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2:Anushka's Love story begins

Zoom in:
Anushka’s Story: (In her voice)

It was a dull evening after the toughest exam on earth, Maths. I had hardly any friends. I walked out of the school lazily. I looked around and he wasn’t there. Everyday my only happiness was looking at him after school. I was a very dull student at school. Everyone there hated me, including teachers. I failed in all exams and never spoke to anyone. Hence I had no friends at all. Parents scolded me every single day for being a dull head. He was the only one who smiled at me, everyday. He used to walk with me till my house. We never spoke to eachother; I did not even know his name. He was tall, fair well-build and handsome. But today adding to the misery of a sure-fail performance in the exam, he wasn’t there. Maybe because it was a half a day, due to exams, he wasn’t there.

                My house was a ten minutes walk from school. As I walked tears walked through my cheeks and dropped on the ground. I badly wanted to see him, look at him smiling. No one gave me the smile that he gave, everyone had a disgusting look when they looked at me. I was short,  a little fat and a bit dark. I was never even in the race of good looking girls. But he liked me, I was sure. I took a right turn into a lonely street. Usually this is where he crossed the road and walked close to me. I missed him badly. Suddenly I noticed a dog in the middle of the road. I was so scared of dogs right from my childhood. ‘Was this dog here yesterday? Daybefore?’ I did not even notice a dog when I was with him. Suddenly the dog barked at me. I was terrified by the sound that it made. I looked around and there was no one. I slowly started to run and the dog ran behind me barking.

                It was a long road and I kept running. The dog did not give up at all but was a few inches away from me. Suddenly I hit someone and I instantaneously went behind the man. I used him as a shield to save myself from the dog. I was just few inches away from the bit, it was very close. To my surprise the dog stopped running when I stopped running. The man bent down and pelted stones on the dog. It ran in the opposite direction. The man turned towards me and it was him. I was so much still in the race with the dog in my mind that it took me so long to realize that it was him. I had been holding his arms tight and almost hugging him from behind. My cheeks were completely wet with tears.

                He wiped my cheeks and hugged me tight. Then he pulled me a little away from him and kissed me on my fore head. He said “I am Ashruth. I am a worker in the RAMU construction site nearby. I love you and I will save you from every such thing. If you trust me hold my hands and I will walk you home. Else you can walk away and I will not bother you ever again.” He held his right hand up in the air for me to hold.

                I was so impressed but scared. I was not sure if ‘Love’ was compatible with my age. But I wanted him. No one else loved me, I was a complete loser in life. I flunked in the exams but I wanted to be successful in something, maybe love. But I was scared to accept it so fast. I pushed his hand down. He frowned. I went a few steps ahead without him. I turned back and he was still there, right there. I said “What are you waiting for? I am all yours. You don’t need my permission to walk me home. You dont have an option but you will have to walk me home.” There started out love story.

                We walked together and reached my gate. I asked him to leave but he refused to. After few minutes of eye to eye talking we bid goodbye, the most painful word ever. He started to leave. I kept looking at him till I could see him then I unlocked the door. Every single second reminded me of him. I waited till the next morning. I took the longest route to school just to see him work. I slowed down my pace when I walked through the construction site he worked in. I could not see but I badly wanted to. I reluctantly asked an uncle who carried a cement on his head “Uncle, is Ashruth here?”
“No no. Go go.” He said.
“Please tell me uncle. I want to meet Ashruth.” I said in a crying tone.
“There are no Ashruths here.” He said and walked away.
“Hey searching me?” Ashruth asked from behind.
“Oh ya. I was searching you. Missed you so much.” I said and smiled at him.
“Then bunk school today. I will take you somewhere. We will have fun.” He said and looked at me eagerly.
“No no. Today I have my last exam. I have to go. If I bunk today I will get caught.”
“You look very beautiful today that I don’t feel like taking my eyes off. You really want to go?” he took my hands in his when he said that.
“O...K... Exam is 1 hour away. I can be with you for another 30 minutes.”
“Ok then come with me.” he took me to the top floor of the under-construction site. He hugged me and tried kissing me. I pushed him away and ran down with a smile. After descending few steps I looked at him and said “I love you. Bye. Kissing after marriage.”

“Anushka please wait.” He said and ran to me. I was surprised how he even knew my name. I had forgotten completely to tell him. He walked close to me and held me in his arms.
“If you dont take leave today I will never meet you again.” He threatened me.
“Actually...I have ....ex”
“No talking” he kissed me on my lips and said “We are getting married today. You dont have to struggle anymore with the books and exams. I will save you from all the misery.”
“What..Ma...rriage ? How? Mom dad? Money?”
“Mom dad? My foot. Are they treating you well? They beat you all the time for the damn marks. Do you think they love you? I love you. I can’t see my angel crying all the time and tortured by those evils. Come with me. I promise to keep the smile always on your face.” He said and hugged me tight. I wasn’t able to push him away. He was so strong.
“But what about money? We need to book a marriage hall, buy clothes, then the auspicious threat. We need a lot of money.” I said still caught in his grip.
“We will take it from your house. We will start a new happy life.” He said still hugging me tight.
“You want me to steal from my own house?” I was upset with the whole idea of eloping.
“If you want me, if you want a new life full of happiness, you will have to. I love you” he kissed me and then freed me.
“Think well. Do you want to go to the school where you have no friends? Do you want to go home where your own dad and mom hate you just for the marks you score? Do you want to cry all your life like this? You can go if you want. But if you come with me, I assure you a good life.” He said.

Zoom out:

Back to the room with Nisha, Anushka and Maya.

“So you eloped with him to this city?” Maya asked.
“Did you steal the money?” Nisha asked.

Anushka did not answer and she broke into tears.

“Come on. Stop crying. Tell us the rest of the story.” Nisha asked and poured some wine in the three glasses on the table.
“I did not come to this city with him. I did not steal the money. I was a failure in everything. I should have stolen the money as he said. It was my fault and that is why I am here struggling for the each penny I earn.” Anushka broke down.
“Ok chill now. Don’t cry. Drink this and you will be fine.” Nisha handed over the glass of wine to Anushka. Maya picked hers.

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  1. Nice pic :D.. btw at wat age they wer trying to elope?? :O

  2. @anonymous- I have made it clear that she was in high school. thats the point. you'll know as the story goes on . :)


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