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Hi! I am sure most of you would have clocked on this blog post because you are a fan of Koren films. Hi5! I am a fan too. I thought i'd share my list of favorite Korean movies with you.
I am using the name of the characters of the films. The reason is very simple, all the names get stuck in my tongue and fails to get pronounced.

1.My Little Bride:
This is the first Korean movie i ever watched and i am sure it was only because of this movie i changed my broadband plan to unlimited. You must be wondering why?(if so,you are a Tube light no doubt..keep wondering) 

The movie revolves around two family out of which one is hero's and the other is heroine's. The grandparents of the two were best friends and they made a pact that they's get the first son and the first daughter of the two families married to each other. (I know what is going through your mind-"appa oda appa oda appa appa" comedy of villu right? right from comedies we copy from other country.shame. ok forget that, now, back to topic.) But unfortunately both the old buddies raise sons. So the pact descends to the next generation. The hero is shown as a flirt and the heroine hates this aspect. Hero works while the heroine is still in her high school. Due to the pact and the pressure from the grandfather of the girl the families get the hero and heroine married to each other. The entire movie shows the beautiful life of the young couple- the way they remain friends after marriage, the shopping, cooking and so on. The story gets stronger when the hero reveals to the audience his love for his wife while the girl falls for another guy. It is all about how she discovers the love of her husband and they get together.


2. ...ING
This movie is all about love but not the real love,at least not till the end. The hero is a neighbour of heroine who is still in high school. They accidentally meet each other and fall in love. She is a sick child who strives hard to live a life. She is shown as a loner with just her mother as her best buddy. Her mother likes the hero and they go on a trip which is way too expensive for the mother to afford. Still she manages to arrange the trip and takes along the hero with them. Finally one day the girl dies. That is when the hero reveals to the audience that he was hired by the mom for the happiness of the kid in the last few days of hers on earth. But the hero refuses to take the money as he actually fell in love with her.


This movie is all about a dance competition conducted every year. The hero is a dance trainer and is the best in the country. He works with a group for a dance competition and trains a girl. But the owner of the company betrays him and he dances along with the girl our hero trained for so long. That is when heroine enters the life of the hero and the movie.She doesn't know how to dance but is forced to come due to some problem in contract with her sister. In order to live in that country and take part in that competition she marries the hero. Hero trains her to dance but fails over and again. But he doesn't give up. Finally she learns to dance well from him. But again the villain comes and takes her away hurting the hero. Heroine is forced to enroll with the villain for the competition. Hero watches them dancing together so well and walk away.The rest of the story is about how they get back to each other.

4.200 Pounds Of Beauty:
This is the most interesting movie i have ever watched. The hero and the heroine work in the music industry. They work together to host shows. Hero is the producer while heroine is a singer,but she doesn't come on stage. She sings from backstage for which another beautiful women takes the credit pretending to dance and sing on the front stage. The only reason for her to stay behind the screen is her looks. She is a huuuuuuge,bulky, fat, obese female. She loves the hero and hero remains sweet to her always. But once she hears him saying to his girl friend that he was just using her and she means nothing to him, she breaks down. That is when she starts worrying about her looks and giant size. She undergoes a body-makeover and becomes thin. Again she joins the same company as a singer and a performer. After a long time the hero realizes that it is that fat woman who has become so thin. The rest of the story is about how he accept a girl who is completely plastic now.

5.Now And Forever:
The heroine and hero meets accidentally. They then meet again in a hospital where the heroine is admitted. Purposely the hero gets admitted and becomes a friend of the girl. They hangout together and he falls in love with her. He asks her out but before she could reply to that the doctor tells him something that makes him sad.  She refuses to talk to him as she thinks that he will not be the same to her after knowing well that she will die soon. Then after constant effort she gets back to him. Later in the story it is revealed that the hero is also nearing death and has a brain tumor. He doesn't want her to know this. One day the girl gets serious and the doctor is sure that she is going to die soon. That is when the hero receives a scheduled video message from her. She tells him that she already knew that he was dying too and it was hard for her to pretend as though she doesn't know. Both of them die at the same time.

I will post about few more movies as and when i watch them. Leave a comment about any Korean movie you have watched which will help me and the other readers. 

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