Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chapter 1: The Facebook Sign Up

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“Hey Maya, did you know that the company is offering us a smart phone with internet connection to improve their business?” Nisha said as she unplastered a brown box.
“I have never seen one. I dont want one. Will they take this damn phone back?” Maya threw her brown package on the table in front of them.
“Did you girls hear the news? We are all getting smartphones to promote...” Anushka came inside the room and saw the new phones shining in the other two girl’s hands. “Oh, it’s already here? Where is mine?” Anushka sat down in the vacant chair around the table there.
“We are asked to open a Facebook account and join our company’s group.” Nisha said and switched her phone on.

Anushka and Maya sat on either sides of Nisha in the couch.
“What is wrong with the business now? Already we are loaded with work. Alreay we have enough customers and its tough to handle. They easily promote the company but we are the ones who work all night.” Anushka said.
“We have no other go. We have to do whatever they say. Come on now pick your mobile and create a Facebook account.” Nisha said and made them pick their mobiles.
“Click this icon and click Sign Up. Then fill your details” Nisha guided them. There were few minutes of silence as the three girls filled in their details.
“I don’t understand this question dhidhi. Can you help me?” Anushka asked Nisha.
“Read it out.” Nisha said and continued to look into her phone.
“Relationship status. What are we supposed to opt?  I just know what 2 of the options mean, married and divorced. ”  Anushka read out the options. Nisha broke into laughter.
“Why do you have to laugh? Even I don’t understand that question. What should I give? We are ignorant. We did not study like you. Help us.” Maya’s voice was spiced with a tinch of anger.
“I did not laugh at you guys for not knowing it. I laughed at our relationship statuses. Ok, skip that. People who are in love put it as ‘In a relationship’.” She then looked at Anushka and asked “Have you ever been in a relationship?”

“Then why do you think I am here? Its a big story.” Anushka lost herself in her thoughts and went silent for few minutes.

“Wow. Story? Tell us tell us.” Maya kept asking Anushka the story.
“Yes Anush, you need to tell us. This is the first time we have no customers to care for and we have got the whole night. It’s a girl’s night out. Tell us the story please.” Nisha asked.

“Love. I was completely in love with him. I was in high school when i first met him.....” Anushka started her story.

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