Sunday, October 9, 2011

                “Dad! Please let me go for this meet alone. Please dad” I pleaded to attend the Indiblogger Meet at Chennai powered by Tata Grande Dicor. It was always difficult to convice my over-protective dad to send me somewhere alone, not to mention the Singapore and Malaysia trips in the name of Technical paper presentation in Conferences. Maybe he let me because he trusted the safety in the other nations more than his own nation.

“What Indiblogger? What meet? No way. Do you know someone there?” he asked.
I obviously had nothing to say. Even if I had known a 100 people coming there he wouldn’t allow, I know. By “Do you know someone” he means “Do I know someone?”
“Dad its conducted by TATA, the brand i am going to work for. So this might add to my points in the company( TCS) “ who cares if it does, I just want to attend the meet.
“Ok, do whatever you want. I cant come with you, escorting. I have works.” he was not completely convinced.

Thank god you have works. “Thats disappointing dad. I’ll try managing on my own.” I said with happiness wrapped with a frown face.

“Anwyway I’ll come to the bus stop.” He is the best dad a girl could possibly get; Protective and affectionate. If I were a dad of two girls I’d be concerned too.
I was praying god that I should attend the meet till the moment I boarded the bus. I was worried if some issue would crop up till that moment. That is why I started early. Yippie! Finally I was in the bus, heading towards Hyatt Regecy.

       I reached there at 12:30 for a program that was scheduled to start at 1:30. Too early, but i told you the reason. The moment I registered, there was a pretty girl with a Tee Shirt which had a print ‘Indian By Birth and Blogger By choice’, who branded me an “Indiblogger”. I was so jealous of her, ‘Arey! not for the looks’, for the Tee Shirt she wore. I didn’t have one but i was sure I was going to get one soon.


                   There were not many who were there at 12:30 for a 1:30 event. I sat alone in the last row looking around worriedly if the day would go on, the same way; lonely. I tried connecting to the hotel's WIFI but it asked me to book a room to do that. I did not want to waste my balance in the name of ‘vetty browsing’.  My picture along with my name was on the projector screen. There were few other’s but I was too busy wondering if I could have given a picture, better decent than the one on screen, if only I had known this. There came an uncle named Sheka who gave me a piece of paper with his name and URL printed on it. ( Why didn’t this idea strike my mind? I am an Idiot, no doubt. He was my first stranger friend there.

                Then came the lovely  3 girls or women; women who looked girls-like who called me to the second row. Thanks to the three of you, that won me a Rs.575 worth laptop skin. A gift just to sit in the first row? If this was the case, why would people always prefer the last row? Thank you Ashwini, my collegemate was there too. 

Then the “Food Bloggers plus the 3 other bloggers made the first half of the meet wonderful. They were fun to be with. They flooded my purse with their cards.  -Sanjeeta ( A Card as simple as she looked. He blog isn’t so simple. Now I know how to play subtle :P ) -Divya Kudua (The cute small card. I am making a similar one for me when I earn enough.) and –R.Nithya Mangala (the cute pink card with a delicious cake on the left top. I wish you brought me one. Sobs! L ) -Srivalli Jetti ( I ve seen a Seasons greeting card but this was a seasons visiting card.)  
The best pick of mine: Umbrella22 as she sat just next to me and tolerated me for hours together. (My mom needs your number to know the trick of handling my frequency of speaking)

                The event started 23 minutes late and all of us kept tweeting as it was fun to see the tweets on the big screen. The first event was ’49 Seconds of Fame’  and I was the second. 49th second the Dicor’s horn will be the buzzer to stop you. I was exact, on-the-dot completion of talking. Few guys got a gift. A gift even to say “My name is.... and i am ....”  that’s cool. Indiblogger Rocks.

                Then was the tea time. We all went out made friends. Krishna, Sruthi, sindhu and a guy whose name i really don’t remember. Hey dude, if you are around my blog do comment and tell me ‘Here I am, Second year VIT’ alright?

                The moment we entered into the hall, we were surprised with a chart with the sponsor’s name on top of it “Tata Grande Dicor.”. We didn’t know what to do, while few started getting blog URL’s written on it.

Again the talk. Blogologue was introduced to me and for the others, most of them, they knew it already. Blogalogue makes the blogposts into a play. How did I miss it? Then started the fun part. Tying the chart at our backs we had to run around getting something written. Opps! I forgot to mention the sketch pens they gave that made the charts colourful. They got the sketch back. No problem, the give-away’s were enough.

                After the fun session of ‘blog at my back’ they asked us for the funniest quote written on the chart. Mine was

Rowdy of the Chennai Blogger's Meet.”

I asked the crowd to know who had written that and a whole group of boys (Morons) lifted their hands. “You win a prize for that” the host announced and asked me to give my name. I did and I also thanked the actual ROWDIES OF THE DAY for being generous enough to give me their title. Lol.
       We had a wonderful photo session which exactly reminded me of the TATA GRANDE DICOR’s board kept there; something like  ‘they tried their best to fit me in one picture’ . If posted online we could only tell people that we stood there and it will surely not have a proof.

                We got the Tee shirts, Im loving it already but should have got small instead.  I claimed my gift 
for the ‘ROWDY’ title and the guy was so sweet to take down my email id and said he’d courier the gift. If you are the one who promised me, better do that soon, else i will blog about you making false promises too. Just kidding. ‘I am damn serious’ –Mind Voice.

                The day ended with Pawan mocking me with the "Rowdy" title i got, in the bus. Thanks for the company till Saidapet, Mr.Pawan. 

Thanks Indiblogger for giving me a memorable day and something to blog about. Love you

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  1. Seems a whole lot of goodies u got yesterday ....

  2. hi GB :) very nice post about our indiblogger meet. You r looking so cute! You blocked my blog name in that Chat Photography with ya finger! am very sad u didn't mention my blog name! Its mine! Yesterday u said its very difficult to follow all blogs. You dont follow my blog but at-least visit one time n give ya suggestions & valuable comments. Thanks P :)

  3. Great post, Pleasure to meet you all there.

  4. @jagan- pleasure meeting all of u :) nice blog :)
    @henry-When did i tell i dont follow blogs? :-o I do. And i just typed down the cards i had in hand... sorry about my hand hiding ur blog's name ....just visited ur blog and it was nice :)

  5. thats nice.. i really wanted to come.. :(

  6. @sahi- You could have come.. I sent u the indiblogger link also :)

  7. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  8. How did I miss at the meet, such an interesting blogger who writes interestingly with a faint touch of humor!

  9. @malathy-thank u so much :) do read my blog book "A Sip Of Love and a Sip Of Coffee" n leave ur feedback :)

  10. I remember you "rowdy girl" from the meet. Don't know whether you would.

    Glad to connect here.


  11. @susan- I rem you well. The 49 secs of fame helped :)

    Nice to see u here on my GB land. :) Thanks for visiting.

    BTW, I am not a "Rowdy girl" those guys were insane :)

  12. hmm, i could not attend this fantastic meet, i really missed it by a day, by seeing the photos my regret increases drastically :( Thanks for posting about it.... i wish they should arrange for a meet as soon as possible again :P

  13. @deepak- we really had a great time and i just cant wait to see the photos and vdos to get uploaded... :) Dont worry this was my first blogger meet. There are having one every year :)

  14. Visit your comment at me at

  15. Had a great time there... It was glad meeting you and others :)

  16. @anand- It was a pleasure meeting all of u :) Had fun :) memorable day :)

  17. @besh- i saw.. :) "Google me at" right :) thanks for the photo, saved it :)

  18. heyyyyyyy Ganga!!

    really had an awesome time there....nice post out here...u r Daddy's girl ugh?? ;)

    Thanks for dropping by!!!!


  19. @kally- ya, had a wonderful time there. Nice meeting all of u :)

  20. I missed the invite and the event, do let me know if we meet next.:)

  21. sure sir. The home page of indiblogger had the invite. We just had to register. Anyway I will indimail you if i come to know about such events in the future.

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  23. It was a nice experience and feels good to have met lots of like minded people sharing interests.

    Adithis Amma Sews

  24. Its very beautifully written post... and you took us all on a perfect journey with your words... I enjoyed it...

    Here is my impression from the Indiblogger meet…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Connect with me At twitter @VerseEveryday

  25. very beautifully written GB.
    I missed the event. :)

  26. I already saw ur blogpost and shared it in FB. Already following u on twitter :) Thanks for the photos. At last one proper click of mine :)

  27. @prabhavathi- Thanks :) join us next time :)
    @adithya's amma-nice meeting u all :)

  28. nice post....its quite surprising that you enjoyed it soo much..especially the blogologues...but different folks/different strokes, i guess. Any way - i guess everyone remembers you especially because of the "title" you were crowned with..hope to see you - all encumbrances free- at next years meet as well,

  29. @ganesh- It was a blast, i thoroughly enjoyed . Why is that a surprise ?
    Title, I still wonder who gave it n why :(

  30. loved your mind voice's threat!
    lovely read this was. almost like being there

  31. @sujatha-thank u so much :) have a look at my Blogbook:'A Sip Of Love & A Sip Of coffee"

  32. Hi,it was Tons of FUn in the blogger’s meet .

  33. oh my! u still dont know who wrote that 'Rowdy' comment? c'mon...It's me! lolzz...Thought u knew!!

  34. Well..go and check it's written in copper sulfate blue color ..rite? :):)

  35. @banu- What :-o the unexpected always happens to me :P ;) It was u? I really did not guess that, not even close.


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