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We people are always curious to know about others' life and that is why the social networking sites make a lot of money out of it. However stupid people become by posting all their personal stuffs online the interest in reading other’s diary, especially a stranger’s, will never fade. I accidentally got a chance to read a diary of a bachelor who stays in the bulding next to mine. Whenever I saw this guy I used to wonder why he doesn’t even smile at me while he smiles at my male cousins. Not just me, he doesn’t smile or talk to girls and nobody knows why. When I read his diary I understood why. Let me type it out for you. Read and enjoy.

Sep 31
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          I got up late and hence had to rush to the office. I was in no mood to go to office as today was the last day of the week and I had plans for the weekend. I spoke to my client and rectified few bugs. All my work for the day got over by 8 pm in the night. I waited in the lobby for Natesh to come. As usual my roommate, Natesh, was half an hour late. We drove to our usual dinning place, ate, drank a little beer and drove home.

It was 11 by the time we changed and relaxed. We did not have a television instead we made the full use of our laptops. Natesh was too tired to watch our usual serial on the lappie and he lay listening to radio in his iphone. I didn’t want to sleep so early (11 is too early for youngster’s with laptop to sleep). Natesh wanted me to switch off all the lights and make the room dark.I sat down on the floor next to the bed. I played “Criminal Minds-Blood Thirsty” episode and set myself in a comfortable location. There was a small guy, in this episode, killed people around and pulled apart body parts like, stomach, heart, from them along with their blood. This guy drank the blood and stored the human stomach, heart and all the organs he plucked, in his fridge.

 It was 11:55 pm and the room was dark while the road was way too silent. “Ding”, came a sound and I was terrified to open the door. I tried waking up Natesh but he was fast asleep. I slowly went to the door and opened it. There was nobody there. “Ding” again the same sound came from inside the house. I shut the door hard. Only then I realized that it was an email notification. I usually have all my messengers auto-signed-in. Since I was sleepy and was watching some horror stuff in the late hours I couldn’t think straight.

I relaxed myself but my thought was still stuck with the blood the guy drank in the serial and the human stomach that was plucked from a dead man. I wanted to swing my thoughts away from it so I decided to take a break. I opened the mail and it had a video attachment. The mail read

“HI Raj! I am Priya. My life is in your hand. Please. Please.”

It also had a video file attached. I was too excited that a girl has sent me some mail with a video attachment. I downloaded it as quickly as possible. I played the file and I got stunned. I was already terrified watching some stupid horror stuff and this video added to my fear. I threw my laptop down. I tried waking up Natesh.
“Natesh, Natesh”
“What’s it man?”
“Is there a girl named Priya in our area?”
Natesh looked at  his mobile and said“What the fuck man! You wake me up at 12:15 to ask me about a figure(girl)?”
“Just tell me da. Did a girl in our area commit suicide when I was out of town?”
“Whats wrong with you? Ya, a girl who stays in the opposite flat commited suicide last week when you were out of town” Natesh glances at the laptop screen and screamed “This is the girl who died. What the hell are you doing with her photo?”
I played the video again for him. Priya in the video said

Video 1:
“Hi I am priya. You remember me? You smiled at me two three times when I crossed your appartment. One day you even followed me to the bus stop. I used to admire you in the mornings through my window. My bedroom is just opposite to your room. Now don’t go and look for me as I won’t be there. I committed suicide a week back…I...I…….”

Natesh got down from the bed and sat beside me. He asked me if what the girl said was true and if I had followed her, smiled at her.
“I smile at every good looking girl and follow whichever girl walks on the street. Who knows if she was one among them?” I said.
He said “I know you are a flirt. But that’s not the problem now. Why did she commit suicide? Are you related to this death? What if she has sent the same content to someone else? Will the police enquire you?”
I was better without waking this idiot up. I didn’t know the answer to any of his question. One thing bothered me much and I asked him about it.
“Hey! Don’t you think the video is cut abruptly? She is trying to say something starting with ‘I’ but the video gets shaky and ends.”
“What else could that be? Poor girl, she must have loved you. Knowing that you are a flirt she must have commited suicide. ‘I...I…I love you only’” he mimicked in her voice.
I got irritated and I lifted my hands to hit him. “Ding” another mail notification popped. It was from Priya again. Both of us got serious and opened the mail. Again there was an attachment which was a video file. We downloaded it. Natesh said “Machi! Don’t even see da” But I did not listen to what he said and I opened the video. There she was again.

Video 2:
“I will tell you whatever I want to say as soon as possible. I love you and I watch you every morning. But I seriously did not know you had a girl friend coming to your room every night. But even after knowing that my love for you did not reduce. She couldn’t tollerate me looking at you. She used to stare at me from you window and warn. She started following me wherever I went. Even now she is looking at me from a distance. She will kill…….” Again the video shook and ended abruptly.

“What is this? You had a girl home every night without even me knowing it?” Natesh exclaimed.
“Idiot! Aren’t you bothered about anything else she just said?” I said.
“Did you bring a girl home or not?” he again asked.
“No no no no” I said in a crying tone. I was tooo tensed.
“Ok relax da. Let’s think. There was no girl here. You are sure about it right?” he stressed on the sure. “Ok. This girl loved you; she must have a bad taste. But that’s not important now. Why did she commit suicide? We need to find that.” He said.
“Is it a ghost?” I whispered.
“Shame on you. Don’t you know that emails can be scheduled? She has scheduled it. Play the second video again” He said and played the second video again.
“She has ended with ‘She will kill..’ Who will kill? Who will she kill? How many more mails will you….” Another mail notification interrupted his investigation. There she was again in the video.

Video 3:
“She is looking at me through your window now. If I wash my face she stands opposite to me and stares at me. Today I went to the shopping mall and she was following me throughout. She locked me inside the dressing room and threatened me. I am sure she will kill me so I am killing myself. Is falling in love with you is a crime? If it is, I am ready to face the punishment. I even begged her saying that I wouldn’t harm her. She said the same to me but she betrayed me. I truly love you. She prevented me from telling you this but finally I am telling you. I want you to tell the world the reason for my death. I want you to punish her the way she deserves. Bye Raj.”

 We did not know what to do. We were speechless and clueless. Suddenly Natesh gave an idea which relaxed us for the rest of the night; it was already 3:30 am. He said that we could meet his cousin who is a psychiatrist and ask him if it was a ghost or something.We forced the night to come to an end. We saw through the window to see if the girl’s bedroom was seen. We saw the video again and again. Later we tried to force our thoughts away from this.

Oct 1
As soon as the sun’s rays hit the earth we ran to his cousin’s place with the laptop. His cousin was very friendly and was a young psychiatrist. He saw the whole thing and asked us to take him to our room. WE sat down and saw the video again and again. He suddenly stood up and ran down the stairs. We didn't know where he was going so we had to follow him. He entered Priya's apartment. I really got scared as I didn't know what he was going to do. He rang a door bell at random. An old lady opened the door. He asked her "Is this priya's house?" We got stunned. We didn't know what to do. I was not sure if Priya had told the same story to her family members too. I wasn't sure if they are familiar with my face. I turned to the other side and stood in a way the old woman cant see a bit of my face. The lady said "Yes, who are you?"
Doctor didn't respond to her and went inside the house. He dragged me along but i managed to look the other side so that my face is still not seen. The lady came behind continuously questioning us of our identity. He opened a room and a big framed photo of Priya was hanging there. He went in and locked the door. We all started banging the door. The lady started shouting at the two of us holding our shirts. Suddenly the door opened and he called all of us inside.

The lady kept shouting. The doctor said in a loud tone "Priya had a serious problem and that is why she committed suicide."  The lady couldn't talk more. Tears flooded her eyes. She sat down on the bed. The doctor took us to the window and asked us to see what was seen. We could clearly see our room. He asked us to sit there without asking him anymore questions.

An hour passed and we were all speechless. It turned dark outside. He got up and broke the silence. He asked us to see through the window and tell him what we saw. We couldn't see anything. It was a double side tinted glass. So when there is no light outside it becomes a completely black glass. We said "Nothing".
"Dont you see your own reflection?" he asked.

"Here is where a problem has started. Priya liked you, she watched you in the mornings. But in the evenings what she saw through this window was her own reflection. She was suffering from 'Mirrored Mis-identification' syndrome. People with that syndrome can not identify their own mirror image. They see the mirror reflection as someone else. She assumed her own reflection as another girl and since your house was seen through this in the mornings she thought the girl she saw was staring at her from your room." he said. 

Natesh asked "But she said that the girl followed her often,even to the shopping mall that day." 

Doctor answered saying " Yes! Shopping malls are full of mirrors right? Wherever she saw her reflection, she thought a female was following her." 

“Thank you doctor” I said and ran to my room. We slept the whole day. 

Just smiling at a girl and following her will create so many problems? I will never again look at a girl and smile. 
So there ends the diary visit.... If you had really thought this was a diary from my neighbourhood,im sorry, i was kidding. This is completely from my diary of short stories :) 

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  1. sama story seriously :) i liked the flow :)

  2. Initially i thought it must be a fun filled story, but turned out to be the other way, and still liked it, it was liking watching a movie every bit was narrated well

  3. Thank u so much manni :) I wanted to give a fun feeling at the start, thank god that it came out the way i wanted.
    When it is directly made heavy ppl dont realize it much... so i needed a lighter start :)

  4. It's interesting to read. Exciting short story. Till the end, I was thinking you really read your neighbor's diary but also wondering if you had that much patience to type it all.

  5. Wow . greatly horribly said, i just simply liked the way you said the story, it was a bit scary when i read this b'coz even the time was 12.45 midnight . my windows were opened and it was behind me and i had some strange feeling , what if somebody or something watches me through my window, like your story, yabba ... really a great story to be apprciated , way to go GB !!

  6. @sundar-thank u so much :) read the other posts too if u find time :)

  7. How did I miss this?
    You could beat J.K.Rowling someday you know :P

  8. Mirrored Mis-identification' syndrome is dis true
    is der anythin like dat or this too a part of ur fiction :D

  9. Ya there is something like that really :)

  10. oh den it seems u do some research work before u write ur fiction !!
    gud job ;)

  11. wow.. such a nice twist at the end.. great story

  12. @prbha23-thanks a lot :)
    @raniii- thanks a lot :)

  13. Psychological thriller :) Wow! Seriously i was expecting more.

  14. @vignesh- sorry if it was not upto ur expectation. try the series "Just you me and a secret" if u like suspense :)

  15. loved the flow and the twist at last...fine work of imagination.:D

  16. elegant and gripping story line... 5 stars :)

  17. Very neat language and presentation.

  18. Hey you have an excellent narrating skills. Please do publish a book. yours will be one of the best selling authors :)


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