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“Get up its time” yelled my mom into my ears. I lazily looked at the clock and it was 7 am. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Dad and mom have never woken me up so early for the past 3 years. I had to walk to the wash basin to brush my teeth and I rushed to the bathroom with out my cup of coffee. It was never like this before and I did not like it. Usually my grandma would compell me to have my coffee immediately after brushing and I had always felt her affection whenever she did that. But this time she pushed me inside the bathroom and locked the door from outside. One thing I hated the most was to talk bath when I still felt sleepy. The moment I poped out of the bathroom started the rat-race, my mom was packing lunch, my dad was polishing shoes, and my grandma threw the breakfast not on table but into my mouth.

 They did not even give me time to dress up, they did not undertand that it was a big day and I had to go well dressed like a princess. Finally I managed to cope up with their speed. I fell at grandma’s feet and got her blessings. For the first time ever in my life I reluctantly wore the footwear and slipped out of the house without a tinch of enthusiasm. Dad and grandma said bye peeping out through the window but I did not bother. I was compelled to go. Mom drove me to a big building and the moment I got down from the vehicle she fled away from there. I turned back to my path with disappointment of not being able to find mom on the street. Ahhhh! I was shocked. Two big females arrested me, each on held one hand of mine as tight as they could. I wasn’t able to escape. They said I was stubborn as I did not cry. Maybe it was the worse moment one could possibly face on earth, so maybe I was supposed to cry, but I did not feel like crying. I was put inside a dark room whose walls were painted in a weird manner. I had seen such a waiting room before too. The last time I went to my native with my grandma in a train, we had to wait in a similar room. But there were lot of differences inspite of the similarity. I couldn’t hear the sound of the trains, no announcements and above all, all the co-passengers were crying aloud. The entire area outside the waiting room was empty, there was absolutely nothing at all.
I went and sat in a chair in the waiting hall which made me feel as though I was in a booth banglow which I had seen only in movies. I wanted to know who was sitting next to me on both the sides, I knew 2 males were sitting on either side. I turned to my right and there was a guy crying very hard, sitting next to me. The slowly I turned to my left and I was shocked. That is when I started crying. The boy who was sitting to my right was sitting to my left too. Imagine you are in a weird place, inside a dark waiting room in a railway station where you are not able to hear a single announcement or the horn of a single train, the entire area outside the room is empty and on top of it you have the same person sitting next to you on both the sides. I cried aloud and I wanted to move away from there. I stood up and there came a female, I was not sure who she was but I was sure she wasn’t a porter woman as she did not wear the red uniform. She threatened all of us to be seated in our chairs. I did not listen. I was frightened to death. She came close to me and asked “whats your problem? Cant you sit down?”
I told her “A guy is occupying two chairs; see to my left there is a guy right? See to my right again there is this same guy.”
She laughed exactly like the witch of some popular kid’s serials laugh to give a horror look and feel. This only made me pour more tears. She said “Don’t cry my child. They’re called twins. They are born to same mother at the same time” and she left the place. “Hi I am Ganga Bharani and you are?” …
It took me a day to understand that the room I was sitting in was not a railway waiting room but my LKG classroom. That was my first day to school.This is how I made my first set of friends at school.

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  1. Nice...Loved your way of writing...
    Keep posting!

    village girl

  2. Thanks a lot:) There is a continuation of this :)

  3. Lol! I still remember my first day at school. I refused to let go of my mother and had to be pried from her arms by the caretakers. Which promptly led me to roll around on the ground kicking and screaming!! Haha!

  4. @anne- My mom works with my school so all teachers were more like a friend to me :) But everyone else cried and screamed like u :) Best memories right? :)

  5. I knew that would be something like this. I thought it would be a dream or something . . .

    Joy always,


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