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3: Nisha's First day at college

Zoom Out:
Maya poured another peg for the three of them. Anushka was still upset and her eyes were filled with tears.
“Nisha, you told us you were pretty rich how did you end up here?” Maya asked to divert Anushka.
“Ya, I was very rich. We had cars, maids to do everything for us. I was a brilliant student, a topper. I ruined everything.....” Nisha started her story.

Zoom In:
Nisha’s story in her voice:

                I was a bright student and had a lot of friends. I am the only daughter of a very big businessman in Karnataka, one of the top 10 dad was. Dad was a poor labour when he came to Karnataka and his hard work turned him into a rich businessman. I was born with a silver spoon. My mom was very close to me. Mom was from dad’s village. Their’s was a love marriage. They eloped from home and fought a lot to live such a successful life. Dad and mom were cute couple.

                                Mom always insisted that I follow the culture, the tradition, saree, pallu, blah blah. I was ok with that till I joined college. But my college changed it all. I got a seat in a very big college in chennai. Mom and dad shifted to chennai just for me. Dad had a branch here and he turned it into head office. They always made me feel like I was their angel.
That was the first day of my college life. I had missed a month due to dad’s business trips to europe. I had gone with him. I went to college in a BMW and wanted people to look at me with an aw. But to my disappointment every one came in expensive cars, few were costlier than mine. I was asked to wear a salwar by my mom, she insisted on less revealing clothes everytime I went out. I got down from the car and walked through the lawn. I entered the main campus. Every girl there wore the dress that covered them the minimum. They all looked sexy and I looked like a clown there. I rushed to the restroom.

              The moment I came out every guy there stuck his eyes on me. I had worn a blue shorts and a white spaghetti top. Two girls came to me and asked.
“Mom problem?”
“Ya” I siad and gave them a five.
“I am Mish and this is Tina” Mish said and hugged me.
“I am Nisha.”
They took me to a crowd of boys. Mish and Tina hugged the four of them and introduced me to them.  Navneeth, Tim, John and Sam were Mish and Tina’s friends. Tim kissed me but I pushed him back forcefully.
“Was the kiss not that good?” Tim asked putting his arm around my shoulder.
“ He is a bad kisser try me.” Navneeth said and came close to me.
“Stay away loser. She is my girl from now all.” Tim pushed him away and looked at me. “ Right Nisha?”
I did not know what to answer. I barely know him. He kissed me and now is claiming to be my boy friend.
“Not fair. You take all the sexy girls” Sam said and put his arms around Mish. “Even Mish was yours when she had joined.”
“Even Tina was” John said as he put his arms around Tina.
“And later what happened? I threw them all to you right?” Tim said.
All this was new to me. Even Mish and Tina smiled shamelessly at that comment. ‘Am I in a bad group?’ I had a doubt. We went to class and Tim sat next to me still with his arms around my neck. He did not remove it even when the staff entered. I looked around and guys and girls were seated together. What Tim did didn’t seem so odd after I saw the others, most of them were the same.

                None of us listened to the class. We sat in the last bench and the staffs voice was faint. Tim asked me several questions and mostly about my previous relationships. The second gour we all bunked and planned to go to Mayajaal. We all bonded so well. Then in the evening I changed back to my salwar and went back to college. I waited for my car and bid bye to them. The moment I reached home I got a call from Tim and we spoke for an hour. Then we decided to put the others on a conference call. All of us spoke throughout the night. I started liking them. 

Zoom Out:
“You fell in love with Tim?” Maya asked.
“You knew he was a flirt and still you fell for him?” Anushka asked. She was back to normal now.
Nisha named her facebook profile as Neethu and filled the realtionship status as ‘In a relationship’
Maya peeped in and said “Ya she had loved him.”
“How did it happen. Tell us it’s interesting.” Anushka pestered Nisha to tell but Nisha was busy with her mobile.
“First you tell us how you eloped with Ashruth then I will tell you my story.” Nisha brought back the topic to Anushka’s love story. 

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  1. The thing which i said in first chapter is getting clearer now.. :p.But u always have a let me not reveal it now.. :D

  2. @anonymous- tell me who u r first :) BTw i ve few twists in this also :)

  3. Naan Kadavul.. :P.. will let u kno soon :D

  4. A good message ........
    And asusual a good twist !!
    i was wondering how this misleaded girls entered a company till the twist a nice ending !!

  5. @prbhas23- Thanks :) But what about the other two chapters? did ya see them?

  6. ya i went thru all bt commented in d wrong page lol :)


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