Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"My journey-from a girl to woman PART 2"- This note is all about a beautiful woman who lives a wonderful life. It is all about what made her life wonderful. It is narrated in her own voice :)           

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 “Beeeeeeeep Beeeeeeeeep” the alarm rang but I couldn’t get up, as I usually would. The bed side table, which was placed as close as possible, suddenly seemed to be miles away. I slowly got up and went near the alarm and switched it off. I was still reluctant to get up that day. Finally I got ready to go out, wanted to spend the whole day travelling around the city. I wanted to use all my favorite accessories, cosmetics and the dresses I had treasured for so long. Those were the ones I had never worn as people would call me a clown if I had worn. But all of those were my favorites; I was someone mad and insane with a peculiar taste.
I wore a green kurtha, not-a-bit-matching red framed shades, dark red lipstick, the pearl chain, shaded pearl bracelet, a white hat and a gold ear ring. None of it was compatable with the rest but still I loved all of them. I always thought people would laugh at me if I wore what I like and so I always wore what people might not laugh at. Today I was ok with people laughing at me or rather I was sure people will not bother what I wear, how I look. I took a cab and sat in the window seat. I peeped out to see the city ,I was born in, one last time before I leave. The air that blew did not bother me much; it spoit my hair do though.

This was the city I was born in. I saw my good old school and waved at the kids with the same uniform I wore before years.Girls walking together in groups reminded me of my good friends from school. Most of them have left the city before I could and a few more are waiting to leave the city after me. A girl waited near the gate smiling shamefully at everyone.That reminded me of my first crush way back in my 10th class. I used to wait to steal a glance at him at the same place. He was a so smart that always made me feel it was worth the wait. All the tiny-tiny romances we had from great distances, the glances we exchanged, the innocent smiles that slipped our lips, everything, and everything rushed as blood into my brain and heart. Slowly faded the smile in my face as I got reminded of the farewell day when I last saw him. Just like everyone else, my first crush was so special to me and will be till the end.

Then we crossed my very own college. The moment I saw the entrance of my college I sat like a small kid, finger on my lips, inside my car. My college was one hell of a place one could be in. It had nothing  but a lightyear length rule book. I like my college for  2 reasons - I met him first there; then my, few, friends.. Him and I, we weren’t in love when we were in college. The happiness, the canteen, the combined studies, the fights, the tears, friend’s love, friend’s break-up and the few staffs I love.

I joined a “Big-Name” company as a trainee and slowly climbed the career ladder. I had so many dreams; I wanted to try everything in this world, every field, every profession. I wanted to direct a movie, write script for an ad film, and become a RJ, editor, software engineer, animator, house wife and what not. I always wanted to achieve something big. But life was at its fast pace and I never got a chance to pursue most of my dreams except the one big dream of marrying him. After we graduated and got settled in life we felt the love we had for each other. We were so much in love that we got married and lived the past 50 years happily. Yes, I am the woman in the picture below. Today I am 75 years old and I have no regrets. Doctor said that I am facing death soon and he is not able to take it. But I am very happy to die now, actually prepared to face death as I have lived a happy life with him. What more can I ask for? Life was just amazing. I am back to my baby days when I was so carefree and independent. He is a smart old mannow, who is back home.

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  1. dis is simplyyy awsummm n i totally luv d granny's outfit :)

  2. <3 i love that too :) actually made this story after seeing that photo only:)

  3. hmm..<3 <3 <3....
    Seeing thrugh grandmothers eyes...:)
    Someday i will be there too...:`(

  4. @jyoti- Why sad smiley? Isn;t it a great feeling to be a grandma ? :)

  5. Ganga on reading your blog, One thing which i understood was 'you are good in describing things'. Your ability to portray 'good' things to 'great' are really commendable ...


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