Monday, November 7, 2011

Thyroid has become very commom these days. The commonness has made people overlook the adverse effects of problems related to thyroid levels. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) level has to be within the normal range(0.3 to 3.0 as per recent research) if it is above the range, it is called hypothyroidand if below it is called hyperthyroid. both hyper- and hypo- if left untreated causes adverse effect on the functioning of heart and brain.  It can even cause death . abnormal TSH level during pregnancy can cause still births. It is also very difficult for a patient of thyroid to get conceived.

People should be made aware of the adverse effects of the change in levels of thyroid.Only if they come to know the effects of the disease if left untreated, they will have a mind to test their thyroid levels. One good thing is that thyroid cannot spread through air or water from one person to another but it can descend through the heredity. Every hospital should have a board that tells about the symptoms of thyroid. Free check up for pregnant women should be availed in all government hospitals. The cost of blood test for thyroid should be subsidized which will encourage people to check. Thyroid level check is not a one time check up. the level of thyroid needs to be checked on a regular basis.Heart and Brain are the most important organs for living and thyroid level changes can affect both so thyroid diseases should be considered well. The School level biologydoesn’t have much related to thyroid but just has information about common communicable diseases and their symptoms which are well known. chapters relating to thyroid should also be added. If a student is informed then his family and neighborhood is informed. Even awareness programs can be conducted in schools and collegesrelating to causes,symptoms and effects of thyroid diseases.
if not everyday, at least on the Thyroid Day television channels should come forward to telecast programs relating to thyroid diseases.

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Doc. Ganesh Puttu:
Hi GB! A thyroid is an organ, just like a kidney, heart or liver.....rarely it gets diseased and stops producing the hormone it needs to supply the body or there is a production of excess hormone which might cause a few problems. thyroid disease is not so commonplace or severe as you blog and plenty of medications are available to bring it back under control. and as i work in a govt hospital for pregnant women, i can vouch for the fact that we do TSH test routinely for all patients (throughout tamilnadu)...hope you check the local facts before blindly following american alarmist medical news releases..unneccesarry removal of thyroid causes a heck of lot of problems too...and if you need any further info please mail me..and i would help you out
Doc. Ganesh Puttu (

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  1. "Heart and Brain are the most important organs for living".... True... :)

  2. The paragraphs are getting repeated. may be it requires an edit.
    Thyroid as such is not a disease. It's an organ normally present in front of the neck that produce thyroid hormone. when these hormone levels are low or high it caused disease. So the statement "Thyroid has become very commom these days" might need an edit as well.

  3. @ganeshputtu- First of all thanks a lot for commenting and making us aware of the real facts. I collected content from online as my mom is a sufferer of thyroid. But i am happy that a doctor has taken pains to comment here. I will add ur comment in the post itself so that it will help my readers.
    Thank u again :)

  4. Better get to know more about thyroid glands; obviously it helps a lot to live a long and healthy life!!! This post will be an eye opener for the readers. So folks, read it and have absolute control over the thyroid glands.
    Nice post & I'm inspired


  5. @sriramnivas- thanks for the comment :)

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  7. Thyroid malfunction troubles, many are not aware even of it. Great initiative of an awakening.

  8. @claudia-thanks for the comment.
    @pramod-thanks :)


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