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What lovers talk? For all those who are single it is really surprising to see people, who are in love, talk for hours together over phone or how they message each other non-stop. I had the same exclamation mark on my face each time when I saw someone in love talking till I came to know what they really talk. Experience has taught me what it is. By the previous sentence one might think I feel in love started talking to a guy and found what lovers usually talk. For those who guessed it this way “Cheers!” you are absolutely wrong. Then what was the experience? Let me 
tell you about that.

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Nobody who is single would like to listen to the conversation of lovers for few of the below reasons:

Reason 1: We defenitely become jealous.
When we see them from a distance where we won’t be able to hear what they speak or see what they message we feel jealous. We feel jealous for not having someone to shout at without getting a word back in opposition. We feel jealous for not having someone to spend all their money paying their mobile bills and also our mobile bills. We feel jealous for not having someone to talk non-stop when we are completely bored and have nothing to do.

Reason 2: We are not mannerless to listen to personal talks.
When we go a little closer to observe lovers speaking or texting we understand that it is completely their personal so we go deaf to their talks.

Reason 3: We get irritated to the core when we actually come to know what they really talk.

I always thought the above 2 were the reasons for singles hating to listen to lovers but very recently I found out the real reason. When you observe lovers talking over the phone you can see them lowering their voice below the audible decibles. They always want their talks to be confidential. They refuse to talk to their lover when they are in crowd. They go under bedsheets, inside bathrooms to talk. If they are in a crowd they slowly slide away unnoticebly to a place where there are no known faces and continue their talks. If talking is done in such a careful way, texting is given a little more hype. If you see the mobiles of people who are committed you can’t see a single message in their inbox. They have the habit of deleting all the messages as and when they read. These friends who are committed, even if they are sitting next to you in a way their mobile screen is completely and no-other-go seen , they manage to tilt it in a way the screen goes glaring to our eyes. You won’t even be able to make out a single letter they type.

Why I am emphasizing on the way they communicate is to make people understand how careful they are to maintain privacy. When I noted all this I though lovers will generally have lots to speak and important stuffs to share with eachother that is the reason why they are very careful when they talk. But one day I got extra curious to know what they really talk. I don’t bother if you think I am mannerless now as I am sure you’ll understand how funny you have been to have thought so after you complete reading this article. I heard 2 in-love people speaking over phone, obviously I overheard (But that’s ok they are very close to me they wont mistake as they wont know themselves that it is them I am talking about now. I am surely not going to reveal their identity in public if not for their safety but surely for mine.who will get the boxings from them later on?) this is what they spoke for 2 long hours.

Girl: Hi whats up?
Boy: hey hi! Nothing at all. Whats up with you?
Girl: nothing here too. so then tell me..
Boy:nothing to tell you. You tell me
Girl: no you
Boy: you pl
Girl: if you don’t tell me I ll put down the receiver
Boy: hey hey don’t do that. I will miss you
Girl: I will miss you too
After a loooooong gap
Boy : then ?
Girl: nothing
After another long gap
Girl: then?
Boy: nothing

I think this is enough for you to understand what it is like. “Then” “you tell me” “whats up” “miss you” “love you” only these words exist in dictionary is it? I was annoyed. To speak absolutely nothing, nothing so important, why do they give so much build up as though some army secrets are shared. They say it’s private and talk nothing at all. Now I understand why telecom industry florishes. I used to wonder why they give free or reduced cost calls at nights but these crazy people justify the weird and stupid plans of service providers. I am happy for just one thing. They make the fullest use of the plan. If it is full free at nights these people call and hold the call till the time for free calls gets over whether they talk or not. So guys if you are curious like i were, do not be anymore. if you are single laugh at these talks and if you are committed enjoy these talks. good luck to both kinds

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  1. I'm guffawing and I totally agree! but cheers to telecommunication networks!

  2. Once upon time telephone industry billed each call and text message and then...Teenage girls started messaging........That's all..all there systems and software couldn't keep up with the speed and messages, so telephone companies you go, pay me 100 and use unlimited :P

  3. @amol-lol
    @dhivya-hey i went thro ur blog..are u a member of

  4. i guess dis is a personal experience :P wat say GB ?? is dis ur own conversation ???

  5. i wonder the NEWS OF THE WORLD newspaper, they never hacked those lovers mobile . if they had done something like that, sure that would be the reason for their goodbye to the world, they may gone crazy after hearing those lovers conversation . its just a joke for all those lovers, this aint serious nothing on my mind ... :P

  6. u are talking as though u haven't experienced love.. i am sure u would have said the same things like
    “Then” “you tell me” “whats up” “miss you” “love you”

  7. any "live" demos that u saw?? (or xp'd too) :P:P

  8. I never understood what my friends talked with their partners when I was single even after I myself got into a relationship. :P
    Would never know and it's better I don't know.

  9. @vinay-lol ya better off the way u know it :)

  10. I has been so curious in finding out what could be the lovers speak for hours, while i find myself very hard to continue the conversation for more than 15 minutes.

    There has been times i search through internet to find out what they speak, and i found nothing.

    Thanks for sharing the secret.

  11. @jagan- lol :) thanks for the comment :)

  12. And all dis is because they would have spent an entire ni8 talking about their past present and future to such an extent that they wud hv nothing much to talk about in future... and here comes the magical word " then" that keeps dragging the conversation...

    So its upto us if we have to empathetic-ally pitty them or envy them ;)


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