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Zoom IN:
In Nisha’s Voice:
 “Wait wait wait. We will help you” I heard a voice and turned towards the direction in which it came.
A man got down from a car followed by 2 other men. I had no clue who they were. Within no minute Tine and I were dragged into their car. We had no strength to fight. Mish’s corpse was dragged to the car as well. We were drugged. I have no idea what they did with Mish’s corpse. I dont know how long we travelled where we travelled but when I woke up I was locked in a room.

Zoom Out:
“Anushka, were you locked up too? Why dont you tell us what exactly happened after you came to this city with him?” Nisha asked.
“We went to Culcutta. He took me to his friend’s place.....” Anushka started.

Zoom In:
In Anushka’s voice:
Ashruth left me in a room and went out to make a call. Then he came in and asked me to pack my things.
“Where are we going?” I asked him as i packed my bag.
“We are going in search of a bright future.”
“How? Where? Aren’t we getting married.” I asked him as we walked to the car that was readily waiting outside the house. He waved at his friend and we got into the car.
“Ya. We are getting married. Now just zip your mouth for sometime. I am tensed. This is my first time.” He said as he wiped the sweat that sparkled on his fourhead.
“First time? Marriage happens only once.” I was surprised that he didn’t know that. The driver looked at us and smiled.
“Getting married?” the driver asked me that with a grin. I had no clue what was happening around. Finally we reached a big building. He took me in and I was made to sit in a wooden bench. The man who welcomed us gave him a bundle of currency. I saw all that from a distance, in mute. Then I realized that I was sold. I was sold. Damn it.

Zoom Out:
Maya suddenly got up and slapped the two of them.
“Whats wrong with you Maya?” both of them scremed in sync.
“You know what, you girls are fools. You walked your way to this place. You had a good family, good enviroment to live in. But you girls ruined it all. You know how I landed up with this damn job?” Maya broke into tears.

“Stop crying b**ch. Tell us why you slapped else you will be beaten to death right here.” Nisha said.
Maya wiped her tears as she spoke.

Zoom In:
In Maya’s voice:
I was the fifth daughter in my family. I have never seen y other sisters. I was told that they were all adopted by wealthy families. I never desired to have a wealthy life. All I wanted was to stay happily with mom and dad. We starved still we were family. I had a brother who was younger to me. We had great time together.
Years passed. We starved more than before. Dad was an alchoholic. Mom worked but that money was not enough even for dad to drink. Brother was sent to work in a firework factory in Sivakasi. I started missing him. I wanted to work too. My little brother was working and I was at home. This pricked me from within. That is when an agent asked mom and dad if they could send me as a maid to a rich family in Kerela. To my surprise they agreed. I was immediately asked to pack my bags.

Few hours late, I reached Chennai. There were over a fifty girls along with me in the hall. We were all asked to board a bus. We finally reached Kerala. Each one had a story, a different path that led them here. We all exchanged our stories. All of us were from poor, big families. When they can’t feed the kids why do they have kids, that too in large numbers? I kept wondering about this till we reached another big hall in Kerala. Each one of us were assigned work in different homes. We all bid a good bye and left for work. We had to live in the employers house and work. We were said that we would be fed 3 times a day and all our other requirements will be taken care by the family we will be working for. We will be given no salary. We were all sold to these agencies by our own parents.

I was taken to the house I was assigned. The family welcomed me. Uncle, aunty and a son. I was asked to call them as ‘Madam’ and ‘Sir’. I had to refer to the small boy also as ‘Sir’. A week passed. I was treated like a dog. They had a real dog which was treated better than me. They fed me with the left overs of previous day, everyday. Another week passed.

I was shocked when one fine day, Madhava sir misbehaved with me. I did not tell madam about this. This continued a few times, he abused me over and over again. I was scared to tell madam about this. Finally that dark day of my life dawned. There were no one in the house and I was raped by sir. I kept crying till mam came home. The moment she came home I went running to her and told her about everything. I thought she will hate sir for this and send me back home. But I was shocked seeing what she did. She asked me not to go to markets from the next day. I was almost house arrested for the next 4 days. Suddenly a man came and said he was taking me back to my home town. I was happy. I slept off as the car drove. When I woke up I was here.

Zoom out:
“I am into brothal now. We are into brothal now. What was my mistake? Being a member of a poor family? Being a girl child? I did not have parents like yours who were rich and concerned about you. “ Maya said to Nisha.
“I did not love some stupid random guy and run away from parents who scolded me just to make me a better human being.” Maya said to Anushka.
“You girls ruined your own life but mine was ruined by people around, by the poverty, by my own parents, by that woman who considered her husband’s name more than a poor maid’s life. I did not even say I would tell others. I just wanted her to send me back home. But she sent me here.” Maya broke down.

Few minutes of silence prevailed. Maya broke the silence.
“Come on! We don’t have a way out now. Lets stop crying like a new comer. We have been here for ages. Lets fill this damn profile of facebook.” Maya said and took her phone. The others took theirs too.
“What do we have to fill for relationship status? Isn’t it always complicated for us?” Anushka asked.
“It is always complicated but we are always single.” Nisha said. The three girls picked up their glasses of wine and giggled.

My regular readers might be wondering why I came up with this story, which will lead to lot of controversial talks. But I really wanted to type this. One incident led me to do so. I read a newspaper article that a well read girl eloped and married a guy whom she hardly knew. She was finally forced into prostitution. The following day I saw a coverage about how small girls were sent to Kerala as maid and then abused sexually. Then I made it a point to check for similar contents online. To my surprise, that was not the first case. There were hundreds of girls forced into prostitution by the name of love. Lot of rich girls also face such situation and a few have lost their lives when they were drunk and raped.


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  1. Hey, GeeBee. All of your stories are good :) Keep writing. Why don't you publish?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. @gayathri- Thanks a lot.. Actually i have to improve a lot to publish books :) But expect me doing it within 10 years :)

  4. Awsomeness.. thats y i asked u to complete the story :) :D

  5. @anonymous/ Harish- Thanks for asking me to :)

  6. Always welcome :) :)

  7. Hiii again.. :) its awesome gb..i really felt bad no actually sad wen I read it..a writer shld not fear to write out anything..n u wer really bold to say d damn truth to ppl tat still girls r used as toys in this world..n my pt of view s tat in between I suddenly felt confused with too many char names..:-P tats d only thing I can say as a suggestion..other wise u r awesome..:) I really thank vignesh to hav introduced this blog n u..;) n I too scribble a lil :P n u r my inspiration for me to pen it down in blog..may b I ll do it one day..:) n thank u sooo much it a very heart touching n d truth s like hot ll tear d heart of girls who drink n spoil culture..n it ll warn them against running off with guys who ll betray them...nice job gb neatly done...:)

  8. @rini- the last two lines tell me that i have done what i wanted to do :)
    Thanks to vignesh for bringing u here :) I would love to read ur scribblings too :) and inspiration n all is a big word for me :)

  9. :) that was quite write on a topic that is so controversial is brave of u

  10. If I remember right,I ve read some of your articles in nxg......complex language,not easily decipherable by an average reader....this,on the other hand is a plain...from-the-heart kind of narrative which easily impresses the reader...The command over the language is quite good and the breaking up if scenes are also well drafted....but I would say it's the title ...awesome selection...and very apt too...keep up the good work.ATB:-)

  11. @srikkanth-thanks a looot. I really did not know that someone could recognize me from my Nxg article. Thats where i gained the interest for writing :) :) :) U reminded me of those thursday when i used to wake up before everyone and wait fr the paper to be dropped. I used to check and if my name was there, printed, I'd run to scanned to upload it :)

    Those were beautiful days. I miss them a lot :) Thanks a lot for bringing it up :)

  12. Absolutely welcome....I Kinda like heard bout you through my friend...we used to have this talks like "en college dan da mass"...typo that time on of my friend used to in my college one gal..geth..used to write well..get published in newspapers n all..tats how i knew...i never expected thereafter to come across the same....thank fb:)..i love reading a lot..used to be an apprehensive writer..for the fear of being mocked...but came through that..iguess you must ve plans of sincere request,if and when yu make it...dont restrict your genre to contemporary feminine writing like many female authors do...jus a suggestion..dont take it the wrong way...i too ve plans n dreams of publishing...but i would be satisfied if i finish ..ATB gal...cheers..

  13. @srikanth- :) Thanks a lot :) btw who is that friend of urs? Im really happy to meet someone who shares the same interest. do u blog too? Give me the link if u do :)

  14. As I ve told....I used to be an apprehensive writer...but nevertheless an avid reader??...I wrote my first article...after reading vignesh parameswarans note in can read my first article in name is Srikkanth dhasarathy rajendran.....I would be happy to know ur valuable comments....I jus recently created my blogger Id...still gotta learn d nuances......btw..tat friend of mine is barani,mech dept....maybe yu won't know...

  15. Hey GB :)
    took me long enugh to free myself from my exams to read this new piece of yours. I just didn't know what made you give the title " Relationship Status : It's complicated "... I'm nt criticizing but just didn't feel any link between the story and the title ... I may be wrong though ... newayzz, the story was captivating enough and i'm happy that i finally got to finish it afterall, in one go :D

    REgardS : :)

  16. That's a very sad but real story.. have no words to write what i am feeling right now..

  17. @manmay-thanks a lot for the comment :) I have justified the title too :)
    @rani- Thanks for the comment :)

  18. Very neatly written with a good social cause. You know how to keep the audience in suspense. The ending was a superb twist. I felt that probably, the infatuation on the guy could be more justified, to motivate Anuska to run away forever.


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