Saturday, January 10, 2009

I’m a hindu by birth, often people say

None knows, these religions were born which day


Diwali, pongal, holi like festivals ever queued in the list

Festivals of other religions were ever behind a mist


Days were there when, to me, Christmas was not known

Never got a chance to enjoy the Christmas carol’s tone


Channels of television always increased my admiration

Longed to decorate the tree with Christmas gift’s motivation


Ramzan, isn’t it a day of celebration and happiness for us

If not with beef and meat, at least greeting friends with wishes


We never have the mind to know what others culture is

Happily sit and nod to all opposition in our leader list


We need explosions and bomb blasts to kindle togetherness

 We shout with vigor standing united for a time very less


We feel proud when some one heads the blood shed

Hot news about an actress and this memory soon fled


Unity is not just a medicine to the paining hearts

Treat it a vaccine to prevent disaster till terror falls


Lets celebrate festivals not just enjoying a day’s holiday

But showing the terror our unity, no more 9/11 day









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