Tuesday, July 5, 2011

That was the first time i had to tell her how much i hated her. I splashed a bucket full of bad words i knew on her. She was nothing less, if mine was a bucket hers was a river or ocean of not-to-be-used words. A big fight broke and that was the biggest fight of my life till date.But one fine day we resolved all the problems but we departed. Why did we fight and why did we depart after the problems got solved? I never spoke to anyone else other than my three close friends for almost one year, then slowly i made lot of friends. But 2 people my heart resisted to accept as friends were Shrinidhi Raghavan and Mamtha. I liked them too till the first fight broke between us. 

I really dont remember for what we fought that day. I think it was because she had a cuter snacks box than mine or i had a better bag than shrinidhi's. Maybe 4-year old girls are made that way. But then this fight intensified and made us enemies. Since Mamtha was Shri's best friend i had no interest in talking to her.We knew(influence of tamil movies we had watched) when two people fight one is the heroine and other is the villi. Our only confusion was who was the heroine and who was the villi. That added spice to our fight. She used to over react whenever she touched my bag accidentally. Even in PT hours when we were asked to join hands she used to shift places. I was no less in revolting back. Whenever i was asked to distribute notebooks i used to throw her note on the floor. Now all this sounds funny but we all really did it in our KGs. on our last working day of UKG, i had promised to god that i will remain their enemy forever and started to school. That day, when prayer was going on, we had to stand next to each other. We did not utter a word from the prayer sloka. We were chanting the Manthra of enemies "I hate shrinidhi(for her it was ganga) please let me remain her enemy forever and ever". I went home happily after school as my vacation started from then. After the vacation had got over i had to go back to school. But this time it was not UKG E section but Istd E sec. I passed UKG and got promoted to I std. There came the shocking news. Shrinidhi and Mamtha had got TC and they left the school. Both their fathers had got tranfer and that is why they had to leave. One girl who was Shrinidhi's neightbour handed over a letter to me. (she was too small to write spellings correctly) This was the exact letter i received.

"Dear gaga Sory. 
I go. 

After reading that letter i cried and tore it. I always thought she was my Best enemy Friend Forever. But it was too late to realize. She had gone miles away. After that i never got a chance to meet them. But i am sure ill meet them one day as a good friend :) 

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