Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Agriculture as a career option is alien for most of the city students. what they know is just electrical ,electronics, computers, medicine and the like. but what is the reason behind agriculture being so unfamiliar among students? students learn the basics of physics, biology, chemistry, maths and they are well aware about these subjects. they become confident enough to persuee a degree in any of these familiar subjects. But when it comes to agriculture they hardly have anything included in the syllabus and hence they become reluctant in taking  it as a career. How much ever the technology improves, food has to be grown on lands and man cant manufacture a substitute for it with computers and machines. when we have subjects related to all the other disciplines at school levels like biology, physics why cant the education system permit the inclusion of a subject related to agriculture right from primaries? we learn biology to know what happens after we eat but only if people learn agriculture we will have something to eat and survive to learn the rest of the subjects.So a subject fully based on agriculture should be included at school level. this will definitely kindle the student’s hidden interest for agriculture and at least a few will take it up as their career option.
just like the NSS,NCC, there can be a national agricultural network in which students from schools can join and have a field training
and awareness about agriculture. This will motivate the students and will also create adequate awareness about agricultural activities.
The fees of studies related to agriculture can be reduced and students taking up agriculture as career can be given scholarships.this will motivate the students to take up agro-studies.

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  1. Very thoughtful post. And congrats on crossing 1 lakh hits! :)

  2. Hi GB, I am not a Bloger but through your short film Bimbam, Came to know ur Blog and short films.. Really fantastic job.. your GB Land is a great creativity, entertainment & Informative land..Keep up the good work.. Hope we will see u as a director & writer in Big screen soon-:)

  3. This is a super plan. I have been wanting to reach to school kids and educate them on how food makes the world go round.


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