votes are not relevant in the competition, but even if they did, I dont think you need to worry. ALl the best.

  15. @pramod-thanks a lot :) I dont know how i got this idea. Maybe I had taken the word "Interactive" a little to seriously :) people who agreed to give their answers for the question are lovely :)

  16. @promod-thanks a lot again for liking the blog, splly as the 100th person :) ipad2? :-o first lemme get it :)

  17. @pooja- thanks :) the votes mean to me more than the ipad. They tell me that i have done my part well in entertaining my readers :) That means more than the world to me :)

  18. @pooja- moreover i consider my readers the biggest judge. Even if they think i deserve the ipad2 i am happy even without winning it :)

  19. Nice collage, and their words.. I'sure Ipad may eat you hours, be it 2 hours, 4 or 10 hours, it will eat for sure.. all the best..

    Someone is Special

  20. Nice way of using clock to show passage of time..brilliant idea I must say. Good one..Best of Luck for contest!

  21. @someone- so u r ready to get me one? cool :)
    @bmoney-Thanks :)


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