Saturday, January 10, 2009

That was the first day when I faced a new world, neatly dressed, new blue uniform, fresh smelling books, and new friends. But the first few friends I met were crying actually yelling out to reach their parents. Ya!! It was my L.K.G. but I had no such feeling, nothing seemed alien, I was just smiling, maybe I was one weird creature on this planet.
But no doubt that whatever was taught sounded to be French and Latin to me. We all soon became friends, very cute gang of naughty brats. 

We never knew to brand anyone as a guy or a gal when it comes to friendship, all that we knew was just being nice to all, speaking the truth doing the home work.
Skipping the daily home work, telling lies to satisfy the teacher, fairing bad in tests and trying to justify it became our routine and it was our high school time. 
Entering the higher secondary, notes seemed nothing tests were something which was always meant for tomorrow, paper messages were more important than the classes, teachers voice was always lower than our whispers.
God! That was the time we all enjoyed, my precious 12 d came into play vital role in shaping me out well. Salute u 12 d!!!

With all dreams and hopes I entered college… Ya! Here too made many friends. But here came the problem... than engineering subjects the college tries to teach me the GENDER… gosh! Wats wrong?? Does friendship get classified into categories of gender?? No, not at all. A friend is always a friend be it a boy or a gal. “FRIENDSHIP HAS NO GENDER” 

Ya continuing bt ma clg life.. it started off with 5 sweet gals and 3 nice guys. Wonderful gang.. Then befriended almost half the class and started loving each one for their special care.

I’m what I am. But whatever I am its just because oif my lovely friends who I ve met so far in life… this is a tribute to them 
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