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4: The Elope

Zoom in:
Anushka’s story (In her voice):
I was still reluctant about the whole idea of eloping. I tried convincing him but he said that his contract with the builder was getting over that day.
“Can we go tomorrow?” I asked.
“Today I am going to north for another builder. All of us are going and we will be replaced by new workers.” He said.
“Come on Anushka. We have been seeing eachother for the past 6 months. You still dont beleive me?” Ashruth asked.
“I believe you. I have waited for so long for this moment. I know you will save me from all my miseries.” I thought for a while and said “Mom and dad will leave home at 10 am. Let us go there at 10 take all the jewellery and cash from the locker. I know where the key is. We can then go to your new work place and lead a happy life.” I said and smiled at him.
“I have spoken to my friend. We can stay there in his place. It will be like a palace. You will love the place.” He said.

“I will stay at home. You go to work. I will cook food and bring lunch to your site. We will sit there and feed each other. Then in the evening I will wait for you at home. We will drink coffee together. Then again i will wait for you till dinner. Life will be full of you and love.” My dreams made my lips smile.

Till 10 o’ clock we spent talking about how life would be. I was so excited about the new life, new begining. Then we went to my house. I opened the door and we went in. We rushed to the locker and opened it. I heard the door knob opening sound. I was startled. I did not know what to do.
Crime 1: I bunked the exam
Crime 2: opened the locker
Crime 3: I was with Ashruth.

We both peeped at the door. It was dad. He immediately took a kerchief, covered his face and held my hand. He ran out of the house pulling me with him. I did not know how to react. I was scared to stay back home. One thing I was sure of, not staying back. We ran and dad followed. At one point he took me to a safe place. After few hours we boarded a bus. I was happy that I was going to lead a happy life with Ashruth. Then we went to the central from there to Culcutta and then to this city.

Zoom Out:
“Nice story. So you are here because of your love. Good.” Nisha smiled.
“Now tell us yours. Finish it off.” Anushka asked Nisha.
Nisha continued with her story.

Zoom In:
Nisha’s Story in her voice:
Tina, John, Mish, Sam, Navneeth, Tim and I became good friends. I went to the pubs with them telling mom and dad that I was going to study with Mish and Tina. This happened a lot of times. Whenever I was drunk I stayed back with Tina and Mish. They were living alone in Tina’s guest house. Dad did not like this. He told me several times not to go out. I did not listen. Fun with these guys were more important. These guys were not as bad as dad thought they were. Nothing wrong happened between us, we were just a bunch of friends who roamed together.
The exams were nearing. We guys planned to stay with Mish and Tina in their guest house. I asked dad and dad never let me. I argued with him and finally went to Tina’s. The moment I went to their place I changed my dress according to our meet up dress codes, the kind of clothes my dad will kill me even for the dream of wearing. Few minutes of combined studies went on, then we planned for a drive. Tim drove the car and I sat next to him. The other two gals sat on a guy each. The car fled to a pub. We all got drunk danced and found it hard to find our way back home. It dawned before we reached home. We did this almost on every night out. Days passed and the exams got over.
“We need to celebrate the successful completion of exams with beer dude” Mish said.
“Can we go for a movie?” Navneeth asked.
“Damn! Grow up man. Beautiful girl is asking us for a place to go and all you can come up with is a movie?” Sam winked.
“We will go to a secluded place. We need privacy. We are family girls you see. And we want to drink till we puke today.” I suggested.
“See thats my girl.” Tim said and we left to a human-free zone in ECR. We opened the bottles, sat around and got drunk. We played the music system in the car and made the tree-filled land a natural pub. Few minutes later all of us lost our senses and were on the ground mumbling stuffs.

Zoom Out:
“What happened after that?” Anushka asked.
“I got raped. We got raped.” Nisha said with tears struggling its way out of her eyes.
“What? Those guys raped you?” Maya asked.
“No they were too drunk. We were all intoxicated. A group of 3 men came there to drink as well and they raped us. The guys were not in their senses to even realize what was going on nor were we.” Nisha said as she looked up to hold her tears back.
“Who brough you to this city? How did you manage to get this job?” Anushka asked.
“The moment the guys regained their conciousness they found Mish dead. Me and Tina were on the ground and our state self-explained the accident that had occured. We thought they would help us but they packed their bags, made sure that they left nothing behind and ran back to the car. We kept shouting with the maximum we could but they never even turned back. They took away the car as fast as they could.” Nisha said as she wiped her tears that landed up on her cheek after her deligent effort to hold it back.
“But what happened to Mish? Did the police enquire?” Maya asked.
“Mish....Mish was a nice girl. I wasn’t able to see her dead. Her mouth had ceased to smile and her eyes were wide open. Her dead head was turned towards me. We got up after a great struggle.”
“What happened to Mish’s corpse? How did you come here? Did you meet your parents?” Maya flooded Nisha with questions.

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