Monday, November 7, 2011

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This blog post is dedicated to all those back-boneless people who killed themselves and ruined their own family in the name of "LOVE" .

Love is not the ‘be-all and the end-all’. It is just a part of life. But today’s youngsters fail to understand this and run behind one four letter (LOVE) losing the other four letter(LIFE). They get inspired by the “Real Love” shown in films and start longing for it in life. Whatever shown on-screen, casting their favorite starts becomes a bible for most of people of my age. They fail to realize that the stars are paid for their on-screen chemistry and are paid even for the risky suicide scenes they act in. Youngsters,today, are not just inspired but influenced by cinema.

Films should not give a wrong image of Love to the public. Not many movies have story line that is practical. Most of the love stories exaggerates Love and love failure. According to these movies suicide is a sacrifice one could make for the sake of their love and if their love doesn’t succeed then only suicide can make it divine. Such rubbish false beliefs should be avoided from being screened.  smoking and drinking are not punishable under law still the scenes involving them has a caution statement running beneath. Suicide is a punishable act still there is no restriction in showing suicidal scenes in films.

Big heroes should stop appearing in such stupid (specially love-driven) suicide scenes and the sensor board should impose a restriction in including such scenes in at least “Mass-heroes” movies. when smooching scenes are removed to prevent the kids watching that getting spoiled why cant the suicidal scenes be removed?

Love is just another feeling like anger or hunger. It is more of a compatibility between 2 people. UNDERSTAND AND WAKE UP. 

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  1. The sad part is there are not many to counsel the innocent and correct the fools who fall prey to this. Most of the fools who come across this would have closed the post and the innocent don't even get a chance to view this.

  2. I just wanted to comment and see if it really pains (cos, u'v mentioned "...takin pains, commentin..."). It doesn. so, i suggest u remove tat mokka statement... :-P

  3. Though I wouldn't agree to the last two lines that love is like anger or hunger, I would definitely agree to the rest of the contents here. Sometimes love becomes the main focus for when it comes, it brings many companions like attachment, possessiveness, longing, and others. Long ago I had assumed that committing suicide requires immense courage but now I know that living against all odds requires immense courage.

    I am interested to know as to what prompted this post.

    Joy always,

  4. @vivek reddy- lol
    @susam deborah- This was my response to a question asked in Deccan chronicle log ago :) I picked it from my old blog and shared it here

  5. A nice "Thought for the day", especially to the Film certification & Censor Board. Obviously, the media is going to turn a blind eye to such issues because it is the money that palys its perfect part over there in the film world.
    Short & Sweet Post!!!

  6. You are Ignorant... STFU. You have no idea how bad a place someone is in when they end their life... I hope you never have to know you tool.

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