Tuesday, September 27, 2011

“Dial is big”, “Dull colour”, “Very cheap“, ” That blue colour one in the second row.”, “No, No not that dark blue..”, “I like this dad, i’ll take it”. The shopkeeper showed a sigh of relief as I kept him running from showcase to showcase to select my first fast track watch ever. Dad paid the 2000 bucks in his credit card as usual and I immediately stuck the watch to my wrist. We had gone all along to T.Nagar from Chromepet in a two wheeler to buy it. On our way back home, i plugged the headset into my ears and listened to the FM as my eyes continued admiring my brand new Fast Track watch. There was a long road signal and we had to wait there for 107 seconds. I came back to the world of people from the world of numbers from 1 to 12, clock hands and the clock ticks. Since I had bought a new watch and was so obsessed with it, I tracked the signal time with my watch time. I still remember the details of that day with approximate seconds as i was counting on it.

          107 seconds. I looked around to see if there were anyone I knew, if not to smile at, at least to show them my new watch. There were too many waiting at the signal. Few checked their cell phones and returned text messages to friends in the time they got, people inside cars cracked jokes and laughed at each other in mute as the windows were closed. There were girls who removed the mask they covered their face with and looked into the rear view mirror to adjust make up. Everyone were busy in their own world and so was I, in my own world.
          87 seconds. I looked at the pavement and there was a competing crowd there too. All of them busy in their own world, carrying all that they had purchased, discussing about how costly things have become, few busy complaining that the shops had less collections than the platform shops. Few regretted for buying clothes before seeing the one in front of them that moment. I could make out all these even from a distance and even when their conversations were not audible.

          59 seconds. I accidentally saw a female sitting in the pavement, scratching her head. Lot of people who passed by did not even notice her, few of them looked at her in disgust while they walked. There were a few guys who ogled at her from a distance. The reason for this was the way she was dressed. She was almost topless. She had covered her bosom with a single towel that had flown away and failed to solve its purpose. She wore a skirt that Indian female wear inside their saree and even that was 3/4th only. A lot of people who stood there in the signal looked at her just like I did. Few pitied her, few looked at her in disgust and a few ogled at her bosom. There was a small kid who said “Mom, look there. That aunty.” And the mom asked the kid to look away.

          43 Seconds. I had my dupatta, I really wanted to go and cover her with it but I was in the middle of the road and 43 seconds was just too little a time to go help her. I can’t ask my dad to park the vehicle as he was getting late to his office. He had come all the way to buy me a watch. I was too busy to care. She was right in front of a small textile shop.  I could have very well got down, went there to get her a nighty or something to cover herself. I did not do that.

          Green Signal. We started from there and this incident disturbed me a lot. What am i doing for the society? The topless female’s image flickered in my mind too often on my way back home

“Can I give this dress to maid’s daughter?” mom used to ask. Mostly my reply used to be “No mom. That’s my favourite dress.”
“But it doesn’t fit you anymore”, mom used to argue. “But that’s my favourite and I can’t give it to anyone”
I’m such a girl. What have I ever done for fellow humans? Am I being selfish? I was too busy to care all through my life but now this incident disturbed me more than it should have, unusually.

What I did:

That is when I decided that I was too busy, all of us are. We are not the kind of people who go to villages to teach people “ABCD” or the kind who go to orphanage and sponsor a meal to kids. But one day I will die and this rat race will stop. What is the minimum that I can do? Yes, I thought after I die, I probably can’t be busy anymore. Why can’t I donate my organs? Ya, I love my organs more than my favourite dress but the love need not stay with me till the burial ground or crematorium. But I was too busy to find out the place where I’ll have to go and register.

Proud Organ Donor from June 2011
I had this thought for almost 2 years and recently I found a site to donate my organs (Kidney, Eyes, Liver, Heart, Lungs and Pancreas) online. Within a week’s time I got my donor card posted to my address. Now I am a proud organ donor.

How can you do it:
      1.       Click this link
      2.       Login and donate your organ
      3.       You’ll get your card in a week’s time.

How can the 'Too busy to care syndrome' be reduced? 
Inspiration lasts till that which inspires last,
Motivation lasts till that which motivates last,
Sympathy lasts till the thing we sympathize stay in our vision,
but awareness lasts till the life lasts.

You don't have to create awareness about the need of the society, everyone knows about it already.
Create awareness about the easiest way one can help the needy in spite of the busy schedule, from the arm chair.  

In case this blogpost was informative and you have decided to donate your organs too, please leave a comment below. Than being a donor it will make me feel prouder to have a friend/reader like you.

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  1. I donated t long bak :) wen I was in 11th :) :)

  2. Definitely a commendable effort GB :-)
    Nice Work! Well Done too!

  3. Good Thought GB.
    Today's generation may not the be role models for the generations to come,but the way of think has evolved.Today people genuinely want to help others, but for the scarcity of their time.
    What an apt post, considering that the Joy Of Giving week is near.
    I'll sign up for the Organ Donor Site as well. Thank you :)

  4. Not everyone in life gets a wake up call like you did and I reckon most people would have done exactly what you did at the signal. However, very few go on to do something like this and I am very proud of you :D

  5. @ashwini-Thanks for the compliments about the post and if its from u, its surely spl. And ya do that :)
    @alban- hi5!
    @stardust- thank u :)

  6. @priyanthan- true. we dont get a chance to help :) When we get it we dont have time to. Thanks :)

  7. Great work GB!
    We at times think of helping the needy but we dont get a chance for that due to various reasons during our lifetime.. By donating our organs we might be able to get a chance to help the needy atleast after our life!!

  8. I am running to the site as well. Thanks for the info!

  9. Great work GB.. Good deed as you are donating some organs.. :)thanks for the info

  10. GB asusual awsome work.. n yeaaa being a organ donor gives u a lot of happiness.. people can see us even after we are long gone.. Hope many people will follow you :p

  11. Good work :) I am really astouded by the fact that you observed something while waiting for the signal and thought of donating the organs:)

  12. Great Work GB! Proud to say that you are my cousin!! I am pledging my organs too.

  13. @gokul-ya exactly. thanks :)
    @adreamy gal-super hi5!
    @unknown-thanks but pl mention ur name from next time
    @harish-thanks da. u r the first person to donate organs seeing the link on FB long time back
    @vidya-thanks a lot :)
    @anan-thanks athimber...and good luck with pledging :)

  14. nice work...beautifully written...continue your good work towards society :)

  15. well done socialist!!
    *proud of ya*

  16. Interesting...Timely help has the utmost importance in any situation...Absolutely understand ur pov... Do inform your family & friends abt your decision to donate your organs.. Convincing family is the most difficult & important part in this... Keep them informed about how they should proceed in emergencies & how important this is to you. Cheers & good job

  17. @satish and abhi-thanks
    @ash-akka i donated few months back... My parents had no say against it... u know my mom n dad :) they were like i need a card too :)

  18. great one from u!! :)

    more more more to come i hope :)

  19. This blog post made me ponder a bit about my past experience in similar situations. I really dint bother about anything apart from me and my dear ones. May be because I was not mature enough back then... I don't know how many of us has been like the same way I was. But after reading this post, all or most of us must be aware of the fact that humanity must come in front of any other serious emotions a human being can have(love, religion, race and more...)

    Organ donation is a good idea but remember that its not the end to our support for the community. GG - GB for donating your organs. I hope the contest people look into your awareness creating post. Good luck.

    So, here is my idea or thought!
    We live in a country where we can evade taxes which in my opinion is not a bad thing as most of the taxes end up in a Swiss account of a greedy individual. So why not evade tax and spend a part of our income for some one who really needs it, may it be an individual or a community. It may sound quite weird but think again :)

  20. Great work gb:)
    It really makes me think..

  21. Hey ganga,Thought-provoking one!!I've had the same feeling many a times..really gave me goosepimples...

  22. Great post, it was very touching.

  23. @pechu- thanks a lot for a comment that competes my post in btw i really find ur comment worthy to think about... :) great thought about the taxes... :)
    @preethi,vaijayanthu and vinay-thanks for taking pains and commenting

  24. Great Post... Thanks for the donor link shared. I was thinking of donating for long time , and now the time has came..

  25. @shanmuga kumar- hi5! :) Im happier than donating it myself when i see ppl finding this useful for themselves to donate :)

  26. Great Stuff, Will share it to my friends

  27. Nice post. Great info shared. Keep up the good work.

  28. @arul- Thanks a lot :)
    @positive- Thanks :)


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