Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This is surely not a ‘how I Met You Father’ for my kids to read after ages. It surely will not run down for pages till people get bored of it saying "‘How I met your grandfather’ would be apt". This is a small, sweet memory I want to preserve in my heart forever. (Dad, this caution is specially for you.) Don't come to a conclusion before reading it fully .

January 10, 2009. The first time i ever met him was on this day. He existed even before but I looked at him only that day. Today my relationship with him has grown so strong and long that I just cant live a second without my thoughts tickling me and whispering to me ‘Go look at him once’. Yes, my two and a half years of love is here, rolling down the page. Happy reading.
          The first letter I wrote to him was ‘This is all mine!! GB’Yes, I am talking about my blog. My first love for ‘writing’ happened here in GB land.  I have flooded my blog with a lot of posts but this time I want to dedicate this post to GB Land without which I can call myself nothing, an absolute 'nothing'. 

I was so curious to know what this word “Blog” meant. I googled and all I got was the link to That is when I created my first ever blog;; exactly where you are, right now. The first few days I used this space to post all the articles I had sent to newspapers or contests and those of which failed to hit the print or prize. My poems or call it rhymes, filled the space at times. I started writing short stories on Facebook as a note and found it to be real name-giving. People started commenting on it and asking me  for more. I thank them for over-looking all my mistakes and drinking just the juice of it. Eventually I had some 10 stories piled up in my FB notes. I wanted to share it with my family outside Facebook, who were too outdated to have an account on Facebook (Dad, Please don's tell mom that I called her outdated.). Few were risky to be a part of my friend’s list on Facebook (Dad, that doesn't refer to you. It's sister.). So I decided to copy, paste all the stories one by one in my blog in 2010. Slowly I learnt about how blogger worked. The ‘Statistics’ accidentally fell in my vision.

“Wow! One more view” I used to jump when the number turned into 5 from 4. This checking of stats happened every 5 minutes, for continuous 1 hour or till the traffic died, after every post of mine. Slowly the thirst for traffic deepened in me. I wanted more, when I say more I really mean MORE. I started posting links on Facebook and the everyday traffic started increasing and reached a 100 everyday ( Everyday, here, means the days I post and I really don't care if the other days exist). “Yippie! It is a 100 today.” Were my last utter of most of the days, back then. I slept at 1 or 2 after midnight, just to see the hit becoming 100. I’m not crazy, my mom had me tested.<Sheldon Cooper's tone>

                Slowly and steadily, GB became a serious blogger but the posts were still not-so-serious type. The hits were still 100 every time she posted something new. (She? Ya, ‘She’, because I never blow my own trumpet; I just make people assume that someone else is blowing it.) “Followers?”  that question made me understand who followers are and how interesting blogs have follows. Then came Comments that made me jump. I am stupid, I know; a jumper also.  
    My post about ‘Mycityway’ was a milestone in GB Land. It blew my traffic drastically. . Lately, it is my BlogBook: “A Sip Of Love And A Sip Of Coffee” that is jamming GB Land with traffic and i’m loving it. I love you all for that.

The below is to you 'GB Land'

My Blog, I love you,
Here's where i can 'eat tummy full'  when i actually starve
'cry' with a wide smile
'smile'  with a wide smile ( Why would I cry when I am here; GB Land.)
'sleep like a rock' when I am awake typing it burning my midnight oil
tell the crowd what I did with a 'she' 
what she did with a 'I'
give a makeover for my characters, free of cost
Go around the world without visa.

I love you so much my blog.

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  1. A nice post on your love with the Blog, your introduction to Blog and how you have become a serious blogger.Excellent way of writing.

    I hope that I made you jump with my comments.

    I have gone through your news paper clippings also in your blog. Congrats

  2. thanks a lot :) Also go thro my other posts and let me know how u like it :)

  3. Kudos Ganga... You've narrated your love for blog beautifully and it is evident that the bonding is very strong. Keep going and don't stop the journey... :)

  4. feel good about you....have wonderful time wid ur love....

  5. @sowmyadeep. Visit mt BlogBook at

  6. this caught my attention because i actually posted on he topic - how i met your father

    this was an interesting post - the initial days of blogging with the views & readers slowly & steadily increasing is a high for sure

  7. @sujatha. Thanks for dropping in. Will visit the post and leave my comment :)


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