Wednesday, July 6, 2011

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;
                                                                                    -Robert Frost

I would just suggest one think Mr.Frost, take your mobile and look into the “MyCityWay” app and you’ll know which road to take and where exactly the roads bend in the undergrowth.

 “MyCityWay” the name tells it all. It’s an app that helps you find whatever you want in YOUR city or I’d rather say it helps you explore your city.  You might have been living in a city for years now, but you might have not wanted to risk trying a restaurant newly. MyCityWay helps you with a list of restaurants near you with reviews from your city mates. This is just an example you have options to find banks, bakery, spa, deals, events, WIFI, PARKING and what not.
Now, why am I blogging about MyCityWay all of a sudden? I found it useful, ya. But there is a lot more that made me type this down.
Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, Orkut Büyükkö these names ring a bell? You know them well? You have read about them and their lives?
When I was a child, 5th standard or so, I used to ask my mom one question everytime before my exams-“Mom why are these scientist and inventors name difficult to pronounce and byheart? Why can’t they have a familiar name?” My mom used to smile and tell me “If you want familiar indian names in your text books as scientists and inventors me and your father should only become one.” Don’t get offended she did not mean to say that we don’t have scientist or inventors just that she was worried about me not studying for the exam and involving myself in such unwanted researches. But I really thought that we did not have enough people in India about whom the Indian students could study. Even till now as a grown up I was under the impression that “if there is something that’s creating a buzz in the world, globally, then it is for sure from a foreigner.” But I was proven wrong. “MyCityWay” slapped right on my face and made me feel nice about the founders being Indians. Archana patchirajan (29), Puneet Mehta (32) and Sonpreet bhatia (32)-Thanks to you guys for making us proud.

Most of our fellow Indians want to fly to US and that is why the GRE training centers earn a lot EASILY. Just like any of those Indians these three went to New York but at that time, im sure, they wouldn’t have thought that they were going to create a buzz with “MyCityWay”.  The three were Wall Street developers and toiled in the nights and weekends to take part in the city sponsored NYCBigApps competition last year. This reminds me of one of the Facebook updates I saw recently If you believe in something, work nights and weekends, it won’t feel like work-Kevin rose, founder digg”. Maybe that’s the way every successful person works or enjoys working.

Coming back to the competition, that is where they got the seed money from the city and first mark capital to grow MyCityWay that is so fruitful today. (Excuse me for that boring seed, grow, fruit). Recently BMW has teamed up with them.

  • You have your spouse or friend or a lover far away? You want to amaze them by telling them about discounts, sales or restaurants in their city? Download MyCityWay. Just select their location in the map and explore their city from your place.
  • You are going on a trip to a completely new city? You want to know where to stay so that there are enough shopping stops, restaurants nearby-Download MyCityWay.
  • Last and simple, if you want to explore your own city and find something, oops! ‘anything’ you want around you-Download MyCityWay.
Now if you are wondering how to download it, stop wondering, go take your iPhone or android mobile and download MyCityWay for free. Now it is available for android also. Have fun.

MyCityWay is your way to anywhere in YOUR city J

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