Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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Politics is the easiest and most interesting business ever known to me. As far as what I have learnt the basic qualification to become a politician is to know how to ‘TWIST’ the statements and how to ask questions.
I was familiar with only 2 major parties each of the state and central level for quiet a long time, though I am aware of few of the other parties now. Each party has a tv channel to support and there exists the same competition, fight would be the right word, between the channels. It is mostly one of the two parties governing and the leaders own a tv channel.

Party 1 rules:
There exists a serious problem and the people always blame the governing party, say party 1.
The party 2’s channel tries blowing up the issue and feeding the cameras of their channel with hot news. The leader of the opposition party starts giving strong comments against the ruling party speaks as though on the people’s side and fighting for people.

Show the same problem’s prevalence in the previous government (when party 2 ruled) and tries to show that the problem is far better now (which is mostly untrue). Sometimes they go to the extent of claiming the telecast to be directed and shot by the creative heads of the opposition party. (This is sometimes true).
Finally what is to be noted is that the problem prevails and there is nobody who is interested in finding a solution for it. Sometimes even the accidental events are blamed on the ruling party and it becomes a topic for the next TV conflict.Again there comes an election, say the government is changed, party 2 forms the government.

 ROLE OF PARTY 2’S CHANNEL: (hell->heaven)
 This channel will make you start wondering. How? They’ll show the same news in a different version from the next day they form the government. Till yesterday the channel might have shown the state as a poor, unhealthy, lawless, order less…( the list goes on ) state, but today (God alone knows how!) the state might have changed into a heaven (in their channel). But we must appreciate this. They don’t forget to give a picture as thought the state was a hell in the previous government.

ROLE OF PARTY 1’S CHANNEL: (heaven->hell)
 This channel telecast the same new and the same incident in a different version. I don’t understand how a village’s need, city’s problem, peoples cry which prevailed so long was not noticed by this channel when party 1 was governing. Suddenly do they come to know about this and start running behind the tears with the cameras? Unanswered right?

The pitiable condition is when people pass on comments saying that news slots are better directed then serials. What we people can do being true citizens?? Change this political scenario? Surely not! We can at least fight for the payment increase of the people who act in TV news and news channels (as it seems so natural).

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  1. Electronic channels create news whenever they want and make them sensational along the way. People stopped taking them seriously now. I think introduction of 24-hour news channels in India is the real curse for us. 95% of people live ordinarily and there won't be something special to focus on them every day and night. Knowing this truth, these news-thirsty dirty TV channels focus on such things also which do not require such high attention at all.

    I think that TV 9 is the pioneer of this dirty culture in our state Andhra Pradesh. Except a few telecasts, all these 24-hour news channels are there to make us psychologically exhausted and physically weak. If everybody knows how to conduct himself well, we don't need these news channels. When the culture of a society or nation is degrading day by day, we need to know how they are degrading and how those trends impact our lives. Since there are high levels of corruption and immorality in this nation, we are seeing the birth of more news channels and their worthless news stories every minute. Breaking News is the phrase they use to break our heads with unnecessary news!

  2. "Breaking News is the phrase they use to break our heads with unnecessary news!"
    True unnecessary news most of the times :(


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